Super Gene - Chapter 1143 - I’ll Teach You How to Blow a Xun

Chapter 1143 - I’ll Teach You How to Blow a Xun

Chapter 1143: I’ll Teach You How to Blow a Xun


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Thousands of jellyfish flowers flew inside the hole in the tree. Its capacity seemed infinite, as each entered without struggle. And as they did, the light inside grew in intensity.

Han Sen felt the frightening power coming from inside the hole in the tree. It was so powerful, the dongxuan aura could not provide an accurate reading. Neither could he see what rested inside, beyond the blinding light.

Xiang Yin didn’t seem to be focused on the hole. She merely continued to sit on the branch in a carefree manner. She looked at Han Sen and asked him, “Would you like me to teach you how to blow a xun?”

“Sure.” With surprise, Han Sen pa.s.sed her back the xun.

This looked to be an important moment, so he did not expect her to set aside time to teach him how to play an instrument.

Xiang Yin took the xun and placed her fingers on the holes around the instrument’s belly. She placed her lips around the head and blew it, as gentle and pleasant sounds were birthed and heard.

Han Sen had never seen this instrument before, and the notes played were melancholic. It sounded as if someone was crying, or a woman was whispering to the wind in some lonely valley.

The sounds were clear and defined, but at the same time not.

The sound was reminiscent of a flute, and it was a delight to hear. Whether or not it was the instrument itself or the talent she possessed, the music produced was beautiful.

Han Sen could see the notes physically emerge from the instrument, and how they became fairies that danced around them. He was stunned, witnessing it all.

The creatures that were dying for the fruit and becoming restless were instantly soothed and calmed when they heard the music.

Fortunately, Han Sen was powerful enough to not be lulled into a trance. He was able to just sit and admire her energy flow.

Xiang Yin was using her energy flow to play the music, and this was something he had never seen anyone else do before. Han Sen doubted anyone could produce the same effects, even if they had the instrument to play.

Xiang Yin knew she was being scanned by Han Sen. She was a berserk super creature with ten gene locks open, so his dongxuan aura with five gene locks open could not be hidden from her.

She was not offended by his actions, though. She had decided to teach the young man how to play the xun, and that wasn’t going to change.

Han Sen was shocked and did not expect he’d be able to watch her energy flow, but he was glad he could. He wanted to watch how she blew the xun.

And Xiang Yin did not mind the violation. She did not mind him observing her energy flow. Her energy flow was, however, complicated. Merely trying to remember it was very difficult for Han Sen.

When she finished playing her song, the creatures continued to sit in silence. Their eyes could not leave her grace so suddenly.

The light in the hole then began to fade, and with it, so too were all the jellyfish. A light that was no brighter than a candle was all that was left there.

Xiang Yin gave Han Sen back his xun and said, “This is all I can teach you for now. Practice more and you will be able to play a number of songs successfully.”

“I will practice,” Han Sen said, as he took back the xun.

He said this to please her, though. Han Sen was not really interested in the art of making music, only in the sonic powers that could be manipulated through the instrument.

Xiang Yin knew Han Sen was not fond of music, either. But she still smiled and said, “Return. My time here is up.”

After that, Xiang Yin turned to approach the hole herself.

Han Sen did not know what to expect, so he just bid her farewell and made his way back to Queen and Blue Dinosaur. Then, they all watched her go towards the tree.

Xiang Yin reached her hand inside and brought something out.

The item was what made the hole glow. It was similar to a big waterdrop, and it wobbled in her hands like jelly.

Xiang Yin kissed the blob and then consumed it.

When she swallowed it, the scent of her body became much stronger. Her fragrance was so strong, it took on an appearance like smoke.

The mist began to fill the entire cavern, giving the place a dreamy look. It was like heaven.

Han Sen sniffed it and immediately felt refreshed; so much so, he felt several years younger. All the creatures in the area sniffed it, too, and they looked to be really enjoying it. It was a divine treat for them all, as well.

The smell of her body hung in the air like a delightful haze. Eventually, it parted like a curtain, and then, a stone door appeared.

The door had no markings or anything, but it looked holy. It made all who laid eyes on it feel tiny. Aside from Xiang Yin, all the creatures knelt when seeing the door. The rat king and toad king showed great respect as well and did the same.

“The gate to the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary.” Han Sen was in absolute shock.

When he was in the Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary, the Holy Rhino and Little Fairy had been taken by spirits into the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

Han Sen expected a spirit to emerge from that stone door and bring her forward into a new realm, but it remained shut.

Xiang Yin flew around in the mist like a fairy, and it looked like she wanted nothing more than to open the door and go through.