Super Gene - Chapter 1175 - Mystic Paper

Chapter 1175 - Mystic Paper

Chapter 1175: Mystic Paper


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Life Geno Essence absorbed: super geno points +1.”

A little while later, Han Sen was able to gain a super geno point. It made him very pleased.

“My ability to refine Life Geno Essences has greatly improved, following the unlock of the Dongxuan Sutra’s sixth gene lock,” Han Sen thought to himself as he continued his practice.

“Life Geno Essence absorbed: super geno points +1.”

A little while later again, the familiar voice sounded.

Han Sen stayed in his room most of the day, focused on the refinement and absorption of the Life Geno Essences he had acc.u.mulated thus far. He was able to fully refine each Life Geno Essence he had collected, aside from the Invisible King Scorpion’s.

After opening his sixth gene lock, his absorption powers were much stronger.

“Awesome!” he exclaimed, realizing how many Life Geno Essences he had been able to absorb.

In total, Han Sen’s super geno point tally had reached twenty-four. Now that he was able to quickly absorb the Life Geno Essences of super creatures, he could focus on hunting them down to max his stats out in the near future.

Han Sen: Super Body Super King Spirit

Level: Surpa.s.ser

Life-Span: 400

Evolution Requirement: 100 geno points

Owned Geno Points: 100 ordinary geno points, 100 primitive geno points, 100 mutant geno points, 100 sacred-blood geno points, 24 super geno points

Han Sen guessed his fitness level must have been around the twenty-five hundred mark. He wasn’t far-off possessing the strength of a super creature himself. Han Sen gobbled up some more walnuts and returned to Immortal Shelter. There, he took the time to speak with Zhang Yuchen.

After that, Han Sen returned to the fifth floor. He summoned Dragon King and asked him, “I’m on the highest floor; how are you going to find the tree for me?”

Dragon King sniffed around his new environment and said, “I don’t smell the Sky Tree. You’re going to have to take me for a walk.”

“I don’t have time for that right now. I need to go pick up Sky Fruit with Dry Bone King later.”

Han Sen then proceeded to tell Dragon King what Dry Bone King had told him.

Dragon King said, “That’s good. The tree might be dead, but at least the fruit can mature. With the compet.i.tion, getting it will be difficult, though. The nuts you mill were most likely from the Sky Fruit. Only Sky King is privy to whatever the powder does, it would appear.”

Dragon King then went on to say, “Sky King is very generous, allowing you to have as much as you want, leaving him only the nuts.”

“Is there anything else I should know about the fruit?” Han Sen asked.

Han Sen had eaten many of the other walnuts, and save for the sh.e.l.l and nut inside, there didn’t appear to be anything special about them.

“I’m not sure, but it has to be some good stuff. Dry Bone King wouldn’t be working for Sky King, otherwise.” Dragon King then pointed at Han Sen and resumed his dialogue, “Each fruit is bound to contain a geno treasure of sorts, an item that is super-cla.s.s, for sure. Wouldn’t it be great if you could procure some?”

Han Sen started to say something but frowned before he could. He noticed a note had been left on his table, one that had been written in the human language.

“If you wish to stay alive, follow Qing Jun.” Han Sen read the words and continued to stare at the paper.

He was the only human capable of reaching the fifth floor. So, he wondered, how had someone left that note for him?

“Did Dry Bone King leave this for me?” Han Sen frowned. Dry Bone King was the only one he had met since arriving on the fifth floor.

But Dry Bone King wasn’t a fan of Qing Jun and her wicked ways, either. Why would he tell Han Sen to follow her? Han Sen turned the paper over and was given a shock.

On the back of the paper was a symbol drawn in red. It was a large picture of the Nine-Life Cat.

“Someone from Blood Legion is on the fifth floor? That can’t be right! There aren’t any other humans strong enough to get here.” Han Sen was truly taken aback, not having a clue how this had come about.

“Was it Dry Bone King?” Han Sen didn’t think it was possible, or at the very least extremely unlikely.

Blood Legion was a human organization with a murky, sordid past. Still, it was human, through and through, and neither spirits nor super creatures would be members of it.

Dry Bone King arrived shortly after, looking for Han Sen. He was accompanied by another king spirit.

His name was Baby Ghost, and his appearance amused Han Sen. The spirit had a head that was enlarged like a baby’s, but the body was skinny, frail, and extremely small.

Han Sen didn’t notice a change in Dry Bone King’s behavior, which suggested it was unlikely he was the one who left the note. Han Sen then wondered if it was Qing Jun herself who had left it. Perhaps it was some sort of weird trick of hers, as she wasn’t exactly the most sound-minded individual.

But if that was true, how could she have known about Blood Legion and Han Sen’s connection to it?

As Han Sen mulled this over, Dry Bone King led Han Sen to the plaza. When they arrived, a female king spirit was there waiting for them. She was accompanied by seven super creatures.

Qing Jun King did not even look at Han Sen, and simply approached the Sky Fruit.

The path ahead had been built by the spirits and creatures of the fourth floor, but they weren’t allowed to accept the fruit. If they even so much as stumbled across one during their time of building, they’d have been outright killed.