Super Gene - Chapter 1159 - Night Cloak

Chapter 1159 - Night Cloak

Chapter 1159: Night Cloak


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Neither the king spirits in his employ, nor Nine Emperor himself, saw the Night Cloak coming. Even you wouldn’t be able to detect someone wearing it,” Dragon King said.

Han Sen was delighted, so much so, he didn’t even care for Dragon King’s explanation being in a condescending tone. If the item was as good as he said, he really had stumbled upon a most extraordinary treasure.

“This cannot be as flimsy as the Night Flag, surely.” Han Sen gave the Night Cloak a firm tug. Fortunately, it did not tear. He applied more strength, and still the Night Cloak remained strong.

“Great. So, how do I use it?” Han Sen looked at Dragon King and asked.

“Well, it can only be used at night. It’s faithful to its namesake, but when equipped, you’ll be completely invisible,” Dragon King concisely explained.

“Hmm, okay. What about dark locations, such as in caves?” Han Sen asked, as he looked at the skies, realizing the day was still young.

“Nope, there’s no cheating there. It’s called the Night Cloak because it is meant to be used at night.” Dragon King pointed towards the bannerman then, and said, “The reason she wanted a team of bannermen, was so night could be called upon whenever. She wanted darkness to come when she needed it. She was by far the strongest emperor or empress the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary has ever known, when it came to strength during the night. Even Ancient Devil Emperor avoided her and made sure to stay out of her way.”

Han Sen put the cloak away, eager to give it a go later that night.

Han Sen continued to dig around for a while longer, to see if he could find anything else. He had an unquenchable thirst for treasure, and he always wanted more. But unfortunately for him, there was nothing extra to be found.

Han Sen wanted to take the stone back to the shelter.

So, he asked for all the help he could get. Even Bao’er pitched in, sitting on the stone to play and boost their morale. Eventually, it was successfully brought into the shelter.

It may have looked useless, but Han Sen couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that there was something special about it. The Valley of Time warped the flow of time completely, so something quite grand must have occurred there sometime in the distant past.

Furthermore, the stone appeared to have been cut through with a weapon. Han Sen couldn’t wear a single scratch into the slab, so it was near-frightening for him to imagine what manner of creature or person had been able to split the stone in two. Han Sen used to be very proud of the power he possessed, but now, he wasn’t so sure he should be.

The little Metal Eater continued to follow Han Sen around, even after entering the shelter. It was a great opportunity. If he moved the shelter, the baby Metal Eater would go with Han Sen, enabling a flawless and no-trouble kidnapping.

But Dragon King did mention Metal Eaters loved to exact revenge. If Han Sen stole their baby, there was a chance the family would come after him. Kidnapping could prove dangerous.

Han Sen dwelled on the subject of whether or not he should, but ultimately decided to keep the little creature.

When the shelter door was closed, Moment Queen moved the shelter.

“Metal Eater bros; I’m taking the kid for a ride. I’ll bring him back when I’m done with him,” Han Sen told no one, in an attempt to flimsily establish a poor justification for kidnapping a baby.

No matter how strong the Metal Eaters were, though, they couldn’t do anything if they couldn’t find Han Sen.

Han Sen didn’t plan to hurt the Metal Eater, however. He had plans to train the Metal Eater so it could become his second meats.h.i.+eld. Slowly but surely, he was establis.h.i.+ng a convoy of damage-soaking tanks.

The small Metal Eater played around in the shelter for a few days, but it eventually got bored and showed signs of wanting to leave.

So, Han Sen decided to visit the Alliance and ordered as much sc.r.a.p metal as he could. He brought it back into the sanctuary to see if the Metal Eater wanted it.

The gift was much appreciated. The Metal Eater leaped onto the metal and rolled around in it. The little creature appreciated every sc.r.a.p of metal it was brought each day, and it especially enjoyed z-steel. It hugged of z-steel as it went to sleep, each and every day.

With it being tempted with so much metal-candy, the little creature no longer wanted to leave the shelter.

After a few days, though, the metal it was given would become rusted. When the metal lost its l.u.s.ter, the Metal Eater no longer wanted it. So, Han Sen had to keep on bringing in more. He observed the Metal Eater’s reaction to each piece he brought, to see which it liked the most.

And Han Sen noticed it really did enjoy z-steel raw stones. Fortunately for him, they did not rust as quickly, either.

The Metal Eater didn’t physically consume metal. Whenever it was in proximity to a piece of metal, it would just absorb the essence and properties of the material.

Ordinary metals only lasted a few days, but z-steel raw stones lasted a long time.

“Metal Kid, go!”

Han Sen threw a stick-shaped hunk of z-steel.

The Metal Eater happily ran to catch it.

Bao’er sat on a chair as this occurred, munching on snacks. She watched the two play about.

Queen glimpsed at the duo and gave a strange look but nothing more. She never thought a super creature could actually be trained in such a manner. Queen did not like Han Sen doing that, though. It was as if he was training a dog, but it did surprise her to see the Metal Eater enjoy its treatment.

Unfortunately, though, the stick of z-steel was never returned after being caught. This disheartened Han Sen quite a bit, as z-steel was pretty expensive to procure.

Han Sen tried replacing the z-steel with a different metal, but the Metal Eater had grown used to the finer variety. It only wanted the high-quality stuff. Han Sen chucked it plenty of alloys, but Metal Kid did little more than glance at it disapprovingly.

Han Sen would have kicked it out a long time ago, had he not thought it to be a useful creature.

The only overwhelming positive so far was that the other Metal Eaters hadn’t come after them. But for hunting more super creatures, Han Sen planned to move elsewhere.

Han Sen could only have the shelter moved once a day, so he occasionally returned to the Alliance to rest. He also prepared to send the kid away.