Super Gene - Chapter 1082 - Reaper

Chapter 1082 - Reaper

Chapter 1082: Reaper


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Every once in a while, Han Sen activated his super king spirit mode to purge what little of the crystals he could.

The process was painful, in addition to being slow. He could only chisel it away bit-by-bit, and removing it all seemed like it was going to take a few years.

But Han Sen did not waste all this time in the Alliance. He still visited the sanctuary to consume food Disloyal Knight collected on his behalf, so he could improve his sacred geno point tally.

Disloyal Knight hunted in the forest, but primarily did so inside the Devil’s Realm, where there were sacred-blood creatures in abundance. By doing this, the Devil Fang badge was able to gather many Devil Presences.

Han Sen was unable to fight, but his weapons were not wasted.

The hardest part of this entire period of his life was not removing the crystals. It was the part where he had to make babies. He and Ji Yanran worked hard at this, but still no pregnancy came. In the meantime, they used Bao’er as a way of practicing being parents.

One year after this entire misfortune befell Han Sen, a scientist called Fulie announced he had discovered a way in which Life Geno Essences could be refined.

After much testing, it was deemed safe and was widely used. And following this discovery, humanity officially entered the super gene era.

It was only a matter of time before they figured out a method, but still, they had done so a little faster than Han Sen had expected.

Humans who wished to refine a Life Geno Essence had to use a geno fluid that was attuned to the same element. Although it was not half as simple as what Han Sen had been doing all this time, it was good progress.

People in the First and Second G.o.d’s Sanctuaries were now able to make use of Life Geno Essences, but killing super creatures in the Third and Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuaries was still proving too difficult.

It was a good thing for humanity on the whole, however, as this new avenue of ascension would make killing super creatures and super spirits a more accessible feat.

Han Sen was not just looking for super geno points, though. That was basic knowledge now, as far as he was concerned.

Although Han Sen had not accepted the powers given to him by the Ancient Devil light, he had been victim to a being that possessed ten gene locks. That level of power was what he had been fighting to achieve for all the years he had been in the sanctuaries.

With enough time and fitness, ordinary king spirits could open nine gene locks. But opening ten was a rare feat, and the difference between a ninth and tenth gene lock was incredibly large.

Not many king spirits and super creatures could achieve this, and for humans, the chances were practically zero. Still, humans could become demi-G.o.ds and reach the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary through the Evolution Pool. They didn’t have to break through the sanctuary or be invited in, like spirits or creatures were.

While getting there may have been quite achievable, surviving in the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary was another matter entirely. Very few humans were able to eke out an existence there.

As time went by, the name Han Sen began to fade. People only recalled he was once a person who was considered the most powerful young man in the Alliance.

Even the Luo family had now come to terms with the fact Han Sen was not willing to learn the Falsified-Sky Sutra, and cared little about whether he did or did not.

A few years pa.s.sed, and Han Sen and Ji Yanran had carved out a good life for themselves. Not much work was involved, due to their ama.s.sed fortunes, and so they spent much of their time shopping or traveling—oftentimes both.

Han Yan had now reached the age where she was able to enter the First G.o.d’s Sanctuary, a place that humans had quickly become the rulers of. With their influence and domination of the realm, she was able to grow up and scale the ranks swiftly.

Perhaps it was because of her genes, or the fact Luo Lan had taught her very well, but she was practically a copy of Han Sen.

In a mere two years, she had become the reigning G.o.ddess of the First G.o.d’s Sanctuary. She had even performed well enough to reach the top ten of Divinity’s Bout.

People used to refer to Han Sen as a genius or the son-in-law of the president, but now they called him Han Yan’s big brother.

Han Sen was incredibly proud of what his little sister had achieved, too.

But soon after, not even that name was widely known. His existence faded from the memory of those in the Alliance.

He had gone into obscurity, returning to nothing but a whisper of an old glory. He and his legacy had become a forgotten relic. One day, though, he thought, he’d return and shock everyone.

On this day now, Han Sen was in the backyard, holding Ji Yanran. There, he watched Han Yan practicing her hyper geno arts.

Han Sen had taught her many things and frequently stepped in to instruct her, but today, something bothered him. His soured face was plain to see, so he stood up.

Ever since what happened, Han Sen had been unable to use Dongxuan Aura. And because of this, he had been unable to get a true sense for Han Yan’s power and observe what she had learned.

But his abilities were now finally starting to return, as the remainder of the crystals were almost fully purged from his body. Today, he could see her clearly.

“Why are you practicing the Falsified-Sky Sutra?” Han Sen knew the Asura Sutra and the Falsified-Sky Sutra were practically the same, and he understood why his mother had not wanted him to learn it.

It seemed as if, after the Luo family’s failure in converting Han Sen, they were back to their old tricks but with a different target: Han Yan.

“No! This is the big Luo skill from Saint Hall. It’s not the Falsified-Sky Sutra. I can’t believe you could make such a mistake.” Han Yan laughed.

Han Sen was shocked. He understood now, and thought, “The Luo family don’t give in, do they. I can’t believe they’re dirty enough to resort to such tricks.”