Super Gene - Chapter 1179 - Angel of Principality

Chapter 1179 - Angel of Principality

Chapter 1179: Angel of Princ.i.p.ality

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Angel of Princ.i.p.ality: Pet Type Evolution

Han Sen looked at her stats. From what he could tell, it was only the name that had changed. The rest was the same.

But the energy emanating from Little Angel told Han Sen there was more to her evolution than he could initially ascertain. Below the surface, this was more than just a name change.

Han Sen now wondered whether or not he should summon her. The halo on her head always imbued Han Sen with a greater power, after all.

Han Sen noticed his head now had a halo, the same as Little Angel.

He felt as if it was an inexhaustible vat of power, one that could cascade into his body and fill him with unrivaled strength. It was strong like holy water, cleansing his body and purifying his power.

Han Sen did not stop attacking the mirror. The moment the halo ring gleamed above his head, the slight sounds of gla.s.s cracking could be heard.

A ribbon of strain began to form on the surface of the gla.s.s, and then, the crack popped into a web of fissures that coursed its way across the entirety of the mirror. The doppelganger lost its smug smile and was given a shock. It began to run around in fright, making a freakish wailing sound.


The gla.s.s of the bronze mirror shattered into a thousand pieces. A red light manifested itself in the physical world following the destruction, and Han Sen was quick to grab it.

It was the core of the mirror. It was bronze and small like a bean. It was quite similar to a walnut.

Dry Bone, Baby Ghost, and Qing Jun looked at Han Sen in disbelief. They were more than surprised to see him manage to pull through that horrifying ordeal. The super creatures did not know why or how Han Sen had achieved such power, or where the additional power had come from.

"You have been hiding your power, it would seem. I was starting to worry," Dry Bone King said.

"I was merely fighting for my life," Han Sen said.

"Your luck and power are things to be admired. You obtained the geno treasure your first time here," Baby Ghost stated.

Dry Bone and Baby Ghost were nice to Han Sen. They had initially believed him to be weak, but after this ordeal, they well and truly believed him to be an equal.

"Go back to work," Qing Jun snapped. And then, everyone did.

But due to Han Sen having already obtained the treasure, the effort they put into their work had obviously laxed. Their haste to get the job done had evaporated.

"Thanks for the help," Han Sen said.

Qing Jun ignored him and continued digging.

Han Sen wanted to strike up a conversation, though. So, he asked, "Hey, can I ask you a question? Because you should know why I'm here; I should be your enemy, after all."

Qing Jun just told him, "You aren't good enough to be my enemy."

Han Sen was not sure what to respond, as he just thought she was a strange character. He didn't quite know what to make of her, on the whole.

After another half day of work, all the barriers had been removed. When the rest of the creatures moved in to secure the walnuts, the rest went back to the fifth floor.

Han Sen returned to his house. He masked his presence there and summoned Dragon King.

"What was that?" Han Sen finally had the chance to ask him the questions he had so much wanted to earlier.

Dragon King said, "That *sshole didn't grow a new tree. He wants to sacrifice everyone in the hopes of reviving this current one."

"I thought you told me he had grown a new one, due to this one being irreparable." Han Sen now wore a scowl, learning of Dragon King's blunder.

Dragon King felt awkward, so he explained, "That was me, jumping to conclusions. But when I saw the geno treasure, I finally realized this tree isn't totally dead. It was only then that I realized I had been wrong."

"Then what is it?" Han Sen knew there'd be no point in getting mad at the spirit.

Dragon King said, "Let's say every fruit is individual. The energy of each geno item should be individual, too. When I scanned the fruit, though, this wasn't so. This means the fruit still exists as a part of the tree. That means the tree is not dead, you see? I'm not sure how this was achieved, but it is what it is."

Dragon King then went on to say, "If the tree is not dead, Sky King will stop at nothing to fully revive it. And doing that requires a lot of nutrition. He has many spirits and creatures in there, all of which can provide the nutrition he seeks."

"And how exactly would he sacrifice everyone here? While some may sp.a.w.n, many come here by eating the walnuts," Han Sen said.

"The walnuts are only one small part of this. Haven't you noticed the lifewater everyone drinks here?" Dragon King said.

"You said it was a skydrop, actually. And you said it was good!" Han Sen frowned.

Dragon King nodded, saying, "It is; but only when the tree is dead. Skydrops are the essence of the Sky Fruit. If the tree is alive, they can be controlled by the tree. While they may be a benefit right now, the tree could kill you once it has fully revived."

Dragon King smiled and said, "But don't worry, you obtained the geno treasure. You can make good use of that."

"How?" Han Sen asked, bringing it out.

"This is a seed of the Sky Tree. It's like a small, sister tree. But the seed is individual, so you'll have to use it to absorb the stuff inside you. Do that, and you've got nothing to worry about," Dragon King explained.