Super Gene - Chapter 1109 - Devil-Blood Mantis Beast Soul

Chapter 1109 - Devil-Blood Mantis Beast Soul

Chapter 1109: Devil-Blood Mantis Beast Soul


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Is that a humanoid pet beast soul?” Queen asked, while looking at Disloyal Knight.

Han Sen nodded but did not elaborate. He knew she’d get to witness its power sooner or later, anyway.

Disloyal Knight approached the entrance of the shelter, and already, purple mantises began to emerge in a bid to a.s.sault the would-be trespa.s.sers. Some of them came from beyond the gate, whereas others leaped down from the perimeter wall of the shelter. They had wings to glide, but they could not use them to properly fly.

Han Sen had encountered mantises before, and he knew their arms were practically blades.

One of the mantises was as big as a tiger, clearly above the others that had come to attack. It jumped before Disloyal Knight.

“That might be the sacred-blood mantis,” Queen said.

The mantis that jumped in front of Disloyal Knight swiftly raised its arm-blade to swipe at his neck and sever the head from his metal shoulders.


Disloyal Knight punched the mantis with a fist that was as quick as lightning. The creature was sent flying into a nearby wall, as a fist-shaped hole was left in its now-bleeding carapace.

Disloyal Knight fired up the halo and then got to work, slaying an abundance of mantises with a single punch to each.

Han Sen heard announcements continuously ring inside his head.

Queen watched as Disloyal Knight brutalized the inhabitants of the shelter. It only took two small punches for a sacred-blood creature to fall.

“Sacred-Blood Creature Devil-Blood Mantis killed. Beast soul gained. Consume its flesh to gain zero to ten sacred geno points randomly.”

Han Sen was delighted at the result. He had managed to obtain a beast soul from his first sacred-blood kill.

Seeing the Disloyal Knight lay waste to all the creatures outside the shelter, it then proceeded to enter. To this, Han Sen said, “Come on, let’s clear the rest out. We can collect the flesh later.”

Queen had been in shock when Han Sen provided her all those beast souls when they first met up again. But now, she had been delivered another shock. His Disloyal Knight could kill sacred-blood creatures with ease.

“Disloyal Knight… it cannot be… is it?” She shook her head to rid herself of the thought. If what she thought it might be was true, it’d be frightening to consider.

“All those people who believe Han Sen has now been rendered harmless… What would they say if they saw him now?” Queen thought to herself.

Han Sen had been in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary for less than a year before he suffered his injury. It was crazy to try to comprehend what he had managed to achieve in such a short period of time.

Queen was a surpa.s.ser with a super body, yet even she knew how difficult things were with a super body. It didn’t give anyone that much of a leg up.

If Han Sen hadn’t given her the beast souls, it would have taken her an extremely long time to work up the strength necessary to kill a mutant creature.

With no resources or help, Han Sen had reached this level in less than a year. It was a remarkable accomplishment, something no one had ever managed before.

“People think they can be like Han Sen if they have a super body? Pah, that notion is ridiculous,” Queen thought as she stared at Han Sen in admiration.

After Han Sen ventured inside for a short while, bodies were soon strewn about in b.l.o.o.d.y piles.

Without a single break, Han Sen kept hearing the announcements play. He killed four primitive, one mutant, and one sacred-blood mantis on the inside of the shelter.

Han Sen checked out the beast soul he had received and noticed it was a set of armor. He then gave it to Queen, saying, “We’re leaving. It will be a long road, and one that will be more safely traversed while wearing this.”

Queen could not even respond. She just accepted it and wore it.

It was a purple set of armor, and with its s.h.i.+ny sheen, she looked even more attractive than before. The rounded chest plate made her look even bigger.

It was tight around her waist, and it helped to accentuate her each and every curve. Her beauty was head and shoulders above any other woman Han Sen had seen, and she was pure, riveting eye candy.

The armor itself was a remarkable piece of gear, too. The gauntlets were fitted with blades like teeth, a feature that was not often seen on armor.

The legs and knees were fitted with blades, too. It was a great repellant for anything that sought to get too close.

“That is a perfect set of armor,” Han Sen said.

Queen moved around to get a feel for it. It was comfortable and did not stifle her agility, but she thought she looked like a monster.

As Han Sen admired the stunning femme fatale, his gaze was cut-short by the sudden sound of a wretched shriek. It came from just outside the shelter.

Disloyal Knight punched a mantis that was as big as an elephant. The power that had been delivered against it was so high, it vibrated the earth and rattled the rocks that littered the ground.

“Is that a super creature?” Han Sen had hoped to encounter one, but he hadn’t really expected to see one there.

Disloyal Knight continued to rapidly punch the mantis’s arm. More and more shockwaves were generated, and the decayed shelter started to fall apart.

“Super creature?!” Queen looked at the Disloyal Knight in utter shock. She reckoned it had to be one, and this had confirmed it.