Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 1660 - Rent Cultivation Home

Chapter 1660 - Rent Cultivation Home

Chapter 1660: Rent Cultivation Home


EndlessFantasy Translation


EndlessFantasy Translation

The immortal king scanned across the immortals lining up and saw Ye Mo and Zhen Bingyu. When she scanned Zhen Bingyu there was a sliver of surprise in her eyes but soon she looked at Ye Mo.

“You seem very nervous?” the green robed immortal king’s voice sounded by Ye Mo’s ear.

Hearing this, Ye Mo calmed down instead. He was certain now that even if the immortal king scanned him with spirit sense, as long as the immortal king didn’t pressure him with spirit sense he didn’t need to worry about the Golden Page World being exposed.

Ye Mo didn’t know why the immortal king said this to him but luckily she didn’t keep focusing on Ye Mo as the teleportation formation had activated.

“This person is probably a great eternity immortal.” Some people discussed.

“Hmm, great eternity immortal? Are you dumb, she’s one of the ten big immortal kings of Zong Piao Heaven, Su Huan immortal king. Luckily you didn’t say much just then, she hates people gossiping. If you dared to speak, she would’ve shattered your brain.”

“What? She’s Su Huan immortal king?”

“Of course, she’s going to the Qing Mo Immortal City now desperately, probably for the opening of the Blue Lightning Immortal Well.”

Ye Mo was just listening on the side, he didn’t expect her to be one of the ten big immortal kings of Zong Piao Heaven.

An hour later, Ye Mo and Zhen Bingyu were on the streets of Qing Mo Immortal City. It was much more prosperous than Gu Lan Immortal City.

“Where do we go?” Zhen Bingyu looked at the boisterous streets and frowned.

Ye Mo knew what she meant, Zhen Bingyu didn’t like to squeeze around where there were a lot of people. She liked quiet places.

“It’s impossible to find a hotel or immortal rest tower. But we have another option, we can go rent a cultivation home from the immortal city.” Ye Mo smiled.

This was the best choice. He was going to Blue Lightning Immortal Well but Zhen Bingyu couldn’t go. Even if she went it was useless.

The city management was rather strict, even if you offended high level immortals you would be fine as long as you didn’t go outside of city much less city managed cultivation homes. Safety was guaranteed.

“The biggest auction that takes place every century in the city is about to begin. Jade slips for the auction items, just one contribution point and you can get one…”

A few hollow immortal yelled on the streets.

“Give me one.” Ye Mo took out his jade card and bought a jade slip from the hollow immortal. He didn’t want to go to the auction but he wanted to see what was in these large scale auctions. One would need large sums of immortal crystals or contribution points to go. He only had a few million immortal crystals and not many contribution points.

After scanning it, Ye Mo sighed. No wonder it was the biggest auction of the century. There was everything here: high level immortal spirit herbs, materials, top grade flying immortal artifacts, high level cultivation methods…

No wonder so many people came to the city, it wasn’t just for the immortal well but also for this auction.

This auction even had level seven immortal spirit herbs and extreme grade immortal artifacts.

The cultivation homes of the city were on the north side, there were no shops here but all sorts of spirit gathering and defense formations. Irrelevant people couldn’t even get near. This was the city’s main source of income.

Ye Mo and Zhen Bingyu were stopped by a golden immortal. “Halt, this is immortal cultivation home area.”

Ye Mo saluted with his fists “I know, we came to rent a cultivation home.”

The golden immortal said apologetically, “The cultivation homes here have all been rented out, sorry…”

This made Ye Mo frown. If they didn’t have a place to stay, they couldn’t sleep on the streets. If it was outside, he could set up his own cultivation home but in here, it was impossible.

Ye Mo took out a thousand immortal crystals to the golden immortal. “Friend, can you help?”

The golden immortal pushed the immortal crystals away reluctantly. “It’s not that I don’t want to help but the cultivation homes here have all been rented out. If there were free ones, I wouldn’t stop you on purpose and I don’t dare to.”

Ye Mo still pushed the 1000 immortal crystals to the golden immortal. “Help me keep a lookout, if there’s a free cultivation home rent it for me first.”

The golden immortal knew that even if a cultivation home freed up, it wouldn’t be his turn to make the decision, but these 1000 immortal crystals were free.

“You want to rent cultivation home?” a crisp voice sounded. A blue dressed female immortal appeared next to Ye Mo and Zhen Bingyu.

“Yes, qian bei.” This female immortal was a great unity immortal. Ye Mo quickly bowed.

The blue robed female immortal looked at Zhen Bingyu and said, “Such a pretty immortal, I’ll help you once. I’m going to leave the city and my rent period is up, you guys can have it.”

“Thank you qian bei.” Zhen Bingyu reacted quickly and bowed.

“No need. Let’s go, I’ll help you do the procedures. Otherwise, as soon as I leave it would be rented away. It’s useless to ask this small golden immortal.” The immortal waved her hand.

There was an awkward look on the golden immortal’s face but he used the opportunity to explain the rules to Ye Mo.

There were four types of cultivation home, top, middle, low and special.

The female immortal rented a top grade home, it was 500k immortal crystals a year. This was high priced even for great immortals. It would be much cheaper to pay with contribution points however.

Ye Mo had some immortal crystals so he rented for ten years. As for contribution points, he didn’t use them.

Seeing Ye Mo just take out millions and renting for a decade, she looked at Ye Mo with some surprise.

After the blue robed female immortal moved away, Ye Mo and Zhen Bingyu came to the cultivation home. They were very happy with this place.

This cultivation home was large and had a garden. There were cultivation rooms, bedrooms, pet rooms, side rooms. There was also a guest greeting room. there were low level immortal spirit herbs planted outside and a pond.

The level three immortal spirit gathering formation made the immortal spirit chi here very dense. The defense formation was level four immortal formation.

“This 5 million is very worth.” Ye Mo nodded.

“Yes I really like it here too. That qian bei was right, if we weren’t lucky we wouldn’t be able to rent this place,” Zhen Bingyu agreed.

“It’s a pity in such a good environment I can’t even cultivate.” Zhen Bingyu sighed. The immortal spirit chi here was much better than even Extreme Sword Sect.

Ye Mo didn’t know how to comfort her. After being with her for so long, it was impossible that he didn’t care about her at all.

“Don’t worry, I’m just exclaiming. The cultivation method you gave it very good, I can feel a sliver of immortal essence now.” Zhen Bingyu immediately knew what Ye Mo thought and quickly added.

Ye Mo shook his head. He knew that if her spirit roots couldn’t recover she couldn’t cultivate. That way, he couldn’t leave her behind.

“You stay at the main cultivation room, I’ll go to the side room.” Zhen Bingyu said feeling what she said before was inappropriate.

“No you use the main cultivation room. This cultivation home isn’t rented for us two,” Ye Mo said.

Zhen Bingyu was dazed and asked, “Then where are you going?”