Super Gene - Chapter 1201 - Destruction

Chapter 1201 - Destruction

Chapter 1201:



Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Countless shura s.h.i.+ps were exploding like northern lights. The blooms of destruction spread like wildfire as star-cla.s.s s.h.i.+p after star-cla.s.s s.h.i.+p exploded.

The weaker s.h.i.+ps, such as the planet-cla.s.s and satellite-cla.s.s s.h.i.+ps, were immediately disintegrated into nothing more than an eye-searing haze. The entire armada was crippled and destroyed, blown up like a glittery fireworks display.

Like a supernova, the brightness saturated the sight of everything outside the windows. If the gla.s.s hadn’t been designed to filter ultra-bright lights, they’d have all been blinded for sure.

And while the gla.s.s might have filtered the light, it could not filter the shockwaves that soon followed. They rattled the s.h.i.+p, rocking it backwards and forwards, terrifying them all.

Fortunately, they were at a distance where the shockwaves did not deal any lasting damage.

One person fell over and hurt himself, but that was the extent of it. When the rocking had calmed down, and they all looked back outside, the armada was gone. Only wreckage and a vast amount of s.p.a.ce debris were left behind. It was a graveyard now, and nothing more.

“What happened?” The captain’s head was bleeding as he struggled to stand up, looking out the window.

No answer came, as everyone was too fixated on the sight of that destruction. Their minds had been numbed.

“Are we saved? Did the Alliance send in the cavalry?” a woman asked.

“We are safe now, yes. But there is no cavalry,” Old Xu said.

Their radar had been broken, and they couldn’t see any other s.h.i.+ps, so they wondered what had occurred. All they could see out the window was a distant planet.

If it was the Alliance that had destroyed the s.h.i.+ps, there should have been a large-scale fight.

“Oh my days! What happened?!”

“G.o.d himself gave us a hand, didn’t he!”

“G.o.d punished his red-headed stepchildren, mwahaha! That’ll teach them to misbehave and threaten us, the favored creation.”

The pa.s.sengers were overjoyed. They might not have understood what had happened, but the mere fact they were safe again, gave them much relief and happiness.

Even the captain couldn’t stop smiling. Still, his eyes couldn’t keep away from the window, as if they were searching for something.

Sadly, though, all he could see was trash.

Turning around to get the s.h.i.+p back in order and command the people on board, he then saw Han Sen standing in the corner with the box.

Han Sen, box in hand, went to the command deck. All the soldiers saluted him. Han Sen did the same in return. He wasn’t a soldier anymore, so it was a sign of ma.s.sive respect for them to salute him in unison.

Inside the command deck, the captain and Old Xu approached Han Sen. The rest of the personnel stood up in respect, too.

The captain gave Han Sen a salute, prompting the rest to do so, as well.

Even the young couple looked serious. Han Sen did not say a word. He merely returned the salute again.

“You saved us all,” the captain excitedly said.

“I was just saving myself,” Han Sen replied.

“Let us discuss this further in my office.” The captain brought Han Sen to his office, while Old Xu followed from behind.

“Did you destroy the shura fleet?” The captain didn’t want to beat around the bush, and he asked Han Sen directly.

He could not see another reason why all the shura s.h.i.+ps were destroyed, so the logical conclusion was for it to have been Han Sen’s doing.

Of course, Han Sen was one person and he was alone. Even if he was to believe it was his doing, it’d be a mighty struggle. But with no other alternative explanations, who else’s doing could it have been?

Han Sen answered, “You think too highly of me. Even if I was a demi-G.o.d, I could not destroy a whole shura fleet by myself.”

The captain thought he was right. Han Sen was just a human surpa.s.ser, after all. But still, it was too strange of an occurrence for him to write it off completely.

Han Sen was annoyed, though. He drove the black beetle to the enemy and spent five purple crystals in nuking the fleet. The power was enough to wipe the entire army out of existence, and then some.

Although Han Sen had many purple crystals, he couldn’t get more whenever he wished. He had to be careful in their use.

“Brother Han, can you give that back to me?” Old Xu asked as he pointed at the box.

Han Sen placed the alloy box down on the table, but he wasn’t giving it back. He said, “You can have it back, but I almost died to save it. If you tell me what’s inside, I’ll give it back to you.”

The captain said, “Old Xu, maybe it would be best if you told him.”

Old Xu said, “Okay, since you saved my life.”

Old Xu accepted the alloy box and opened it. He then examined the bottle of some tincture. Han Sen only wanted to know what it might have been. He didn’t actually want or need it.

Old Xu said, “Have you heard of Angel Gene fluid? I am in charge of it. And my team and I created it… Well… Not quite. I suppose it is more accurate to say I copied it.”