Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 754: Medicine of the Legends

Chapter 754: Medicine of the Legends

Chapter 754: Medicine of the Legends

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Bang bang bang- Before the two fists even touched, the sound of air exploding created a huge ravine in the earth between them.

Crack- Ye Mo's fist finally clashed with the old man's, and as a huge pain came from his fist, Ye Mo knew his bones were shattered.

But Ye Mo knew that the old man wasn't much better of than him. His inner qi was strong, but it wasn't dao cultivation essence. He was also old, and his body was weaker. The old man probably took a bigger hit than him. Ye Mo sneeringly took a lotus life pill and was about to fight again.

"Wait-" The old man waved his hand, "I'm old, so I have to admit defeat. If we keep fighting, my two hands will become disabled."

Ye Mo stopped and smiled, "So that means I can burn this palace down now, and you won't have any objections?"

The old man smiled bitterly, "I never had any objections when you came to annihilate the Tai Yi Sect, but I suggest you don't burn this palace down. It doesn't belong to Tai Yi. It's a heritage of the Magical Continent. There was once a glorious past here, but that was truly a long time ago."

The old man paused before looking at Ye Mo, "You probably don't cultivate ancient martial arts. If I'm right, you cultivate a type of truth cultivation method. In other words, you cultivate the supreme dao, and so you're countless times stronger than us ancient martial arts cultivators."

Ye Mo was dazed. He was already shook when this old man said he didn't care if Tai Yi was annihilated, but his words after that shook him even more.

"You know about truth cultivation?" Ye Mo asked subconsciously.

Surprise and joy appeared in the old man's eyes. He quickly said, "So it was like that, you're a truth cultivator, and not an ancient martial arts cultivator indeed. Great, great! It's been nearly 100 years, and I've finally found a real truth cultivator."

Seeing Ye Mo's confusion, the old man suddenly said, "I am called Li Cheng. If you don't mind, please let me invite you for a chat at my place."

"Sure," Ye Mo agreed without hesitation. He could tell Li Cheng didn't have any killing intent for him and even if he did, he wouldn't care. Moreover, he also had many things to ask this Li Cheng.

Ye Mo didn't mention burning the palace down again and Li Cheng didn't bring it up either. He knew that this was Ye Mo giving him some consideration and that he had decided not to burn the palace down.

Li Cheng lived at a peaceful valley behind the mountain to the back of Tai Yi. The valley looked like the small home of a farmer. The air was fresh and soothing.

This was spirit chi! Ye Mo was stunned. He didn't think this place would have so much better spirit chi than outside. Ye Mo sent his spirit sense in and immediately found a simple spirit chi gathering formation. Due to its age though, it was getting old, but it still had some effect.

"Please have a seat." Li Cheng pointed at a stone stool.

Ye Mo sat down and Li Cheng went into a different room. He brought out two cups of milky white liquid and gave one to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took the cup and smelled it. His hands shook and he said in shock, "Is this 10.000 year old stalagmite marrow?"

Li Cheng sighed, "As I thought, you know what it is."

Ye Mo almost cried. How could he not know? This was worth a fortune in the cultivation realm! In fact, it was legendary!

A stalagmite marrow pill was much better than a lotus life pill, but people rarely used it to cure wounds as it had a more important use, which was to make the five essence pill.

The five essence pill's value was unimaginable. Even on Luo Yue Continent, it was but something of legend. It was a pill that could give birth to a spirit root! In the cultivation realm, there were only five types of herbs that could give spirit roots.

And those who had a spirit root already could get their spirit root upgraded when they ate the five essence pill for the first time.

Such a precious thing was drunk as water by this old man, Ye Mo wanted to cry.

Seeing Ye Mo dazing at the marrow, Li Cheng went inside and carried out a 5 liter bucket and gave it to Ye Mo, "This is all the 10.000 year stalagmite marrow as you called it I have. I have got no use for it, it's yours."

Ye Mo took the bucket shakily. This was the most expensive gift he had ever received in his two lifetimes.

"This is too precious," Ye Mo didn't want to say it, but he had to. It really was.

Li Cheng waved his hand, "This might be very important to you but to me, it's just a thirst quencher, able to make me healthier at most. I've cultivated ancient martial arts for 120 or so years, and although my body is getting weaker, it's still fine, so I don't really need it."

Ye Mo heard this and didn't decline anymore. He took all of it, including the cup he was given, and put it into his storage ring.

"s.p.a.cial ring, such things really exist." Li Cheng was also quite shook but not really shocked to oblivion.

Then, Ye Mo gave a lotus life pill to Li Cheng, "Li-Qianbei, this pill isn't worth even one-ten-thousandth of the 10.000 year stalagmite marrow, but it can cure all non soul related injuries. It's yours."

"Okay, okay, that is useful to me." Li Cheng took it without hesitation.

Ye Mo saw this and asked again, "Li-Qianbei, I've been here for some time niw, how come other people don't know the truth about cultivation but you do?"

Li Cheng sighed, "100 years ago, I wasn't even 30 when I reached the earth level peak, and when I was one step away from what they now call the great heaven stage, I could easily kill great heaven masters. Because of this, I was Then the hidden sects tournament came. I represented Tai Yi and beat more than 10 Ice Lake and All Heaven Sect disciples and helped Tai Yi achieve the special grade hidden sect ranking.

Due to this, I was named the youngest elder in the sect, the only elder who hadn't reached great heaven yet."

Ye Mo nodded. To reach the earth level peak before 30, this was genius indeed. No wonder he could help Tai Yi achieve the special grade hidden sect ranking.

But Li Cheng shook his head and said with a reminiscing tone, "This place here was originally the base of a small sect, but after Tai Yi became a special grade sect, they took this place over. I didn't like abusing the weak, so I wasn't happy. But after staying in Tai Yi long enough, I realized that the reason why I had been able to beat all those disciples from Ice Lake and All Heaven was actually because of foul play from Tai Yi and Kun Qian.

Two of their genius disciples had been broken before the tournament. Tai Yi and Kun Qian had also instigated internal conflicts in Ice Lake and the All Heaven Sect. Ci Hang Jing Mosque was very hard to meddle with internally, but Ice Lake had a big internal conflict and was lowered to a third grade sect."

Then, Li Cheng drank all of the 1.000 year stalagmite marrow in his cup. Ye Mo's heart ached upon the scene, and he was scared Li Cheng would ask him for more, so he quickly took out a few cases of Mao Tai Wine, "Qianbei, you should drink some wine, it tastes better than the stalagmite marrow."

"Hmm, it's Mao Tai, I drank this 30 years ago, it's good, it's good!" Li Cheng took out a bottle and sliced off the top with his hand.

He poured a cup for himself and said, "So I wasn't happy with the sect's schemes, thus I reproached the sect leader and was hence locked up here."

"You were locked up here?" Ye Mo pointed at the beautiful paradise thinking, 'This is no prison, it's a holiday resort.'

Li Cheng smiled, "It became like this afterwards. When I first came here, it was a battered valley. There was an extremely cold cave behind the valley and I found the marrow there. I found buckets of stalagmite marrow there, but I drank it all. This is all that remains."

Ye Mo's mouth spasmed.