Super Gene - Chapter 1062 - Best Lead

Chapter 1062 - Best Lead

Chapter 1062: Best Lead


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen’s fist blazed with the power of Phoenix Flame. With his seventh gene lock open, he punched the vase.

He felt as if he had almost broken his knuckles. When the fire dissipated, the vase stood still as if it was untouched.

The punch was the strongest he could give, barring any buffs. But with the vase standing still, not having moved even an inch, Han Sen knew he’d need a lot more strength. He frowned in contemplation.

Han Sen unsheathed Taia and used it to strike the gla.s.s. Even that proved useless, as all that was drawn upon the crystal was a white mark similar to if you had just scratched your arm.

Han Sen was surprised, to say the least. The weight and hardness of the vase far exceeded his unluckiest estimations. This was not at all what he was expecting.

All he could think of now was of how much of a shame it was that Phoenix Sword could not be used outside the sanctuaries. It might’ve proved more useful.

Han Sen tried a few different skills to test their effectiveness. Unfortunately for them both, nothing seemed to work.

Sunset’s initial glee seemed to wane. She looked disappointed, but that just gave Han Sen even more of a reason to try. Not wanting to let her down, Han Sen tried summoning his Devilhorn Sheep sword. With it in one hand, and Taia in the other, he repeatedly slashed the vase in the hopes it’d break.

Han Sen wasn’t willing to sit back and watch, or even walk away from her, while she was trapped in there. He’d do whatever it took to get her out.

But unfortunately, Taia and the Devilhorn Sheep sword were not enough to break through. They did, however, leave marks. It could obviously be damaged, and if that was true, Han Sen’s determination would only increase. There had never before been something unmanageable for him. He had always overcome every foe, so he wasn’t going to let an inanimate vase be the object of his defeat.

Han Sen then thought he could try his super king spirit mode, or at the very least use the gold raven beast soul. He’d do anything he could to save her.

Still, he continued to try with the swords he had been using, but it was all to no avail.

“Just go. It won’t break,” Sunset wrote.

Han Sen paid no heed to the message and continued to hit the vase until his hands bled and his muscles quivered. Stubbornness was what kept him from giving up, but he knew if he kept going, his hands would break before the vase ever did.

He didn’t have enough power, and even with remarkable weaponry, he couldn’t deliver the force needed.

Han Sen bit down on his teeth and transformed into a gold raven. The gold talons turned red, and they furiously attacked the crystal surface of the vase.


He had nine gene locks open on his Blood-Pulse Sutra which powered his gold raven beast soul, and this actually got him somewhere. Cracks were now beginning to form on the vase.

Han Sen did not relent. He continued to strike the vase with a wretched speed and power, until the artifact began to tremble.

Sunset held her fists up in excitement, watching the cracks begin to grow and web their way across the surface.

Han Sen could barely believe how strong the vase was. Although cracks were starting to form, after a long time, it still didn’t look ready to shatter.

Eventually, even Han Sen’s talons began to bleed with the repeated strikes.

But he thought success was close, and he thought right. So, he didn’t give in or relent for one second. He went on and on, battering the vase with every ounce of strength he could muster.


He did it. Eventually, the cracks gave in and the composure of the vase shattered like rain.

Sunset was in disbelief. She was incredibly happy at first, but then she started to cry.

“Are you okay?” Han Sen returned to his human form and offered her a hand that was drenched in blood.

He removed his coat and then gave it to her, so she had something to wear.

He would have given her a beast soul set of armor if he had been able to transfer beast souls outside the Alliance. Alas, he could not, so this had to do for now.

Sunset accepted the coat and put it on, covering her naked body. She was rather pet.i.te, so the coat was more like a long dress that reached below her b.u.m. Although he wouldn’t tell her, Han Sen couldn’t help but think about how s.e.xy she was.

Han Sen could do little but ask, “Why were you trapped here?”

But Sunset did not respond. She stood where she was, simply staring at him.

Han Sen believed she might have been in shock, following her ordeal. He comforted her by saying, “Let’s get out of here first, then. I entered this place alongside a few others, but I have been unable to locate them.”

When he turned to leave, Sunset remained where she was. She continued standing there, simply staring at him.

“What are you waiting for?” Han Sen frowned.

Sunset had a surprisingly rough voice, and she said, “My time is up. Remember what I tell you now and do not forget a single word.”

“What time? What are you talking about?” Han Sen frowned again.

Sunset said, “My name is Sunset. I am a Colonel of the Blue Blood Special Forces. I am Han Jingzhi’s adjutant and an investigator for the Secret Service’s Seventh Team.”

“What?” Han Sen looked at her as if he was seeing a ghost. His lips quivered.

“You are Han Jingzhi’s adjutant? You are an investigator of the Secret Service’s Seventh Team?” Han Sen’s voice trembled, and his muscles twitched.

He did not know whether or not this was some cruel joke, but this was the best lead he had found so far.