Super Gene - Chapter 1134 - Two People Who Rejected God

Chapter 1134 - Two People Who Rejected God

Chapter 1134: Two People Who Rejected G.o.d


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen opened his mouth but stumbled, unsure of where to begin.

After a while of thought, Han Sen asked, “Uncle Bug, where did the Seventh Team teleport to? Where did they go and what did they find?”

“We met G.o.d… Well, more like a demon.” Uncle Bug looked as if he was in pain, in remembrance.

Han Sen just watched Uncle Bug, allowing him as much time as he needed to explain.

Uncle Bug, after a long pause, said, “I was an Interstellar Pirate. I came into possession of a Qi Gong, and after practicing it, I became incredibly strong. Through strength came wealth, and I became rich.”

He stopped and sighed for a moment before proceeding. “Perhaps it was karma, and G.o.d decided to punish my family.”

“After my wife died, Little Yan received the same disease that had taken her away from me. In my desperation, the Alliance found me. They wished for me to join the Seventh Team and conduct research. In return, they were willing to give Little Yan the best medical care they could, and have only the best doctors attend to his failing health. As you can imagine, I didn’t think twice about agreeing.”

Suddenly, Uncle Bug’s face was drawn with confusion. He muttered to say, “I thought it was very dangerous, but after teleporting, it was like heaven. I had everything I could ever want.”

“What was this place?” Han Sen asked, unable to even comprehend what the team had experienced.

“It defies words, son. I don’t even know how I could explain it.” Uncle Bug knew such a description could not suffice, and it could not possibly satiate Han Sen’s thirst for knowledge, so he tried. “It was a realm controlled by a demon. It was like an ever-changing canvas that morphed to his desire. If he wanted a mountain, he’d have a mountain. If he wanted water, he could birth an endless sea. If he wanted women, there they’d be. It was only natural to a.s.sume we had met G.o.d, the creator, the maker.”

Uncle Bug’s face was then taken by pain and sorrow. He said, “If I had not made that wish, Little Yan would not have had to suffer all those bitter, horrible years.”

“What did the demon look like?” Han Sen tried to take his mind off the subject of his son.

“It is difficult to say, but I believe it was a man. It was masculine, in some way. I don’t think it had a fixed appearance, as it was different for each of us. When I asked Old Han, he told me this demon was but a mere old man. Sunset told us it was a beautiful woman. It was in front of us, in the same spot, but it appeared as a different form for the each of us.”

Han Sen frowned and asked, “And then?”

“The demon told us it’d give us a test. If we were successful, it’d grant us one wish. I believed him to be G.o.d, a benevolent being of grand magnificence. The fool I was. I accepted the test, as who could turn down a free wish? Old Han tried to convince us to not accept, but none of us listened,” Uncle Bug said.

“Did everyone else accept this test?” Han Sen asked.

Uncle Bug said, “There were only two people who rejected the offer.”

“One was Han Jinzhi; who was the other?” Han Sen was surprised to hear someone else had rejected an offer from G.o.d.

“No, Old Han accepted the challenge,” Uncle Bug revealed, as he shook his head.

“What?! He did?” Han Sen exclaimed.

Han Sen believed he hadn’t, which was why he thought Sunset had told him that Han Jinzhi had humiliated G.o.d.

“I don’t know if he made a wish, but he did take the test,” Uncle Bug said.

“Then who didn’t take the test?” Han Sen asked.

Uncle Bug said, “One person’s surname was Ning. He was good friends with Old Han, and Old Han was always called him Brother Ning. I am not sure what his full name was, to tell you the truth. But Old Han told him something, and that was why he did not accept the challenge.”

“Was Brother Ning from the Ning family in Starry Group?” Han Sen did not know there was a person with the surname Ning in the Seventh Team. But if there was, then it had to have been from that Ning family.

Uncle Bug shook his head, admitting, “I don’t know.”

“Okay, and who was the other person?” Han Sen asked.

“It was a very beautiful woman.” Uncle Bug’s mood brightened when he spoke of her.

Han Sen stared at Uncle Bug.

Uncle Bug explained, “When I was an Interstellar Pirate, I took refuge on a barren planet. I didn’t know much about the Alliance back then, I only knew about the mega-corporations. When I was in the Seventh Team, everyone used their t.i.tles instead of their real names. Aside from Sunset and Old Han, I did not know much about the others.”

“The woman was on the Seventh Team, but she was very careful to reveal nothing about her background. No one introduced her, and I did not even know her t.i.tle. All I know is that she was the prettiest and most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on, even to this day.”

Han Sen looked at Uncle Bug and asked, “After you finished the test, what wish did you make? And what wish did Han Jinzhi make?”

Uncle Bug said, “I do not know what the others wished.”

Uncle Bug went on to say, “After the test began, I was sent to a place on my lonesome. When I was done, all I saw was that demon. I could not see the others.”

“When I made a wish to the demon, he gave me a drop of blood. He told me to give it to Little Yan and then bring Little Yan to it. He told me he could live with creatures, and the sickness would no longer harm him.” Uncle Bug began to shed tears.

Han Sen could guess what happened next, and the information he was currently receiving was not elucidating the mysteries he wished to have explained.

“Uncle Bug, how did you know I have the Nine-Life Cat pendant?” Han Sen knew there was information he could gather, so he s.h.i.+fted the subject to ask this.