Super Gene - Chapter 1151 - Thorn Scorpion Beast Soul

Chapter 1151 - Thorn Scorpion Beast Soul

Chapter 1151: Thorn Scorpion Beast Soul


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

When Han Sen moved the underground shelter again, there was only Queen, Bao’er, and Zero left.

Old Huang and his people stayed in the Dark Shelter they had just liberated. This was by their choice, of course. Han Sen wanted to go deep into Thorn Forest; a knotted realm where none of the others would have a chance of hunting. Therefore, they decided to remain there in the new shelter.

Han Sen put Dark Prince in charge of the Dark Shelter, as he did not want to completely forfeit his new acquirement.

Han Sen still wanted to exact revenge on the super creatures that resided someplace in the depths of that underground realm, so he also commanded Dark Prince to keep an eye out for them on his behalf.

Han Sen had the shelter moved twice, so they could reach the place where the second sacred-blood scorpion was said to reside.

This scorpion was different from the others Han Sen had seen, near the underground realm, as this one seemed to live alone. It was, however, bigger than a tank. The chitin was probably thicker than metal plating, too. For food, it seemed to enjoy munching on the many th.o.r.n.y vines in the area.

When they prepared to engage the beast, Queen was the first to run forth and charge. Han Sen sat back and merely watched her fight. He noticed how well she had copied his phoenix techniques, and judged the accuracy of her attempt to be around the eighty percent mark.

The scorpion was very strong, and it was a sacred-blood creature with eight of its gene locks open. Queen had not been a surpa.s.ser for very long, but she had so far managed to open four gene locks. She wouldn’t have been able to fight the beast without the beast souls she had been given.

That’s not to say the beast souls made it easy. She still struggled to fight the monster solo.

Han Sen, while watching her fight unfold, said to himself, “Bones like those of a crane, a figure like that of a swallow, wings brush the ground…”

Han Sen was reading the texts he had obtained when he first learned the phoenix techniques. She would never be able to learn the techniques in their entirety, since she had never seen the room that was decorated in birds and brought the text to life. And that aside, she had not learned the genuine Seven Twists, either.

But Queen was very talented, so Han Sen did not mind spending the extra time to train and improve her further. She could become much stronger in a short amount of time, he reckoned.

Due to her toughness and super body, Han Sen treated Queen as an equal. He respected her a great deal and took her as a serious partner. Han Sen did not often encounter people with super bodies, but this was one. And he really liked Queen’s super body.

Each person’s super body was different and unique to them. Han Sen was keen on the elements of s.p.a.ce and time, and that was what Queen possessed.

Queen’s super body was called “The Wheel of s.p.a.ce,” and when Han Sen watched her fight, he could closely observe her ability to warp and create mini tears in the fabric of the s.p.a.ce and time as she fought her opponent.

Such powers were difficult to harness, and all Queen had achieved so far was to use her super body to speed herself up somewhat. Although it looked weak now, Han Sen firmly believed that when Queen became stronger over time, she’d become extremely powerful.

Han Sen still did not know which element his super body was attuned to, and for whatever it was, he couldn’t give it a name.

Queen continued to battle the scorpion, listening to Han Sen read the text. Her skill in battle was improving in realtime. After hearing Han Sen speak, Queen realized the true potential of phoenix techniques and how beneficial they could be.

It was almost frightening how effective the techniques were. Now that she knew that Han Sen possessed such talent, she half-believed he’d one day end up becoming a monster.

Queen would not mind learning Han Sen’s skills, as she was mostly concerned with becoming stronger.

But Queen also knew Han Sen wouldn’t just give out a skill such as this to any person who sought to learn it. It was a very profound thing, for Han Sen to go out of his way to teach and aid her. It meant a lot to her.

Han Sen felt a little different, though. He mostly didn’t mind because it was just a skill, and it hadn’t even been completed yet.

Han Sen was still knee-deep in the process of modifying it, after all. But of course, Han Sen appreciated Queen being there. He was fond of her, and thus he was very willing to help teach her more.

Furthermore, watching someone else make use of the phoenix techniques provided him with inspiration. It gave him a third-person perspective, so he could truly observe the techniques and see where exactly he might best make modifications.

Teaching had always given Han Sen new perspectives, and it always allowed Han Sen to view things in a different light.

Queen had come a long way in a short time. She had leveled up very quickly, but regardless, Han Sen helped her put the creature down for good, after a time of battle.

“Sacred-Blood Creature Thorn Scorpion killed. Beast soul gained. Consume its flesh to gain zero to ten sacred geno points randomly.”

Han Sen was delighted, so he scrambled to take a look at what manner of beast soul it was.

Sacred-Blood Beast Soul Thorn Scorpion: Glyph Beast Soul.

Han Sen was shocked at the result, as glyph beast souls were complicated things.

He summoned it, and his back gleamed with a tattoo-like drawing of a scorpion.

Han Sen did not feel any stronger or faster, though.

“What is this for?” Han Sen couldn’t figure out what purpose it served.

When he was in the Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary, he obtained a glyph beast soul that was called Evil-Blooded Condor. He wasn’t sure what it was for, and he had yet to figure it out.

If this beast soul was the same, Han Sen didn’t fancy the prospect of evolving it.

Amidst Han Sen’s thoughts, a primitive bug appeared and tried to bite him. Han Sen stepped on it in annoyance, and he became both surprise and enlightened.

Han Sen’s attack-step on the bug was corrosive, and it melted the bug into little more than icky juice.

“This glyph provides me a toxic element?” Han Sen was quite shocked, so he tried it again.