Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess - Chapter 675: Late-stage Soul Formation Realm!

Chapter 675: Late-stage Soul Formation Realm!

Chapter 675: Late-stage Soul Formation Realm!

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Yang Luo said in amus.e.m.e.nt, Bujie, since youre in disguise, its naturally better to be as ordinary as possible. Its best if youre so ordinary that no one will notice you.

If you make yourself too handsome, those fellows from Country Sakura will definitely keep an eye on you and chase after you to kill you.

Thats true. I forgot about that!

Bujie shrunk his neck and said, Then Id better make myself more ordinary so that I wont be used as a live target!1


Xu Ying pursed his lips and said, You should make yourself look more handsome. Its good to attract firepower for everyone!

Attract the firepower?

The corner of Bujies mouth twitched, and he said, Forget it, Brother Yang should do this job!1

Hearing this, Tian Zhen and the others laughed out loud.

At this moment, Ding Lings hands were glowing green as she rubbed the faces of the members who were going to partic.i.p.ate in this mission.

Everyones appearance immediately changed.

If not for the fact that everyones voices had not changed, they would not have recognized each other.

Not long after

Ding Ling walked towards Yang Luo and the others.

Deputy Pavilion Master Yang, may I ask what you want to look like?

Ding Ling asked with a smile.

Yang Luo said, Whatever. Just be ordinary.


Ding Ling nodded and pinched Yang Luos face a few times.

A minute later.

Ding Ling said, Alright, Deputy Pavilion Master Yang, see if youre satisfied.

Yang Luo took out his phone and turned on the front camera to take a look.

He realized that his appearance had completely changed.

If he returned to Jiang City with this appearance, his friends probably wouldnt recognize him.

Yang Luo gave Ding Ling a thumbs up, Miss Ding, youre impressive! Thank you, Vice Pavilion Master Yang!

Ding Ling smiled and asked Bujie, Little Master, what do you want to become?

Bujie said directly, The uglier the better.

Yang Luo was caught between laughter and tears as he said, Bujie, if you make it too ugly, you will still be targeted.

Because everyone is very ordinary. If youre too ugly, youll stand out too much.

I can t even choose to be handsome or ugly

Bujie shook his head helplessly, Then just make me ordinary. You just have to do as you see fit.


Ding Ling nodded and changed Bujies appearance.

After that, she helped Xu Ying and Prajna change their appearances.

After Ding Ling changed the appearance of everyone who partic.i.p.ated in the operation

Mo Qingkuang said to Jiang Bo, Jiang Bo, take a photo of everyone and immediately create the doc.u.ments. You have to be fast!


Jiang Bo nodded in agreement. Then, he took out a special cell phone and took a photo of everyones current appearance before leaving the meeting room in a hurry.

In less than an hour.

Jiang Bo returned with a pile of doc.u.ments with his team members.

Mo Qingkuang said, Everyone, please take your doc.u.ments. Although these doc.u.ments are all fake, they can still be used legally.

After everyone took their doc.u.ments

Mo Qingkuang looked at the time and said, Its already ten at night.

Everyone is to set off in batches and book flights at different times to the East Capital of Country Sakura.

After arriving in the East Capital, well gather at the Hilton Hotel.


Everyone responded loudly.

Then, the Martial Arts Team, the Mystic Arts Team, the Array Team, the Esper learn, and the Intelligence Team left the meeting room one after another. After the guests left

Mo Qingkuang said, Elder Luo, Elder Feng, Brother Yang) lets go too! Alright!

Yang Luo and the others nodded and left the meeting room with Mo Qingkuang.

After walking out of the building, everyone got into a few business cars and went straight to the Capital Airport.

On the way to the airport, Mo Qingkuang had already sent someone to book tickets for everyone to fly to the East Capital of Country Sakura at twelve oclock.

After arriving at the airport, everyone took their tickets and waited in the waiting room.

Mo Qingkuang said to Yang Luo, Brother Yang, theres still some time before boarding. Lets go take a walk.


Yang Luo nodded and left with Mo Qingkuang.

The two of them walked side by side and watched the tourists come and go in silence.

After a moment of silence.

Mo Qingkuang said, Brother Yang, I didnt expect your cultivation to have already stepped into the Soul Formation Realm after not seeing you for a while. Youre really impressive.

You saw through that?

Yang Luo was stunned for a moment before asking curiously, Brother Mo, what realm is your cultivation at?

Mo Qingkuang said calmly, Late-stage Soul Formation.

Holy s.h.i.+t!

The corners of Yang Luos mouth twitched, Brother Mo, youre too abnormal!

I risked my life to step into the Soul Formation Realm, but I didnt expect your cultivation level to still be higher than mine!

Mo Qingkuang smiled and said, Brother Yang, although your cultivation level is not as high as mine, your talent is higher than mine.

What do you mean?

Yang Luo asked.

Mo Qingkuang said, Im a disciple specially nurtured by the immortal sects. The elders of the immortal sect treat me as the next master of the immortal sect and nurture me using that mentality.

The elders carefully guided me and gave me enough cultivation resources.

Thats why my cultivation could improve rapidly.

As for you, to be able to cultivate to the Soul Formation Realm in the secular world where cultivation resources are lacking and spiritual energy is lacking, youre much stronger than me.

Yang Luo shrugged his shoulders and said, Brother Mo, at least your current cultivation level is higher than mine and your strength is stronger than mine. Mo Qingkuang shook his head and said, Although my cultivation level is higher than yours now, you might be able to catch up to me or even surpa.s.s me in the future.

After all, its not enough to rely on hard work and cultivation resources on the path of cultivation. The most important thing is talent and comprehension. Yang Luo nodded and said, Brother Mo, I will work hard to catch up to you! Alright!

Mo Qingkuang laughed heartily and said, Brother Yang, after you catch up to me, lets have a good match. How about that?

No problem!

Yang Luo nodded in agreement.

Then, Mo Qingkuang took out a palm-sized wooden box from his storage ring and handed it to Yang Luo, Brother Yang, these are the three demon beast cores 1 got for you. Take them.

Yang Luo said in surprise, Brother Mo, 1 havent even completed this mission and youre already giving me the demon beasts inner core?

Mo Qingkuang smiled and said, Since I promised to give you these three demon beast cores, I naturally wont go back on my word.

Besides, even if I dont give you these three demon beast cores, will you not partic.i.p.ate in this mission?

Yang Luo said, Ill still partic.i.p.ate in this mission. If I can do something for the people and our country, Im still very willing!

Thats it.

Mo Qingkuang laughed and said, So, accept these three demon beast cores.

Thank you, Brother Mo!

Yang Luo thanked him and placed the box in his storage ring.

Mo Qingkuang glanced at the storage ring on Yang Luos hand and asked curiously, Brother Yang, where did you ger this storage ring?

My master gave it to me.

Yang Luo replied, Moreover, my master taught me all my current abilities.

Mo Qingkuang narrowed his eyes and said, To be able to nurture such an outstanding disciple like you, your master must not be simple.

Yang Luo curled his lips and said, Sigh, thats just rhe old man for you. Hes really impressive.

In any case, no matter how much my strength has increased, I will still be beaten up by him..