Super Gene - Chapter 1127 - A Man Who Wants to Die

Chapter 1127 - A Man Who Wants to Die

Chapter 1127: A Man Who Wants to Die


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

When Han Sen saw what emerged from the sack, his body flared with gooseb.u.mps and his head got all itchy.

The person that emerged from the bag was a man who was very skinny and seemed to be around thirty years of age.

It was a living person, and Han Sen could see the fright that twisted his face.

Before Han Sen could return from his thoughts, the scorpions were stinging the poor man. He was stung many times, like he was being deliberately tortured. He rolled around on the ground, writhing and screaming in agony.

“It is all a ruse! How can Uncle Bug feign such kindness every day, when this is the sick and twisted stuff he gets up to on his own. How could he even think to torture a man like that?!” Han Sen spine was frosting over with the chills he was feeling.

When Han Sen next looked at Uncle Bug, he froze.

Uncle Bug was crying. As he watched the man get stung all over, he himself looked as if he was in pain. Amidst the tears, he prayed over the man down below.

It was then that Han Sen realized the man being tortured looked familiar, like someone he had seen in the shelter.

Uncle Bug was being very emotional. Han Sen used dongxuan aura to get a read of the man’s feelings and see what he could hear of the man’s thoughts. But all he could hear was screaming.

There was one word he was able to discern, though.

“Son? Did he say ‘son’? That can’t be his son!” Han Sen exclaimed in his head as he turned to look at the naked man. He couldn’t even begin to fathom why Uncle Bug would treat his son in such a manner.

But people wouldn’t lie to themselves in such a situation. He had heard Uncle Bug scream it was his son. Han Sen could not have been mistaken.

Now, the body of the person on the ground was all swollen. The natural a.s.sumption would be to presume he was dead, or was going to be, in such a state.

He had been a rather skinny man when Han Sen first saw him. Now, he was swollen like a fat man. The man could no longer scream, but his muscles still twitched with the pain he was continuing to endure.

Uncle Bug continued to pray as tears drenched his face. As he did so, his teeth chattered in what had to be fear.

Han Sen had never seen anything as remotely curious, horrific, and upsetting as this. He had no idea how he should feel about what was going on.

Just as Han Sen thought the man was about to be dined on, he heard the baby cry again.

It wasn’t sharp like before: the sound of the baby was rough and coa.r.s.e.

When the noise echoed across the valley, all the scorpions returned to their holes.

Soon enough, all that remained was a man who looked much like a bloated pig.

Uncle Bug looked at the dying man in the valley.

Han Sen was keen to know what had happened, why this was happening, and what was to happen. He was sweating with nervousness. This entire scenario seemed bizarre.

When Han Sen looked at the man, he noticed his shadow appeared to be strangely large.

The man was like a pig, but there was no way his shadow was three meters tall.

The shadow was very weird. Half of it looked like a man, and the other half looked like a scorpion.

The shadow came to life and moved.

A person with long black hair and eyes that were as black as coal emerged. His muscles were thick and ripped beneath the black armor he was clad in.

The man’s lower body was a scorpion, and the transition from man to scorpion was seamless. Han Sen looked at the scorpion man, feeling his lifeforce to be even greater than Disloyal Knight’s.

“Why would this guy’s shadow be a super creature?” Han Sen wondered as he looked at the scorpion man.

The scorpion man then waved his tail and plunged it into the chest of the corpse on the ground. Then, the body quickly became slimmer.

The man’s body returned to normal, as all the stinging fluids went into the tail of the scorpion man.

Then, after that, the man stood up. He looked very energized.

When the man stood up, he walked towards the scorpion man angrily.

When he was in front of the scorpion man, the scorpion man became that man’s shadow.

The man fell to the ground, throwing his fists against his own shadow. It looked like he was just punching the sand.

The man’s hands bled as they beat against the ground, but he did not seem as if he wanted to stop.

“Little Yan!” Uncle Bug ran towards the man, wanting to hug him.

When the man turned around, though, Uncle Bug stopped his approach.

“I will hate you forever.” The man looked furious.

The man stood up, picked up a rock, and tried to slam it into his own head. But before he could do that, a shadow touched the rock, causing it to explode. He couldn’t kill himself.