Super Gene - Chapter 1163 - Immortal Shelter

Chapter 1163 - Immortal Shelter

Chapter 1163

: Immortal Shelter


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen’s captured creature did not know it was being tricked. It thought it was being treated kindly, and so it happily gobbled up all the walnuts it was given. Before long, however, it started to writhe around on the ground in pain.

Han Sen was then able to again confirm that the walnuts made creatures grow smaller. Three days later, it returned to its ordinary size.

Han Sen then decided to eat the walnuts himself, anxiously wanting to enter the tree hole and see what may have resided inside.

The creatures always returned from the tree with the same or even greater strength than they had before. If Han Sen was to do as the creatures did, he thought he’d share the same boon or at least go back to his original size in three days with all his power still intact.

He ate quite a few, but nothing happened to him. He wasn’t keen to give up just yet, so he kept on munching as many walnuts as he could, non-stop. After a while, it felt as if he had been delivered a ma.s.sive electric shock. He fell to the ground and started twitching and convulsing.

When the pain pa.s.sed, Han Sen could already feel that he was much smaller. He felt himself having shrunk to the size of a seven-year-old child.

Han Sen ate a whole heap more walnuts until he was the size of an ant. Then, he proceeded towards the tree hole.

Han Sen did not immediately walk inside. He saw a primitive creature just ahead of him, so he masked his presence and followed it in slyly.

The tree hole was almost like a tunnel, and it seemed more and more like something that had been bored into the tree. It could not have developed naturally, and so it had to have been built for some purpose Han Sen had yet to figure out.

Han Sen followed the creature for a bit, and then, Han Sen saw something most shocking. He came to a street. It was wide and well-paved, lined with buildings. It was like another world inside the tree.

Many creatures were there, too. The t.i.tan he had once seen was there, but there were also a whole host of others he hadn’t. There were snakes, insects, and beasts of all kinds.

There was harmony inside that miniature world. There was no conflict, and Han Sen was even able to see a few spirits in the mix, interacting with the rest of the denizens in peace.

“Is this a spirit shelter?” Han Sen asked himself with much shock.

He followed the street he first came to. The mini world was crazy, and it delighted Han Sen with every twist and turn. The tree was hollow on the inside, and they had managed to build a whole city there, that went up in a spiral. Han Sen had wandered for quite a bit, and still, he was only at the bottom.

The creatures there looked as if they all wanted to go up, but there were spirits guarding the way up. It seemed as if one would have to beat them, if they sought to ascend the city.

Many creatures had been beaten by the spirits, and others had even been killed.

The creature Han Sen followed managed to succeed, and upon its victory, it was allowed to go up to the next level of the city. Han Sen was unsure whether or not he should join in. He wondered if the spirits would be angry due to the fact he was human.

But then, Han Sen suddenly saw a human join a fight. In it, his leg was broken. Seeing the man get one of his legs broken, Han Sen instinctively ran up to him.

“Are you okay?” Han Sen asked, as he helped him upright.

The man looked surprised to see Han Sen, and he asked him, “Are you new here?”

“Yes, I just came here today. What is your name?” Han Sen answered and asked.

The man Han Sen helped was called Zhang Yuchen, and Han Sen helped bring the man back to his lodging. He explained what he could about the place.

The shelter belonged to an emperor. The spirit in charge was called Immortal Emperor. Zhang Yuchen had come to the shelter twenty years ago. He had been unable to become stronger, so he remained on the bottom floor.

He said the ecosystem of the shelter was very harsh. If one was weak, they’d be little more than a thrall, forced to remain on the bottom.

If you were able to pa.s.s the test, you’d be given a good life. The emperor would also provide those who ascended a lifewater to boost the gaining of strength.

There were dozens of humans residing in the shelter, but most had managed to ascend. Only a few now remained on the bottom floor, and he was one of them.

Zhang Yuchen was too weak to go forward, and he had only managed to max out his mutant geno points. Still not being strong enough, he had been on the bottom floor of the shelter for twenty years.

Many of the people who had come, even those who had come much later than him, had leveled up and succeeded in ascending.

Han Sen was very interested in the lifewater he spoke of, though. Zhang Yuchen had only ever received normal ones, which granted him ordinary geno points.

High-level lifewater was able to impart primitive and mutant geno points.

But to receive those, you would have to reach a higher level.

Zhang Yuchen believed Han Sen was new there, so he asked about the Alliance.

No human had sp.a.w.ned in the shelter for a while now, and Zhang Yuchen had been unable to return to the Alliance the whole time he had been there. As such, he was eager to learn about recent events.

Han Sen told him about the current state of affairs, and Zhang Yuchen looked moved and emotional, hearing about the life he had left behind.

Sp.a.w.ning in an emperor shelter, as he had, often made it impossible for humans to make use of a teleporter and return to the Alliance.

After Han Sen learned more about the location he was in now, though, he was very happy.

They very much welcomed outsiders there, and if you were strong enough to prove your mettle, you could take part in the trial of ascension without establis.h.i.+ng a contract. Han Sen could obtain lifewater with little to no trouble.

The place needed a lot of manpower to remain operational, and regardless of your race, the stronger the better.

There were a few humans there with spirit geno points, who had also managed to open eight gene locks. They had been unable to return to the Alliance, but they were happy with their life as it was.

“No one wants to help you?” Han Sen asked.

If humans were enjoying life there and wanted to help others, all they would have to do was give him low-level lifewater to level him up.

But Zhang Yuchen shook his head with a dismal look.