Super Gene - Chapter 1043 - Getting a Super Beast Soul

Chapter 1043 - Getting a Super Beast Soul

Chapter 1043: Getting a Super Beast Soul


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen’s Aero did not make him any faster than the black sheep headed his way. When the fluffy fiend reached the peak of its jump, it glided towards him like an aggressive storm cloud.

“It is a super creature!” Han Sen returned Brother Seven to the ground and told him, “Go on ahead first.”

Brother Seven said, “Remember the peak that is shaped like a cow? I will meet you there.”

Brother Seven took off running, not wanting to slow him down. He knew he was being more of a burden than a boon, by accompanying Han Sen to this place.

Seeing him go, Han Sen started running towards the ground-borne cloud of sheep.

When the black super sheep saw Han Sen run towards the flock, it swiftly returned to the earth. It sought to protect its kin, but Han Sen was dangerously close to them already.

One of the black sheep reared its horns and tried ramming Han Sen with them. Seeing it come, Han Sen easily dodged out of the way and turned to provide a deep cut to its belly with Taia.

When Taia sliced across the black sheep’s belly, it was split wide open with the sound of cut metal.

Han Sen did not stop there, though. He resumed his race to the flock.

But another black sheep stepped forward to stop him. In response, Han Sen brought out his Phoenix Sword and hit the sheep, despite it still being wrapped up.


The cloth that packaged the Phoenix Sword did nothing to cus.h.i.+on the blow. When the sword landed on the sheep, the cloth that was neatly wrapped around it was torn to shreds as the sheep was cut in two. The sword, combined with the power given from Blood-Pulse Sutra, was terrifying.

“Berserk Mutant Creature Devilhorn Sheep killed. No beast soul gained. This creature cannot be consumed.”

Han Sen froze a little, upon hearing this strange announcement. It was a berserk mutant, much to his surprise.

Holding two swords, Han Sen continued his sprint to the crowd of rams and sheep. He started to slaughter them, all the while avoiding the attacks of the ram king that had now come near.

After Brother Seven had finished scaling the mountain, he turned to take a look at what was going on with Han Sen. He saw him, butchering the sheep like a madman. Nothing was able to prevent him from doing as he pleased, not even the sheep king.

“How is Han Sen so powerful? We could do with a few more humans like him here,” Brother Seven thought, as he continued running to his proposed rendezvous point.

Han Sen suddenly found himself having a good deal of fun, effortlessly slaying a bunch of sheep. By turning black, it seemed as if the sheep and rams could only bolster their defense—which still wasn’t enough, anyway. Their attempted attacks were pitiful, too.

The sheep king roared at the merciless, raging wolfman, but it was cut off by the other sheep that were scurrying about in fear.

The sheep king commanded them to back off and run away, though, which broke Han Sen’s momentary cover. It resumed its hunt of Han Sen, with a blisteringly quick speed.

The horns were like black crystals, sharp enough to cleave and sunder mountains.

Han Sen used his Phoenix Sword to fight back. Suddenly, both the sword and horns collided.


The horn was delivered a deep scratch mark, but Han Sen was sent flying back into the forest.


Han Sen was knocked through a dozen charcoal trees before coming to a stop. When he came to, the air was choked with soot. The disturbed ash hung in the atmosphere, clogging it like a thick mist.

Blergh! Han Sen coughed out some blood, and he noticed his armor had been heavily damaged. Cracks ran all across it.

Bao’er looked at Han Sen with much worry, but before he could comfort her, he had to return his focus to the sheep king. It was already on its way over, to finish-off the intruding human.

Han Sen’s black hair turned white, as his muscles grew in size exponentially.

With the sheep king now directly in front of him, Han Sen slashed.


Han Sen was knocked back a few steps, and so was the sheep.

A horn had been severed with the accompaniment of an explosive cracking sound, which quickly frightened the sheep.

Han Sen followed up with his sword, attacking the sheep again.

The king leapt out of the way and tried to counter with its other remaining horn.

But this was expected, and the sword followed its jump. It swung past the other horn, cutting it off. Immediately, the sheep king shelved its plan for revenge and planned to escape.

Using Aero, Han Sen caught up to the sheep king that was trying to escape. He slashed its body, which turned out to be st.u.r.dier than the horns. A fair cleft was delivered, but it wasn’t enough to draw blood.

The sheep king squealed, wanting to escape with even greater haste.

But Han Sen wasn’t feeling merciful. He remained behind the sheep, striking and striking again from behind. No matter how many times he hit it, though, no blood was drawn.

When the other sheep caught sight of their beloved king getting beat up, though, they ran off.


Han Sen finally had success, and it came in the form of a simple beheading. With a mighty strike, the sheep king’s head was lopped off.

“Super Creature Devilhorn Sheep King killed. Beast soul gained. Its flesh is inedible and there is no Life Geno Essence for retrieval.”

Han Sen was shocked once again. This was the first super creature he had ever killed that didn’t provide him with a Life Geno Essence.

“This is strange, indeed. And even for a super creature, this thing seemed rather weak.” Still, he had managed to obtain its beast soul. And having received it, Han Sen was more than pleased. He had a look in his Sea of Soul, to examine his latest beast soul.