Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess - Chapter 643:I Was Just Careless!

Chapter 643:I Was Just Careless!

Chapter 643:I Was Just Careless!

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Kid, you actually dare to exchange blows with me. You really dont know whats good for you!

Tang Yunjiao smiled sinisterly and raised his palm to meet the attack!

Everyone present was dumbfounded when they saw Yang Luo and Tang Yunjiao exchanging blows!

This kid actually didnt want Li Wushuang to help him. Instead, he attacked himself. What was the difference between this and having a death wish?

Mr. Yang, no!

Wu Zhennan exclaimed.

Little brother, dont mess around!

Li Wushuang also cried out in surprise.

And in the next instant


Yang Luo and Tang Yunjiaos palm collided heavily!

When their palms collided, it was as if a thunderclap had exploded on the ground, deafening all present!

The violent airwaves spread in all directions like a typhoon!

The tables and chairs around him instantly exploded!

Cracks appeared on the steel ground under their feet!

Just as everyone thought that Yang Luo would be sent flying by Tang Yunjiaos palm and vomit blood, dying a terrible death


Tang Yunjiao let out a painful cry and was sent flying. With a bang, he hit a wall!

The steel wall caved in!

In an instant

The entire venue fell silent.

Everyone looked at Yang Luo in a daze, their eyes filled with shock.

Many people even rubbed their eyes hard, thinking that they were seeing things.

After a few seconds of silence.

Everyone exclaimed in surprise!

Oh my G.o.d, this kid actually sent Mr. Tang flying with a palm?!

How is this possible? Mr. Tang is a perfected Martial Highness Realm expert. How can this kid be Mr. Tangs match?!

Could it be that this kid is also an expert?!

Thats not right. This kids name isnt even on the Heaven and Earth List!

Everyone present exclaimed, their eyes filled with disbelief.

This was like a child sending an adult flying with a slap. It was unbelievable!

What the f**k!

Li Wushuangs eyes widened as he exclaimed, Little brother, so youre an expert!

Wu Zhennan also said in a daze, Mr. Yang is actually so strong?

He knew that Yang Luo was very powerful. He had killed Xia Zhixiu, an expert on the Earth roll, and the two Sharp Blades under the North Suppressing King.

However, he did not expect Yang Luo to have the strength to fight against a powerhouse on the Heaven Ranking.

Xu Ying, Bujie, and Prajnas expressions remained normal. They felt that it was nothing strange.

After all, Yang Luo had even killed the number one expert of the Elephant Country back then.

No matter how strong Tang Yunjiao was, he was only about the same as the first expert in the Elephant Country.

Standing in the crowd, the Sky-Breaking Halberd King, w.a.n.g Mufeng, looked at Yang Luo with even more admiration.

Flying Golden Eagle Xue Rongdiao narrowed his eyes and asked, Brother Deng, what do you think of this kids strength?

Iron Faced Dhuta Deng Tongtian said indifferently, This kid has some strength, but hes definitely not Brother Tangs match.

Im afraid Brother Tang was just careless just now.

Xue Rongdiao stared at Yang Luo and frowned, Why do I feel that this kid looks familiar? I think Ive seen him somewhere before.

Deng Tongtian also nodded and said, I also think it looks a little familiar.

Xue Rongdiao thought about it and was shocked, I remember now. I seem to have seen this kids photo on the ancient martial arts website!

Moreover, this kid seems to be on the Martial World Killing Order. Ill see if its this kid now!

As he spoke, he took out his phone and began to check.

At this moment.

Tang Yunjiao stabilized his body. His entire right arm was trembling and he felt pain and numbness.

Moreover, he felt the blood in his body roiling, making him feel very uncomfortable.

He stared at Yang Luo in shock.

Not only could this kid withstand his palm, but he also sent him flying!

What was going on with this kid?

Could it be that his cultivation and strength were comparable to his?

But how was this possible?

Of course, although he was shocked, he did not show it on his face!

He tried his best to maintain his composure and said loudly, Kid, no wonder you dare to s.n.a.t.c.h the medicinal herbs from me. It seems that you still have some strength!

However, I was only careless just now, thats why I was forced back by your palm!

If I get serious, youll definitely die!

Hearing this, everyone came to a realization.

So Mr. Tang was careless. No wonder!

I knew it. How can this kid be Tang Yunjiaos match?

Everyone discussed spiritedly and felt that this was normal.

Were you really careless?

Yang Luo chuckled and said, Why dont you try fighting me seriously?

Kid, you said it yourself. Watch me slap you into mincemeat!

Tang Yunjiao shouted and turned into a black stream of light as he charged towards Yang Luo!

Moreover, as he charged towards Yang Luo, Tang Yunjiao continuously mobilized the True Qi in his body!

His body immediately flickered with a dazzling black light, and a black flood dragon coiled around his body. It was incomparably terrifying!

Everyone present could tell that Tang Yunjiao had gotten serious!

Everyone continued to retreat, not daring to approach, afraid that they would be implicated!

However, to everyones surprise!

Even when facing such a fierce attack from Tang Yunjiao

However, Yang Luo still stood rooted to the ground!

At that very moment

Tang Yunjiao approached Yang Luo, raised his right arm, and slapped Yang Luos chest!

Vast Ocean Flood Dragon Hand!

This palm was even more terrifying and domineering. A huge black palm coiled around a black flood dragon and slammed towards Yang Luo!

p.i.s.s off!

Yang Luo roared and the True Qi in his body instantly erupted. He raised his palm again and faced the attack!

A huge golden palm crushed forward with immense force, causing explosions in the air!

In a flas.h.!.+


The two palms collided again, emitting a deafening explosion!

The golden True Qi and the black True Qi intertwined and spread in all directions like a devouring abyss, ferocious and violent!

The cabins of the entire cruise s.h.i.+p shook as if a huge earthquake had occurred!

However, after their palms collided for less than a few seconds


The black Flood Dragon within the palm that Tang Yunjiao threw out was directly shattered!


He let out a miserable cry and was sent flying again. With another bang, he collided with the steel wall!

The wall instantly shattered. Through the hole, one could see the sea outside!

As for Tang Yunjiao, he fell heavily to the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood. His right palm began to bleed!

The event location fell into dead silence again!

A minute later.

The people there immediately erupted!

This kid actually sent Mr. Tang flying again and even made him vomit blood?!

Didnt Mr. Tang already get serious? How could he still be sent flying?!

Could it be that this kids strength is really above Mr. Tang?!

Exclamations rose and fell. Everyone felt as if they had been struck by lightning and were completely stunned.

If Tang Yunjiao was careless the first time, was he still careless the second time?