Super Gene - Chapter 1207 - White Ball

Chapter 1207 - White Ball

Chapter 1207: White Ball


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

It was not a rock that had tumbled down from out of the mist, it was a white ball. It looked like lobster meat. It did not look fleshy and scrumptious, though; it looked quite dry.

But as random as its sudden appearance had been, Han Sen did not sense any danger stemming from it. And as he studied it, he re-evaluated his perception and thought it looked more like a circular chunk of mushroom. The whitish color was a little jaded, too.

It was as round as a yoga ball, and when it came tumbling down, it bounced from rock to rock.

Han Sen thought it changed color as it descended, too. But that was incorrect, as he later noticed it was just coated in splotches of blood. Quite disturbing.

When the ball stopped moving, Han Sen fancied approaching it for a closer examination. He particularly wanted to see where the blood had come from. Before Han Sen could touch the blood, though, the ball moved away by its own volition.

Han Sen was shocked by the sudden movement. He looked at the ball which had leaped away from him, but he could not notice anything special about it that might have prompted the sudden jump.

The white ball was like any old, unremarkable object. It didn’t appear to be something living, and after it moved away from Han Sen, it returned to a motionless state.

Han Sen walked forward, and when he was at a distance where he was close enough to touch it, the ball rolled away again. Han Sen could not sense a lifeforce stemming from the white ball, but it certainly behaved as if it was a living creature.

The ball did not roll quickly, so Han Sen picked up the pace for his next attempt at touching it. But when Han Sen’s speed increased, so too did the speed of the ball’s attempt to escape.

Bao’er thought the ball was quite interesting, too. So, she leaped towards it with a crazy speed. When she almost touched the ball, the object was able to match her speed in an evasion.

Bao’er landed on the ground in a bad way, as her hat and were dashed across some rocks. The ball then began to jump around Bao’er. It didn’t make any noise, but it behaved as if it was mocking her.

Han Sen did not know why he felt that was what the ball was doing.

But Bao’er also seemed to believe that was what it was doing, and she became incredibly angry in response. She was furious.

She jumped up and ran towards it like a pouncing tiger. Her speed was almost teleportation-like, and a match for Han Sen’s super king spirit mode.

But strangely, Bao’er was still unable to catch the ball. It effortlessly matched her speed again and dodged her raging grab. The ball was quicker than the casting of a shadow.

Missing this attempt did not hamper her desire to grab the ball, though. She quickly spun around and tried to get ahold of it once more. She jumped from rock to rock in an attempt to touch the ball, very much like an angered tiger that possessed wings.

Han Sen was taken aback by what he was witnessing; Bao’er was using his phoenix techniques. Han Sen had performed it in front of her many times, but he had never seen her train with it. For her to now just do it all of a sudden, it surprised him.

Han Sen watched their play continue for a while. Many times over, Han Sen was able to confirm that Bao’er was indeed using his phoenix techniques and original self-made modifications.

Yet despite all her attempts, the ball was able to dodge her every single time. It was remarkably nimble, that was for certain.

“What is this thing?” Han Sen wondered to himself. With a speed like that, it would have to be a super creature of sorts, a.s.suming it was a creature. But despite repeated attempts at scanning the ball, he was still unable to pick up the trace of a lifeforce.

It had no eyes, nose, or orifices of any kind. Without a mouth, it couldn’t have been a super creature.

Bao’er was getting frustrated with her inability to catch the playful ball, so she pulled out her mini gourd and pointed it at the ball. Then, she slapped the gourd.

A scary power of suction swirled out towards the ball.

At first, it helplessly succ.u.mbed to the suction and began to roll towards the gourd. But eventually, it seemed to find its grip and begin to effectively resist Bao’er’s terribly powerful gourd.

The gourd was a most mighty weapon, and it had never failed before. Its suction conjured a vortex similar to a wheel, endlessly spinning.

The ball, with its grip, was digging into the ground in a bid to resist. Deep skid marks were being left in its wake.

Needless to say, Han Sen was flabbergasted. This was the first time Han Sen had ever witnessed the gourd struggle to nab a target.

The gourd was unable to draw in the ball, but neither could the ball wholly escape. It was like a wheel fighting to get out of the mud or snow.

Han Sen was met with an uneasy feeling in his stomach. If something was so powerful it could resist the gourd, he knew he’d have to be more wary and not behave so playfully with it. So he drew his Phoenix Sword and activated his nine gene locks. The sword was dyed red, and then Han Sen swung it at the ball.

The ball couldn’t afford to loosen its grip and avoid the strike, so the sword found its target.

But when the sword met the ball, Han Sen felt something wasn’t quite right.