Super Gene - Chapter 1155 - Got Surrounded

Chapter 1155 - Got Surrounded

Chapter 1155: Got Surrounded


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Han Sen hit the wall of the cave like a cannonball, and in the haze of dust and debris that accompanied his fall, he spat out blood.

Before Han Sen was able to stand up again, a big monster stood above him, with legs on each side of him. His pupils grew bigger. Unable to stand up, Han Sen had to roll in evasion, to avoid the crus.h.i.+ng legs that began to work like pistons in an attempt to stomp on him.

The frightening feet were far too close to comfortably avoid. As Han Sen rolled, he could feel the ground shake with each pounding stomp, and he could hear the echo of each thump carry through the cave.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Han Sen kept on rolling as six ma.s.sive creatures did their best to try to trample him underfoot. He was already using super king spirit mode, but even so, he was unable to fight back.

When Han Sen was able to stand back up, a scaled tail lashed his back like a whip.

More blood oozed from his mouth as he was sent careening through the air once more. His bones were starting to feel like cracked gla.s.s, ready to shatter with the slightest additional jarring.

Han Sen came down against an awkwardly shaped rock and broke it in his descent.

Things had rarely turned so sour and remained so dire for Han Sen. Ever since Han Sen had come into possession of super king spirit mode, things had never gotten this bad.

There were six super creatures in that cavern. They were the same breed as the little one he had attempted to, but these were monstrously large. What’s more, they all had the same green bubble of protection.

He had tried throwing coins on them, but it was all to no avail.

Han Sen believed he had stumbled across an entire family of super creatures, as their co-operation was even better than the army.

Whenever Han Sen tried to attack, they each weaved together to protect one another. And whenever Han Sen wished to dodge, phoenix techniques were the only things able to keep him alive.

The creatures were surprisingly quick and nimble. So much so, they had prevented Han Sen from being able to escape the grip of that wretched cave. He had been subject to extreme torturous pain from the repeated pummeling he received in his bid to flee.

Despite the strength and st.u.r.diness that Han Sen’s super king spirit mode imparted, he had never expected to be in a situation where it did not prove enough. It wasn’t the Get Out of Jail Free card he had grown accustomed to. If this was any other super creature, he would have been beaten it to death by now, three times over. These creatures, however, working in unison, were far too much for him to handle.

“This isn’t fair! This should be a one-on-one.” Han Sen leaped out from the rubble, as fast as his aching bones could carry him.

A split-second after he leaped away, a creature’s bottom was crus.h.i.+ng the remains of the rock he had shattered.

Six creatures were doing their best to attack Han Sen, as he desperately sought an escape route. He wouldn’t dare summon Disloyal Knight for such a circ.u.mstance, as he was not very good when it came to dodging.

The halo could weaken them, but there were six super creatures to still contend with. It wouldn’t be enough, and Disloyal Knight would most likely be killed.

“This must be karma; it’s finally come calling,” Han Sen told himself.

Han Sen was. .h.i.t by a tail, and before he could recover, another one struck him like a burning chain.

Han Sen gritted his teeth to bear the pain and jumped, using the tail to propel himself up. He wanted to use that boost to go airborne and try to get away. But another three tails manifested in the air, as if by magic. Han Sen was able to dodge two, but he could not avoid the third.

The tail whacked Han Sen with speed and power that felt like a train.


Han Sen crashed into the ground like a meteor, forming skid marks in the stone-cold floor as he rattled, sc.r.a.ped, and rolled along it.

Before Han Sen could pull himself up, a foot was on top of him.

The ground around him was breaking as Han Sen sunk deeper and deeper into the earth under the obscene weight of that foot.

The foot removed itself, and Han Sen was brought to the startling realization he was two feet in the ground. Thankfully, it wasn’t yet six.

His super king spirit mode had been extinguished, and he was no longer able to move.

Pang! Pang!

Another beast brought its foot down on him, as Han Sen felt his body pushed down with the weight of a mountain. His armor had endured enough, and it shattered.

The creatures then stopped and turned to each other, as if they were communicating. Han Sen looked very dead, but with one last morsel of energy, his dragon wings spread enough to lift him out of the pit.

The creatures looked at Han Sen with shock.

Han Sen spread his wings further and took off flying for ten miles as his tormentors struggled to catch up. Eventually, Han Sen brought himself down and summoned Golden Growler to take him the rest of the way back to the shelter.

“My bones are like sand,” Han Sen thought to himself.

Fortunately, Han Sen was able to play dead and buy enough time to escape. If he hadn’t, he really would have been killed there.

He had survived, but the mantis armor had been destroyed. What’s worse, he had not obtained a single return from the investment of that horrible affair.

All Han Sen had acquired was a coin, and he couldn’t wear that.

Whenever Han Sen wanted to bully a small super creature, he ended up getting attacked. It was like a curse.

“I hope this coin turns out useful. I can’t stand the thought of all that being for nothing.” Han Sen teleported back to the Alliance and jumped into a recovery pool.

He stayed there for a whole week, and even still, he had not fully recovered. He knew he would have to take a small break from adventuring.

Han Sen’s body was strong, and due to prior practice with hyper geno arts, his abilities of recovery were good, though. It wouldn’t take much longer to be back in tip-top shape.

Returning to the sanctuary, Han Sen entered a room that was empty in the shelter. There, he summoned Dragon King.

“Do you know what this is?” Han Sen asked, showing him the coin.

Dragon King looked at it with shock, and he said, “Is that an Empress Coin? Where did you get it from?”

“Is it worth anything? Retrieving this thing almost cost me my life.” Han Sen was already feeling better, judging from the reaction Dragon King had given him.