Super Gene - Chapter 1029 - Striking Ghost-Sword

Chapter 1029 - Striking Ghost-Sword

Chapter 1029: Striking Ghost-Sword

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Han Sen wished to spar with Ghost-Sword Prince for a while longer, but the snake had commanded his troops to commence an attack on the shelter.

Han Sen opened his eighth gene lock, which made Taia gleam with a dark purple light and look like calcified blood.

He had managed to collect many sacred-geno points up to this point, so he’d be able to last a while longer.

Taia’s blade swung right before Ghost-Sword’s face.

And then, with a sudden blaze of additional speed, Han Sen kicked things up a notch. His fierce blade accelerated, forcing Ghost-Sword to raise his greatsword and attempt a block.


But the greatsword did nothing to repel Taia. In an instant, the mighty greatsword was broken. Taia continued its forward thrust, directly towards Ghost-Sword’s chest.

Taia was an incredibly strong sword, but its strength was determined by its wielder. If Han Sen wasn’t half the man he was, the blade’s strength would most likely have been similar to z-steel.

If you were a weak person, Taia would have been useless.

The Blood-Pulse Sutra imbued the blade with the power of blood, and it bolstered its strength by a huge degree. It lent it the mighty force that drove the current attack.

Ghost-Sword was too pompous to expect such a thing to occur, and so, it was too late for him to evade it.

Just as this happened, the pigeon on the spirit’s shoulder flashed with a green light. It flew down to s.h.i.+eld its master’s heart.

“Awesome.” Han Sen was made even happier. He had done all this for the sole purpose of killing that creature.

Blood sprayed everywhere as the blade severed the bird’s head from its neck.

“Sacred-Blood Creature Green Falcon killed. No beast soul gained. Consume its flesh to gain zero to ten sacred geno points randomly.”

Ghost-Sword’s disposition only curdled after this, though. Enraged, he drew a longsword to replace his now-broken greatsword and attacked Han Sen madly.

Han Sen’s body looked red, but he did not dodge the attack. Instead, he allowed the longsword to pierce directly into his chest.

He didn’t fall, though. Instead, he looked cold, as if this had all been predicted beforehand. It was as if the entire fight had been calculated already. He dashed forward and brought himself directly in front of Ghost-Sword.

This scared Ghost-Sword. He had expected to be able to cut Han Sen in half, but instead, he felt his own head depart his body. In Han Sen’s hand, droplets of a red substance dripped from Taia’s blood-soaked blade.

The army that had accompanied Ghost-Sword all fled, as he was zapped back to his spirit stone.

In the manic scramble of creatures that were tripping over themselves to escape, Lin He and a few others ran out to nab a few easy kills. They had never been so happy.

They used to be terrified of fighting, and they had only just escaped the coming of a spirit that sought to conquer them and had, in fact, succeeded. It was a great relief to see victory achieved so easily.

In the past, it took a large amount of planning with a high volume of people to secure a win, but this was swift and only required the help of a few individuals. It was unbelievable.

At midnight, in Holy-Sword Shelter, a man pounded a stone door with one hand, hold a torch in the other.

The door opened, and the man went inside and closed it behind him.

“Brother Seven, why are you here?” a bearded man asked.

Brother Seven set the torch in a wall mount, and with much excitement, said, “Junhao, Holy-Sword Emperor was just yelling at his son.”

“The one he proclaims to love so much?” Qin Junhao asked.

“Yes, that one. He failed in trying to reclaim his own shelter!” Brother Seven said.

“Which spirit was able to beat a spirit that has eight of his gene locks open?” Qin Junhao wondered.

“It’s not even a spirit. It was a human. It was one of us!” Brother Seven couldn’t quell the giddy excitement that drenched his speech.

“Are you serious? How is such a thing possible?” Qin Junhao’s facial expression suggested that he was struggling to believe what he had just been told.

Brother Seven, finally starting to get a grip on his composure, explained, “I don’t know, but this actually happened. I got the story from the horse’s mouth; I heard Ghost-Sword talk about it himself.”

“That is good news, then. Finally, humanity seems to be accomplis.h.i.+ng something in this place. I must tell you, though, this sounds like a person I’d very much like to meet,” Qin Junhao said.

“I’m glad you say that, for I would very much like you to go meet with this person,” Brother Seven said.

“How can I even arrange such a meeting?” Qin Junhao was stuck in this shelter, unable to leave.

“I have an idea, but they are probably unaware of Holy-Sword Emperor and what he is capable of. We have to warn this man, and the people that accompany him.” Brother Seven paused, and then went on to say, “Holy-Sword Emperor is on his way to Phoenix Desert. This is our window of opportunity to act. Now is the time we would do best to warn them.”

“But I can’t leave,” Qin Junhao said.

“I have a method, a way in which you can leave. But if you are caught, you will be in grave danger.” Brother Seven now spoke with a tone of dark gravitas.

“Danger means nothing to me, if it enables me to warn others and possibly save them,” Qin Junhao said with pride.

Brother Seven nodded and went on to explain his plan, and then he said, “I must accompany Holy-Sword Emperor. If you make it back to the Alliance, tell my wife I cannot return the favor.”

Qin Junhao looked shocked, and asked, “Is he going to Emperor Mountain?”

“Yes, he can go there now with the gift he was given.” Brother Seven now possessed a wry smile.

QIn Junhao quickly suggested, “Brother Seven, come with me. Perhaps we can return to the Alliance together?”

But Brother Seven shook his head and said, “You have to do this alone. You have a higher chance of making it by flying solo. If I come with you, they’ll immediately come after me, and we’ll both be killed.”

Qin Junhao wished to say something, but Brother Seven interrupted him and said, “When you find these people, tell them to return to the Alliance. Otherwise, they’ll never be given the chance to again.”

Brother Seven provided a map to Qin Junhao and said, “This is a map I have drawn. I have worked on it for many years, and it is done from memory. It includes the location of G.o.d Mountain. If humanity ever goes for a full-blown war with spirits one day, this may be of great service.”

Brother Seven spoke as if he’d be dying soon, and he gave many of his secret possessions to Qin Junhao.