Super Gene - Chapter 120: My Girlfriend is Ji Yanran

Chapter 120: My Girlfriend is Ji Yanran

Chapter 120: My Girlfriend is Ji Yanran

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"Brother, do you still want that sacred-blood bow? I haven’t been able to reach you and Fist Guy has already entered Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary." Han Sen answered the call and immediately heard Fang Jingqi’s complaint.

Han Sen suddenly smacked his forehead and cried, "I am sorry. I was in military training and was not allowed to use comlink. I have completely forgotten about this. Is the bow still there?"

"Yes. Fist Guy gave it to Thumb, but..." Fang Jingqi paused.

"But what?" Han Sen asked.

"I need to ask you something and you need to tell me the truth. Did you get the beast soul of that scaled armadillo? Are you willing to exchange?" Fang Jingqi asked.

Han Sen hesitated, and then said, "Yes I have it. Do they intend to exchange with the bow?"

"What type of beast soul is it?" Fang Jingqi asked.

"A big round s.h.i.+eld with spikes," Han Sen replied.

"Ha-ha, that will do. If you want to exchange, I will contact Thumb and you two could meet and discuss between yourselves." Fang Jingqi laughed.

"Please contact him." Han Sen was not the kind of guy that purely relied on brute force, so the s.h.i.+eld was less useful to him. If he could trade it for a bow, it would be fantastic.

"Okay, I will get back to you."

Han Sen hung up and took a look at Lu Meng and s.h.i.+ Zhikang who were in the line, and walked toward the teleport station at school.

The creature he started feeding before the military training should have evolved into a sacred-blood creature by this time. That would provide some nutrition for him.

Before Han Sen reached the teleport station, Fang Jingqi called him again and asked if he had time to meet Thumb right away. Han Sen entered G.o.d’s Sanctuary knowing the time and place to meet.

"Good s.h.i.+eld, it really is a masterpiece!" In a grove, Thumb caressed the s.h.i.+eld as if it were his lover.

"The bow is also a wonderful bow." Holding a large black horn bow, Han Sen was also obsessed.

"How shall we trade?" Thumb looked at Han Sen eagerly.

"One priceless item for another," Han Sen said softly.

"Great minds think alike." Thumb gave Han Sen a thumbs-up cheerfully.

"Brother Thumb, I wish you will be unstoppable anywhere you go with this s.h.i.+eld." Han Sen laughed.

Thumb wielded the spiked s.h.i.+eld, laughed and said, "And Brother Han, I wish you will be invincible no matter who you are against with this bow."

The two smiled at each other, put away their treasures and left the grove, both very satisfied with the transaction.

Han Sen returned to his own room in the shelter and played with the horn bow.

This horn bow was the beast soul of a magic-horned snake. Its effective range was nearly six thousand feet, and that was not yet its maximum range.

The strength required to draw the string of this bow was even less than that for Doomsday, so this was an archer's ultimate dream.

Han Sen even believed that he could use it to shoot a fly six thousand feet away dead with the eyesight of the fairy queen.

"A good horse should be paired with a good saddle. If I could get a sacred-blood beast soul arrow, it would be perfect," Han Sen stroked the curves of magic-horned snake and thought blissfully.

Of course, a sacred-blood beast soul arrow was not so easy to find. Luckily, the cloud beast that Han Sen had been feeding had evolved into a sacred-blood creature, so he killed it to cook a pot of stew.

Han Sen regretted that his cooking skill was not up to par. All he could make was stew and even it tasted good, he got tired of the same food after all this time.

But when the voice said he was gaining sacred geno points, Han Sen was still very excited.

In the end, the sacred-blood cloud beast contributed five more sacred geno points and Han Sen’s sacred geno points had reached 39.

Qin Xuan knew that his schedule would be rather full as he was just enrolled and did not come to him, which gave Han Sen some time to relax himself.

Han Sen returned to his dorm at night and saw his three roommates playing Hand of G.o.d.

Seeing Han Sen back, s.h.i.+ Zhikang ran over, threw an arm around Han Sen's shoulder, and grinned, "Sen, we are playing Hand of G.o.d. Join us! Good brothers should share everything."

Lu Meng curled his lips and said, "Your skills are so bad that even if he joins us, he would still beat you."

"Cut it. You won only twice and it was because I was not paying attention. When I get serious, you would lose so bad." s.h.i.+ Zhikang smiled and said to Han Sen, "Sen, let’s play together. You don’t have anything to do anyway. Practice with me."

"OK, on the Skynet?" Han Sen smiled.

"Our school has a special Battlenet designed for Hand of G.o.d. You can register an account and add me. My ID is Optimus Prime." s.h.i.+ Zhikang carefully taught Han Sen how to register.

Han Sen registered a Battlenet account, and named his ID "My-girlfriend-is-Ji-Yanran."

He registered successfully and s.h.i.+ Zhikang hurried him to enter the game.

Han Sen entered the game and sent a friend request to s.h.i.+ Zhikang.

"S*#t, Sen, you ID’s got some swag," s.h.i.+ Zhikang saw Han Sen's ID and called out.

Lu Meng quickly took a glance and gave a crooked smile. "Sen, you are asking for trouble on the Battlenet with this ID. All the players playing this game think of Ji Yanran as their G.o.ddess."

"I didn’t know you have such ambition. I like it." Zhang Yang looked at it and patted Han Sen on the shoulder, feeling satisfied.

"Well, cut the c.r.a.p. Let me beat you… no… Let us practice..." s.h.i.+ Zhikang was so excited that he had a slip of the tongue and quickly corrected himself.

"Coming." Han Sen accepted the invitation of s.h.i.+ Zhikang and entered his game room. s.h.i.+ Zhikang chose the difficulty and started the game.

After the countdown ended, the game officially began.

Lu Meng and Zhang Yang were not in the mood to watch the match and each found another opponent online and started to play against.

s.h.i.+ Zhikang was very excited as he kept losing to Zhang Yang and Lu Meng in the game all afternoon and could eventually gain some self-confidence back by playing with Han Sen. He was thinking that he should go easier on Han Sen the first round in case Han Sen gave up too soon. As long as he let Han Sen win by a narrow margin, he could get Han to play with him a few more rounds and settle his craving.