Super Gene - Chapter 1065 - Black Unicorn Beetle

Chapter 1065 - Black Unicorn Beetle

Chapter 1065: Black Unicorn Beetle


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Approaching the ruin, Han Sen spotted a well inside. Upon going closer for a look, he noticed it was filled to the brim with water.

Aside from that well, which was in fairly good condition, everything else inside the house was a mess. The place had been in decay for a long time, it appeared.

After putting the ding down, Han Sen watched the beetles gather to pick it back up to carry it themselves. Interested in what they sought to do with the ding, he stood back to observe them.


The beetles, after lifting up the ding, chucked it into the well.

Han Sen was not sure what their goal was. Had they gone to all this effort, just so they could throw a ding into a well?

After they did this, though, the beetles formed another path for Han Sen. This time, it led all the way back to the temple. It seemed as if they wanted Han Sen to collect the other two dings.

They were obviously capable of carrying the dings themselves, so it was likely that they were scared of the temple for some reason. And because they were scared, they needed Han Sen to go inside and fetch the dings on their behalf.

Han Sen went into the temple and brought both dings out with him.

The beetles picked them up and led Han Sen back to the house. When they arrived, they lobbed those dings into the well, as well. After that, they all circled the well and kowtowed before it. Han Sen thought it was rather amusing.

Not long after, a noise emerged from the well. The water inside it began to bubble and boil, as steam started to rise.

Han Sen took a step back, surprised by the sight. He used his Dongxuan Aura, but could not discern any lifeforce.

The water of the well suddenly quelled, and silence returned. But then, just as Han Sen thought it was over, something emerged from the water with a big splash.

Something that looked like a black crystal zipped out of the water into flight.

It turned out to be another unicorn beetle, but it was black and not green. It was also larger than the others, and they seemed to wors.h.i.+p it. There were symbols etched across its plating, and images of gears. It was actually very similar to the one Han Sen had.

When the black beetle shot out of the water, Han Sen was taken aback. He immediately readied himself for a fight.

But the black unicorn beetle didn’t seem to be aggressive. It slowed down and merely hovered in front of Han Sen.

Han Sen then felt a pain surge from his hand. He noticed the symbol of a green unicorn beetle was etched into his hand, which was rapidly starting to crystallize.

“Maybe it wasn’t missing, after all? Did the beetle combine and merge with my hand?” Han Sen was shocked, to say the least.

As his hand lit up, the gears on the inside of the black beetle began to spin.

Suddenly, it transformed. Previously, the bug had only been the size of a fist in front of him, but now, it was the size of a truck.

Han Sen was dazed by the spectacle, and all of a sudden, the green light of his hand began to pulsate brightly like a beacon. The black beetle approached slowly and put out its tongue.

Han Sen then noticed its tongue was like a c.o.c.kpit.

“Is this supposed to be some sort of control room?” Han Sen was rather shocked. The green light flashed continuously.

Han Sen was very curious right now, so he approached the control platform that had emerged from the creature’s mouth.

There was a seat there, and when he sat down, the tongue-platform was pulled back inside the beetle. Near his hand, Han Sen noticed a handle of sorts. He pulled it with his hand, and then everything lit up.

He suddenly felt as if the black beetle was becoming a part of his body.

Han Sen wanted to move forward, and when he thought of this, the beetle’s legs started to move.

When Han Sen thought of flying, the beetle did just that. It spread its buzzing wings and became airborne.

“Mind control? Nifty.” Han Sen was delighted.

Mankind had spent much time trying to develop purely mind-controlled devices, but the technology was still a long way off. Machinery still had to be guided mostly by hand.

But this beetle responded to the directions of his mind. The technology on display here far exceeded the capabilities of humanity.

“This must be an aircraft belonging to the crystallizers. Do they have sensors and weapons, I wonder?” And as Han Sen thought of this, a holographic map was displayed right before his eyes.

“Ah, now this beats radar!” To say Han Sen was pleased would be an understatement. This technology was far more advanced than what humans had. Even the sensor alone was a technological marvel, as he could zoom in on any part of the local geography with incredible precision—all with the power of his mind.

Han Sen scanned the nearby vicinity, and he discovered the presence of another lifeform, a few thousand miles away. It was Bai Yishan.

He was alone, though. With Ji Yanran still missing, he was quite worried.

Han Sen looked elsewhere and found a band of humans and shura together. Further away, he found Ji Yanran. Unfortunately, she was being chased by a few robots.

“I have to get there quick!” Han Sen thought to himself.


The black beetle’s b.u.m started to spit lasers, and without hesitation, took off flying at an insane speed. It was heading for Ji Yanran.

Han Sen’s socks almost left his feet at the blistering speed he was going. The machine was far quicker than any warframe or aircraft mankind had developed.