Super Gene - Chapter 1177 - Geno Treasure

Chapter 1177 - Geno Treasure

Chapter 1177: Geno Treasure


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Where is the Sky Tree?” Han Sen almost blurted out.

Dragon King continued talking, saying, “I cannot believe Sky King is doing this. He wishes to sacrifice everyone here. He wants you all to become fertilizer.”

Han Sen wanted to ask Dragon King to elaborate, but seeing Qing Jun King right next to him, simply decided to continue digging and listen.

Dragon King sighed and said, “When you break the barrier, you have to get the geno treasure. If you don’t, we will all die here.”

Han Sen frowned, thinking he might be exaggerating. If Sky King had been scheming, he couldn’t enact a plan to wipe them all out in an instant. It wasn’t as if Dragon King was the nicest person, either. He sacrificed a mult.i.tude of super creatures to revive himself.

Dragon King quickly said, “Even if you leave the tree, you’ll be killed. Everyone who has eaten the walnuts will die, and that includes you. What? Do you think this entire forest isn’t a.s.sociated with the Sky Tree?”

Han Sen’s heart jumped, but Dragon King did not stop explaining. He said, “You have to grab that geno treasure. Trust me on this. I will explain everything once this is over.”

Han Sen could not reply to him right now, but he decided to follow his wishes. He was determined to take the geno treasure now. Even if Dragon King was lying and this was all just a scheme, there was no harm in obtaining geno treasure, after all.

Qing Jun King was right there, though. He wondered how he might grab it before she did. The rule was, whoever found the geno treasure could keep it. If two people discovered it, the person who was stronger could keep it.

Han Sen was not weak, but if he wanted to beat Qing Jun King, he might have to activate super king spirit mode.

A small portion of the barrier had been dug all the way through now, revealing a glimpse of the nut room on the other side. The nut room was strangely empty. Han Sen leaned in to take a closer look, and that was when he saw a pair of red eyes peering at him from the other side of the hole.

Han Sen jumped back as the red thing started to emerge from the hole he had created for it. As it started to come out, Han Sen quickly activated his gene locks to scan and get an idea of what he was faced with. The results surprised him.

It was a bronze mirror. Its surface was red, and the frame was adorned with a number of strange glyphs and symbols. The reflection, Han Sen had seen, depicted him as an enigmatic red being.

“Those red eyes… were they mine?” Han Sen wondered to himself.

Qing Jun King lashed the mirror with her whip.

“Aargh!” Han Sen screamed.

Qing Jun King lashed the mirror, but Han Sen felt the pain of that attack strike him. Looking at his clothes, he noticed they had been torn.

Han Sen looked back at the mirror and saw himself inside it. His body in the mirror was a reflection of himself, wound and all, but then he started to smile. Outside of the mirror, a smile was the last thing he could raise.

“Oh, snap!” Han Sen knew the moment he looked at that mirror, he had been tricked.

“Aargh!” Qing Jun King lashed the mirror again.

The mirror was fine, but the doppelganger inside the mirror was damaged. That same amount of damage was delivered to the real Han Sen, standing outside, hopeless and unsure of what to do.

“Stop! You are going to kill me.” Han Sen gathered up his power, preparing to stop her.

She wanted him dead, anyway, so now she had a perfectly valid chance to do what she had hoped.

“The message on that paper led me here. It wanted me to follow her and die!” Han Sen’s mind raced for a solution to the current predicament.

Even if Han Sen stopped Qing Jun King, the mirror had already copied Han Sen’s image. Just as Han Sen moved to stop her, though, she listened. She stopped attacking due to his plight.

Han Sen did not have the time to mull the exact reason why, so he just turned his attention back to the mirror and thought of a way he could kill it without bringing harm upon himself.

Han Sen’s mirror-residing doppelganger gave another crooked smile. Then, he raised his fist and hit himself. Han Sen’s real face then started to bleed in response.

Han Sen’s nose was pummeled repeatedly, and blood oozed from it. In a few more hits, Han Sen believed it’d be flattened like roadkill.

It looked like fitness level did not matter in this situation. If the shadow-self was damaged, then true person himself would be damaged. There didn’t seem to be a way to avoid it.

Han Sen didn’t think he could break the mirror, as that would be the same as dealing a copious amount of damage to himself. But the person in the mirror seemed happy to hit himself and ensure Han Sen was dealt damage, anyway.

All of a sudden, in a matter of moments, Han Sen felt all of his powers were useless.

“Dumb*ss! Go break it,” Qing Jun King commanded.

“How?” Han Sen asked.

“Just break it! He is you, so only you can break it,” Qing Jun King explained.

Han Sen did not believe her words to be true and didn’t think she’d be so kind as to offer a solution to his current sorrow and pain. This was her best opportunity to kill him, so it wasn’t likely she’d squander it.