Super Gene - Chapter 1130 - Invisible Creature

Chapter 1130 - Invisible Creature

Chapter 1130: Invisible Creature


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

Killing the super creature he had proposed to slay would not be easy. Uncle Bug told him the shadow of the creature was what possessed his son, but the actual body he would have to defeat was someplace in the valley.

Han Sen thought about the bugs he had thrown down into the valley, the ones that disappeared, and wondered whether or not they were related to the creature he was preparing to defeat.

Han Sen returned to the valley, bringing many bugs with him. He perched himself atop the hill like he had before and tossed a few bugs down into the valley every now and again.

Just like before, the bugs would try to scurry away but then get s.n.a.t.c.hed by some unseen force. They’d just vanish into thin air.

Han Sen kept chucking the bugs into the same spot and noticed the bugs only disappeared when they reached a certain point.

That proved there were no s.p.a.ce cracks, as s.p.a.ce cracks could not move.

“If there are no s.p.a.ce cracks, then that means it must be a super creature. But if so, how can it make these bugs disappear so easily?” Han Sen thought hard about what may have been the crux of the issue.

Whatever was going on, his dongxuan aura was not able to detect any creatures down there. Being unable to determine the nature of the threat made Han Sen far more cautious than usual.

Han Sen remained on the hill for a few days, watching and waiting to see what he could. If there was a creature lurking beneath the sands, he wanted to see it.

Han Sen watched the shadows of the bugs intently, wanting to see if there were any disruption before they disappeared. It was a fine idea, but did not provide him the answers he sought. Nothing was a.s.saulting the bugs from within their own shadows.

In the midst of all these uncertainties, one thing was for sure. It was a scary super creature, and Han Sen had yet to gauge how powerful it might have been. A lack of intel was one of the most dangerous things, when attempting to fight a foe.

But whatever the case may have been, it looked to Han Sen that there were two possibilities. First, the creature itself was invisible. Or second, the powers of the super creature were invisible.

“If it’s the second possibility, I should have no problems dealing with it. If it’s the first possibility, I’ll need to watch myself. That’d be tough,” Han Sen thought to himself.

If it was a creature that the dongxuan aura could not even detect, it had to be an absurdly powerful monster.

Due to Han Sen’s desire for caution, he remained there for another fifteen days. Unfortunately, despite all the time that had elapsed, he still had zero concrete intel on the creature he would have to face.

If he didn’t want the secret of Han Jinzhi and Seventh Team, he wouldn’t even think about fighting such a creature.

You only live once. Every strike could be fatal, so Han Sen needed to know he could get a handle on whatever he would face when he confronted the creature.

And Han Sen really wanted to know what had happened with the Seventh Team and why Han Jinzhi humiliated G.o.d as Sunset had told him. And also, why Qin Huaizhen had told him to be wary of Han Jinzhi.

Han Sen had been collecting breadcrumbs for this entire affair for a long time, and he was desperate for the full story. The knowledge was within his reach, so he had to commit to what he had pledged to do for Uncle Bug. If he did this, he would finally know everything he wished to.

That night, Han Sen heard a baby crying once more. Uncle Bug said he had to bring his son there once a month, so it wasn’t time yet. This made Han Sen a little wary, and he wondered why there’d be movement now.

The human-faced scorpions came out, covering every inch of that valley in their thick and wriggling hides. It was disgusting.

If there were s.p.a.ce cracks there, scorpions would have slipped in no doubt. This frightening sight certainly put that theory to bed.

Their movement drew Han Sen’s attention, and he watched intently as they all began to congregate in the center of the Y-shaped valley. A curious view, as there did not appear to be anything of particular interest in that spot.

Eventually, their congregation began to spread and form a circle. They left the very center spot open.

Han Sen stared at the s.p.a.ce they had left open and noticed something.

The moonlight was extra bright on this night, due to it being a full moon.

The moonlight began to illuminate the oily hides of the scorpions, making the faces on their backs seem alive.

When the light hit the spot they had left open, it was as if the light was striking an invisible wall. It seemed to collect and form a faint outline.

Han Sen’s eyes opened wide, as more and more light gathered to form a faint figure.

Eventually, Han Sen was able to see the shape of a half-man, half-scorpion creature that was identical to the one that plagued Uncle Bug’s son.

But whereas the shadow variant he had seen with Uncle Bug’s son was pitch black, this one was transparent.

If it wasn’t for the moonlight illuminating it, Han Sen didn’t think he’d have been able to see it at all.

But even though Han Sen could see it with his naked eyes, the dongxuan aura still proved ineffective. He still couldn’t get a feel for the lifeforce of the scorpion.

The fact that the transparent scorpion seemed to be capable of eluding the dongxuan aura was a frightening thing to think about.

“This guy is invisible!” Han Sen frowned. This was the worst possible result he could have.

“Maybe it would be best for me to strike now, while I can still see it.” Han Sen stared at it, thinking of how he’d begin his engagement with the beast.

But eventually, Han Sen decided against fighting it. He remained there, watching the invisible scorpion, absorbing the moonlight that had been channeled through the bright reflections of the little scorpions’ chitin.

This went on for one hour, and when the moon began its descent, the reflections subsided. And then, the faint outline of the scorpion man-beast went with it.