Super Gene - Chapter 1148 - Torturing Yaksha

Chapter 1148 - Torturing Yaksha

Chapter 1148: Torturing Yaksha


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Yaksha was furious. He only had one Crimson Fruit, as it was a treasure from a king spirit tree that could only provide one with each harvest. That harvest took one-hundred-thousand years to grow. He wouldn’t be able to receive another one quite so easily.

But while Yaksha was angry, he was not in panic mode yet.

The Crimson Fruit may not have entered the door, but its appearance had still distracted Xiang Yin quite a bit. She looked to be at the end of her tether, and taking that last step seemed out of her reach.

Han Sen had been grievously injured, but he had come back alone. The super creatures were still on his trail, so it was something that was in Yaksha’s favor.

And so, Yaksha decided to attack Han Sen. He thought it was about time Han Sen got a pummeling, and he very much wanted to see him writhing in agony when the posse of super creatures also caught up.

But all of a sudden, Han Sen blazed with a bright white light. His hair turned white and flowed down to his feet. His eyes turned as white as his gleaming, ivory armor.


Han Sen clicked his fingers and turned the entire cavern into one coinstorm cloud. Coins manifested in the air and dropped from every inch of that place. The creatures that sought to catch up with Han Sen were immediately suppressed and brought to the ground.

Yaksha’s body was pumping with pure, unbridled hatred and rage. He swung his lethal nails around to slice the coins.

But unlike before, Han Sen did not keenly evade Yaksha. All he did was raise the corner of his lips. In his ordinary form, Han Sen was too weak to block Yaksha’s attacks; that’s why he had to focus on evasion.

Now things were different. Although Yaksha’s speed was still greater, super king spirit made Han Sen stronger.

What’s more, between all that was going on, Yaksha’s mind was screaming.


Yaksha’s nails were about to descend on Han Sen, but he did not move until they were about to skewer his eyeb.a.l.l.s. And that move was to grab Yaksha by the waist and prevent him from being able to move.

“How?!” Green, pulsating veins scrawled over Yaksha’s arms. Try as he might to resist, he could not move or free himself.

Han Sen’s hands were like chains, tying up his waist.

“You are right; you are dead!” Han Sen said, just as his white light grew in intensity.

Han Sen’s grip on Yaksha tightened, as the madman flailed in hopeless resistance.

Yaksha tried using his nails to slice Han Sen’s belly. He was fast that not even light itself would have been able to dodge.

But Yaksha’s failing was his anger, and how he screamed on the inside. Han Sen knew exactly what was going through his mind, and he knew what to do.


Han Sen threw his other fist to repel Yaksha’s incoming nailstrike. There was so much power in that parry, it broke every finger on Yaksha’s hand. They all bent backwards like broken twigs.

But the fist didn’t just stop there. Han Sen’s fist continued going forward right into Yaksha’s face.


Yaksha wanted to scream, but he couldn’t after that. His lips and jaw had been shattered and smashed. They were twisted and ruined so much that Yaksha could barely control his mouth. His body leaned back.

His other arm was still held by Han Sen, and now, Han Sen gave it a tug.

Han Sen pulled Yaksha forward and delivered another punch.

Yaksha’s skull cracked, and the force of that second punch sent a shockwave through the cavern.

Pang! Pang! Pang!

Yaksha would take a punch, fall back limply, then be tugged forward only to be hit again. This process repeated again and again. Eventually, one of Yaksha’s eyeb.a.l.l.s fell out of its socket. He no longer looked human.

Yaksha’s speed was useless against Han Sen in such a state. His brain had been rattled too much, his mind was a mish-mash of displaced thoughts that scrambled to gather cohesion.

Han Sen, seeing Yaksha was on the razor’s edge between life and death, let him go. And then, with both fists, planned to give him one last brutal hit.

Alu Alu Alu!

Han Sen suddenly screamed like Xie Qing King. The last hit he sought to deliver turned to a great many, and he punched like a nutter. Over and over he threw his fists, with each one making him feel better than before.

All of Yaksha’s bones had been broken, and eventually, his meat and skin were little more than a crumpled sack to contain a collapsing skeleton.

Yaksha squealed like a dying pig, and in his final moments, Han Sen moved forward to pick him up.

The creatures that sought to attack Han Sen stopped, not wanting to meddle with such a frightening foe.

The creatures weren’t exactly co-operating; they were all competing for the meat. So, it was not like they could rely on each other to take on Han Sen in unison.

Han Sen’s murderous and intimidating presence stopped anyone or anything from harboring thoughts of potentially trying to attack or kill him.

“Haha!” Yaksha, he who had been brutally beaten like so, suddenly laughed.

“What are you laughing at?” Han Sen asked as he grabbed him by the loose and torn garments that still hung from Yaksha.

“My spirit stone is not here, you fool! I’ll resp.a.w.n, should you kill me. And Xiang Yin? She’s going to die. You were unable to save her. I may not have won, but you still lost. Isn’t that so sad? Haha!” Yaksha continued to laugh, as his other eyeball dropped from its socket. He actually seemed very happy.