Super Gene - Chapter 1107 - Recovery

Chapter 1107 - Recovery

Chapter 1107: Recovery


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen wanted to continue fighting, but it took four days for Curse of Immortality to complete.

If he was to fight or interrupt its process, all progress would have been reset. Not wanting to risk anything ill, he knew he had to sit the fights out.

“I wonder if I can still take part, somehow?” Han Sen was really disappointed he could not contend.

Although he was unable to be there, Han Sen still tuned in to watch the fights. As he viewed them, he mulled to himself how he could hold his own against emperor spirits through his super king spirit mode. They wouldn’t stop him from reaching the top ten. The only thing that would prohibit him from breaching the top ten rankings would be if he ended up going against an emperor spirit with ten of its gene locks opened.

“I have to improve my normal self. I personally need to grow stronger, so I don’t always have to rely on super king spirit mode,” Han Sen resolutely told himself.

Han Sen: Super Body Super King Spirit

Level: Surpa.s.ser

Lifespan: 400

Body Evolution Requirement: 100 Geno Points

Owned Geno Points: Ordinary Geno Points – 100; Primitive Geno Points – 100; Mutant Geno Points – 100; Sacred-Blood Geno Points – 100; Super Geno Points – 5

He had managed to max out four tiers of geno points. With the bonuses of his hyper geno arts, his fitness had managed to hit two-thousand-one-hundred.

Han Sen was undoubtedly the strongest surpa.s.ser out there, no contest. But compared to super creatures and king spirits, he was still leagues away from what they were capable of.

Any super creature, even the lowliest of them, would possess a fitness level of at least three thousand.

But by now, at least, most of the crystallized light that plagued his body had been refined. While a few of his organs were still in a crystallized state, they didn’t hinder his fighting capabilities.

“It’s good to have my powers back,” Han Sen thought, using his Dongxuan Aura.

The gene locks he had opened in Ancient Devil Shelter had been shut down. He hadn’t practiced them since that day, so no progress had been made at all.

“This is strange. How can an open gene lock be shut down? That Ancient Devil’s light power could not replace my own power.” That thought, at least, was something for him to feel glad about.

If the power was depleted when a gene lock was opened, it could lead to major issues during real fights.

Han Sen was starting to suspect the opened gene locks were artificial, and that his actual gene locks had not been opened. Perhaps he and all the other creatures in that shelter had been tricked into feeling as if their gene locks had been opened, but it was nothing more than an illusion.

But with his crystallized light not going to be an issue very soon, Han Sen did not have to worry too much about it.

Han Sen visited the Saint Hall community, wanting a new hyper geno art. He wanted one to reinforce his stomach.

His Curse of Immortality had finished, so he no longer felt it gouging his insides in a demand for food.

But in the event something similar occurred, further down the line, he figured it would be best for him to put some work into bolstering the strength of his stomach. Plus, if he was able to eat more than he currently could, recovery could come swifter.

Han Sen found a good many hyper geno arts that dealt with what he was looking for. In fact, there were seven different ranks of stomach-related hyper geno arts.

The reason so many had been developed was partly down to humanity’s ravenous appet.i.te—in that, folks often wanted to be able to digest more meat at a time.

Unfortunately, the hyper geno arts weren’t all that effective. And the cream of the crop would only allow you to eat up to three times more than you usually could. That was good, but it felt like it could be better.

For Curse of Immortality, not even those hyper geno arts would be enough.

Han Sen perused the S-cla.s.s hyper geno arts and walked away disappointed.

So, he gave Bai Yishan a call and asked for advice and what he could do or what he could find.

The answers Han Sen got off him were disappointing, as well. The hyper geno art Han Sen wanted did exist, but to get it, a certain price had to be paid.

It came at the expense of a visible stomach increase. He’d be able to eat up to ten times more than he currently could, on average, but his belly would be rather big.

And what’s more, he’d have to fill his stomach with food every time he wanted to eat. If he didn’t, he’d only feel hungry.

That being said, the Alliance had no shortage of materials and food to fill up one’s stomach. Being able to consume ten times more than what he usually could would be no trouble for Han Sen there.

But the same could not be said for the sanctuary. You couldn’t always eat food there, and thus, it’d prove troublesome.

And if collecting ten times the normal amount of food was no problem, it’d prove c.u.mbersome to carry around each and every day.

For the times where there was no food, though, it could be extra dangerous. Having learned this hyper geno art, you could starve to death in three days without the proper nourishment.

Han Sen wasn’t planning on learning a skill with so many negatives, so he ended up going back to pick up an ordinary S-cla.s.s hyper geno art called “Nouris.h.i.+ng Stomach.” It allowed for the simple three times increase of what a person could eat and it also sped up digestion.

It did not match the requirements Han Sen had hoped for, but it was better than nothing.

And Han Sen thought he might be able to find a better one in the future, anyway. This would just do for now.

Back in the sanctuaries, Han Sen thought of ways in which he might slay a super creature.

The barrens were not host to any, and Han Sen hypothesized it was due to its proximity to Devil’s Realm.

“It looks like I’m going to have to pick up stakes and move on. And when I open my tenth gene lock, I’ll return to kill Big Mara.” Han Sen really wanted to go back to his underground shelter.

There were many super creatures in Thorn Forest, but he hadn’t a clue where he was or how he’d get back there.

All of a sudden, Queen returned to the shelter, too. She was covered in blood and severely wounded.

When Queen saw Han Sen, she fainted.