Super Gene - Chapter 1181 - Trade

Chapter 1181 - Trade

Chapter 1181: Trade


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Didn’t I tell you to follow Qing Jun? Give Zhang Yuchen back to her or die.”

The handwriting looked as if it had been hastily scribbled. With no concern for what had been written, Han Sen threw it away. He didn’t care for the content of the paper, only who wrote it.

It didn’t seem as if Dry Bone or Baby Ghost were responsible.

They had made it clear they weren’t fond of Qing Jun and wanted to overthrow her, but even if it was them, how could they be a.s.sociated with Blood Legion?

For now, Han Sen could only wait for the person behind the curtains to reveal themselves. Han Sen thought Qing Jun would come after him, but after waiting a few days, nothing happened.

After a few more days pa.s.sed, Han Sen noticed the presence of another slip of paper.

“Leave this shelter; you are in danger.”

Han Sen crumpled it up and threw the paper away once again. He had worked hard to get where he was, so he wasn’t quite willing to leave just yet.

And still, he was extremely curious about who was leaving these messages for him. After all, who could have secretly delivered the slips of paper, time and time again, without him noticing? Perhaps it was a king spirit or super creature.

It couldn’t have been Dry Bone and Baby Ghost, as their behavior did not appear remotely concerning. They were the same as ever.

And aside from those two, there were only seven other super creatures.

Han Sen went to investigate them. There was a nine-headed dragon, an armored beast, a h.e.l.lbird, a rock king, a ghost eye, a water fairy, and a demon flower amongst them.

The nine-headed dragon was a cruel and ruthless fiend. The armored beast kept to itself and was a private thing. The h.e.l.lbird did not stay in the shelter often and spent most of its time away. The rock king worked hard, and when it was done, it went home to relax.

If it was a super creature behind the letters, it had to be the ghost eye, water fairy, or demon flower.

The ghost eye was restless, and never stayed put. It frequently traveled around, sticking its nose in other people’s business. It had even come over to see Han Sen once, but due to Han Sen not speaking its language, it didn’t stay for long.

The water fairy was a humanoid creature. It was in the shape of a voluptuous-looking woman, but one that was composed by running water. The water fairy was able to speak with Han Sen, but she had never visited him at his home before.

The demon flower was a walking plant that could speak in every language.

Those three were the most suspicious of the super creature lot, but Han Sen couldn’t tell if they were acting odd or that was just how they were.

Han Sen had dug through three Sky Fruit in his time there, but was unable to receive any more geno treasures. He was, however, given more lifewater. The lifewater he received now was of a much higher quality, suited for beings of that rank. He had four drops, but he opted not to consume them.

Han Sen’s geno treasure was tiny. If Han Sen used the lifewater he was now given, he wagered it wouldn’t be able to save him. Han Sen spent another three days in the tree hole, and eventually decided to leave the place. Before he went, though, the water fairy stopped him.

The water fairy’s liquid-composed b.u.t.t wobbled as she walked. Her body was an attractive sight that aroused Han Sen.

She approached Han Sen, smiled, and said, “Han Sen, would you like to make a deal?”

“What kind of deal would that be?” Han Sen was confused by the sudden proposition.

“If you give me a drop of that lifewater, I’ll have s.e.x with you. A drop for a drip.” Before Han Sen could say anything, she swiftly stepped up to Han Sen, grabbed his hands, and placed them on her gelatinous b.o.o.bies.

Han Sen felt as if he was clutching jelly, and her felt amazing to hold and squeeze.

Feeling awkward about it, though, Han Sen had to pull his hands back and say, “But we aren’t the same species!”

“That’s fine. I can be anything you want me to be.” The water fairy’s and b.u.t.tocks grew to an even bigger and more salacious size.

Due to her being half-transparent, she looked extremely attractive.

Cough! Cough! Han Sen coughed.

“You don’t like this?” The water fairy’s body changed again, becoming the shape of a little girl in a swimsuit. She then squeezed and hugged Han Sen’s arm.

Han Sen, however, just stood there. So, she tried a number of different appearances to prompt a response. She became an aloof lady, a moody lady, and a sunny lady. Unsure of what would get Han Sen to leap upon her with lecherous hands, she even gave herself bunny ears and the tail of a fox.

Han Sen was in disbelief the entire time. She was like an erotic shapes.h.i.+fter. But no matter how attractive she tried to be, she was just a naked, half-transparent lady. Clearly, she and other non-humans of the sanctuary did not understand what truly attracted one human to another.

“If you want lifewater, how about you trade me a geno treasure for it?” Han Sen offered, instead.

The fairy was clearly disappointed, but she smiled and just said, “I don’t have geno treasure, but… I might have something you could be interested in.”

The water fairy brought something out. Han Sen examined it. It was a small orb, not much bigger than a ping-pong ball. It seemed to have been made from polished crystal.

“What is this? Did you create this?” Han Sen could sense her energy stemming from the Waterdrop Orb.