Super Gene - Chapter 111: Glory Shelter

Chapter 111: Glory Shelter

Chapter 111: Glory Shelter

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Seeing it was actually several youths hunting a lion-like creature, Han Sen felt G.o.d had not abandoned him yet.

Taking all his beast souls back and putting the dagger back into his sleeve, Han Sen slowly walked toward the youths and said after they killed the creature, "Friends, may I ask where this is?"

The youths that were still thrilled over their kill were startled by Han Sen’s voice and turned to him with weapons in their hands. After seeing Han Sen who was in rags that were dripping blood, they were suddenly relieved.

"Why are you here alone?" asked a young man in beast soul armor, looking at Han Sen with some doubt.

"I came with some friends and not sure it was good or bad luck, we ran into a flying sacred-blood creature and scattered. I’m lucky to be alive," Han Sen told half the truth.

"A sacred-blood creature? Where?" The youths were shocked.

"I don’t know now. I jumped into the river to escape from it and was carried here by the torrents. If you want to hunt it, you could go to the upstream and try your luck. I’m not sure if it would still be there though." Han Sen paused and asked, "Could you tell me where I am first?"

A girl with wide eyes said, "We are not sure either. But if you are heading to a shelter, go west and it will take you about a month to reach Glory Shelter."

Han Sen was a bit surprised. Glory Shelter was where Xue Longyan and Lin Beifeng came from. It chanced that he was near Glory Shelter now. He wondered how far the river had carried him.

It was fortunate that he did not encounter any great danger on the way.

The young man who spoke first suddenly said, "You don’t look like you are in good shape. It so happens that we are heading back. So if you are willing to pay, we could take you with us."

Han Sen smiled. "Does it look like I have money with me?"

"We can sign a contract here and you could pay when we are back in the shelter," replied the young man.

"How much do you want?" Han Sen pondered and asked. He was not familiar with this area. If he followed them, at least he would not get lost.

"A hundred thousand," The young man regarded the bow and arrows Han Sen was carrying and said. "It looks like you are injured. We can give you some medicine and food--meat of primitive creatures."

The rest of the youths were a bit shocked by this price, as a hundred thousand was not a small amount.

"OK. But I would have to pay after we reach the shelter," said Han Sen, spreading his hands out. This trip was fruitful enough and it was most important that he could reach a shelter safe and sound. A hundred thousand was not much for him at this point.

It was a shame that he probably would not be able to make it to the ranking rounds of the contest.

It did not really matter to him though. Even if he did not show up, he would still have the tenth place and would have an equal right to a random sacred-blood beast soul. The only pity was that he would miss the opportunity to fight against Lin Feng.

Although he would miss the match, he had gained another sacred-blood beast soul, which was far more attractive to Han Sen than his ranking. Even if he got the first place, there would be no extra material reward. Therefore, if Han Sen could choose again, he would still have come along. It would be nice though if he had not been thrown in such panic.

"Deal." The young man happily took out pen and paper to draft a simple contract. After Han Sen signed, he gave Han Sen some food and water.

After some self-introduction, the girl with wide eyes helped treat Han Sen’s wound. Once she lifted his s.h.i.+rt up and saw the wound left by the silver bird, she almost let out a yelp of surprise.

A foot-long wound spread across Han Sen’s back, with flesh ripped apart. The bleeding had almost stopped.

Han Sen thought it was fortunate that he was already in the water and both his backpack and sacred-blood armor provided some protection when the bird attacked, so that his spine was not hurt. Or he would have died a long time ago.

The injury looked scary. However, he had great physique and Jadeskin. Even with no medicine, his wound would not get any worse.

The girl cleaned his wound with alcohol and bandaged it. The youths all said Han Sen was lucky to keep his life.

The guys in the group chopped up the lion-like creature’s body, picked some branches, made a fire, and put chunks of meat on it to barbecue. They shared a chunk with Han Sen after it was ready.

Han Sen grabbed the meat and devoured it. He needed to gain some energy badly.

"Primitive creature yellow lion’s meat eaten. Zero primitive geno point gained."

Han Sen had got familiar with the youths after traveling with them for two days. They were not bad people. Because they were from humble families and had nothing special about them, they did not make it into some large gangs. Instead they grouped up to hunt creatures themselves.

They did not dare to poke any strong creature for lack of strength. This way there was not much risk involved as they were always picking on primitive creatures that were alone.

Their situation was much better than Han Sen when he had first entered G.o.d’s Sanctuary, as they were together while he had been alone. But he could still relate to them sometimes.

With the medicine and food supplies, Han Sen was recovering much faster. With his physique and use of Jadeskin, his wound was no longer serious just a few days later.

At the foot of a mountain, they suddenly heard a screeching. Several of them looked up and saw some black figures rus.h.i.+ng down from the mountain, terrified.

"Run! It’s black-tailed monkeys!" shouted Xu Xiangqian, the leader of the youths.

Although the black-tailed monkeys were merely of the size of cats. As primitive creatures, they were rather swift and their claws were toxic and it would be dangerous for one to be scratched by them. Seeing at least a dozen monkeys rus.h.i.+ng down, the youths were all shocked.

They might be able to cope with one or two of them, but once they were caught up by the dozen here, it would be hard for any of them to stay alive. Surrounded by mountains, it was almost impossible for them to outrun the monkeys who were used to climb.

Suddenly, a trill of the string was followed by a scream of a monkey. The youths turned around and saw a black-tailed monkey was pierced by an arrow in the head and fell to the ground. And the archer was Han Sen on the side.

"Han Sen, let’s go! There are too many black-tailed monkeys here and we will be in trouble if surrounded by them," sail Li Xiaogu, the girl with wide eyes hastily.