Super Gene - Chapter 1124 - Dongxuan Sutra’s Fifth Tier

Chapter 1124 - Dongxuan Sutra’s Fifth Tier

Chapter 1124: Dongxuan Sutra’s Fifth Tier


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen had managed to collect three Life Geno Essences by this point, but none had been fully absorbed.

“I need to get my *ss in gear. Otherwise, I won’t be able to absorb it.” Han Sen thought about buying a geno fluid to help synthesize and speed up the absorption process. He was tempted, but he ultimately chose not to.

Firstly, it was too expensive. Secondly, he did not know whether or not there were any unwanted side-effects that had yet to come to light.

Before going to the strange valley that he had been told about, Han Sen decided to open his fifth gene lock first. He had opened the Dongxuan Sutra’s fourth gene lock a long time ago, but he had held off on opening more due to his injury.

One had been opened by Big Mara, but he had managed to shut it down and close it.

So, for now, Han Sen focused on his Dongxuan Sutra. His fitness was sufficient to support the fifth gene lock being open, and since it had been opened once before, it was an easy and smooth process to open it again properly.

The moment he opened the fifth gene lock, his head felt as if something inside it had snapped.

The radius of his dongxuan aura had not increased, but he felt different with it.

Han Sen could sense a lot of things inside that aura with his seventh sense. But that was before; now, his sensitivities had widely increased.

He had the eighth sense. Now, when he was scanning someone, he could get a feel for what they were thinking.

He used his dongxuan aura and scanned the area around him. There was a guy called w.a.n.g Lin there, and he was currently busy slicing up the carca.s.s of a creature.

He wasn’t speaking at all, but Han Sen could sense what he was saying to himself with his mindvoice, “After I eat this mutant flesh, my geno point tally will reach seventy-six.”

Han Sen didn’t think it was possible to do this, but he knew it was impossible for him to guess something so detailed. He thought his dongxuan aura was somehow lifting the signals of their brain.

Han Sen scanned the others and realized he was correct.

“Xiao Mei is a s.l.u.t! I almost broke my back last night. I’ll have to remedy it with some oil later for round two tonight. I’m going to f*ck her to death.”

“Where should I go to kill creatures? Killing worms is too dangerous, but killing bugs is too simple and lame.”

“F*ck! That *sshole Li tricked me. I’m going to f*ck him up the next time I see him.”

When he focused on a person inside the aura, Han Sen could read their minds in real time.

He could also get a perfect sense of how someone was feeling inside.

“Can I hear the thoughts of creatures?” Han Sen focused on Bao’er, who was currently scarfing down some grub.

Unfortunately, Han Sen was unable to hear a single thing.

Instead, he turned his attention to the bird that was sitting on Bao’er’s shoulder. Much to his surprise, he was able to discern its thoughts.

“She never shares any food with me. What a b*tch.”

Han Sen was incredibly excited over this new ability, and he was giddy to try it out on everything he could. He ran straight into the forest to hear the thoughts of all the creatures he could find.

“Eat. Eat. Eat. Hungry. Hungry. Hungry.”

Han Sen noticed most other creatures were simple-minded.

Han Sen now had a better understanding of what the fifth gene lock provided. He could hear the thoughts of others, but only if their feelings were strong and at the forefront of their minds.

The stronger their thoughts, the clearer Han Sen could hear them.

Han Sen thought about the long-term viability and usefulness of the power, as most super creatures had the eighth sense. That meant there was no use trying to hide from their seventh sense.

This skill didn’t have a clear purpose, so Han Sen was unsure what to make of it.

It enabled Han Sen to simulate energy flows with greater efficiency, though, so at least the refinement of Life Geno Essences was faster.

“If I have nine tiers, does that mean I’ll be able to read anyone’s mind with crystal clarity?” Han Sen wondered to himself.

The Dongxuan Sutra meant you could see through things, even that which was in heaven. The thoughts of all humans could definitely be read.

Han Sen would have liked to open the ninth tier then and there, but there were no shortcuts available.

Han Sen went back to the shelter, walking right past Uncle Bug.

Han Sen focused on him, and he heard a shouting voice boom inside his head.

“No way is he Han Jingzhi’s heir! But why does he claim that his grandpa is Han Jingzhi? And why does he have the Nine-Life Cat on him?”

Han Sen heard this and felt a s.h.i.+ver run down his spine. Uncle Bug knew about his family.

If Uncle Bug had run a background check on Han Sen in the Alliance, it might have been normal for him to have learned about Han Sen’s father and grandfather. But there was no way Uncle Bug should have known Han Sen had the Nine-Life Cat.

Han Sen recalled his first meeting with Uncle Bug, and how Uncle Bug acted strangely and gave him an odd look. He might have seen Han Sen’s necklace.

But Han Sen was wearing armor, so the man shouldn’t have been able to sense or see it.

“This guy must have some connection to Blood Legion and Han Jingzhi.” Han Sen would have loved to open his brain and get a proper look at what had been running through his mind.