Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 1199 - Level Nine Trap Formation

Chapter 1199 - Level Nine Trap Formation

Chapter 1199: Level Nine Trap Formation





Outside, Yong Lanyi closed his eyes. No one knew what he was thinking but everyone could feel his killing intent.

More and more cultivators were being teleported out, Tong Hai Cult only had two people left trying to pa.s.s the 9th disk while the Cang Hai Palace had the most people still in the trial. Jing Xuecheng had pa.s.sed the 10th disk and went into the 11th disk. Two more of his power faction were still on the 9th disk.

As for Sea Cultivator Alliance, other than the names ‘Ye Mo’ and ‘Meng Qi’ left on the 9th disk, the best they had only pa.s.sed the 8th disk. The rest of the contestants all failed.

w.a.n.g Cang looked bleakly at the white stone. Meng Qi was fine and she went into the 10th disk with Ye Mo, but even now they still hadn’t marked their names on the 10th disk.

If even the two cultivators from Tong Hai Sect marked their names on the 9th disk, the Sea Cultivator Alliance would still be last. He even suspected that Ye Mo was angry at him for not helping and intentionally didn’t leave his name. If that was the case, he would kill Ye Mo first before Yong Lanyi.

Ye Mo stopped at the first trap formation at the 16th disk. There were too many variations in formations, even the same formation set up with different means would have different effects.

If Ye Mo didn’t go from low to high in here and directly faced the 16th disk instead, even he would need a while to break it.

So he stopped at the first trap formation, he wanted to study it deeply to set up a foundation for entering the 17th disk.

Meng Qi sat behind Ye Mo cultivating, she didn’t even collect the spirit herbs as she knew how dangerous it was now.

Ye Mo could have used one day to pa.s.s the 16th disk but he used three days, then he took Meng Qi into the 17th disk.

“Martial brother Ye, you’re a level nine formation grand master?” Meng Qi finally couldn’t resist asking. She felt the level eight formations at 16th disk didn’t trouble Ye Mo much.

Ye Mo shook his head, “I’m not yet level nine formation grand master, I’m only level eight.”

Hearing this, Meng Qi was shocked out of her mind. A level eight formation grand master within 100 years, this was unbelievable.

But soon, she began to worry. Ye Mo said he wasn’t a level nine formation grand master, then that means he didn’t have confidence in pa.s.sing the 18th disk.

“Martial brother Ye, you – you mean…” Meng Qi didn’t dare to ask.

Ye Mo knew what she wanted to say and smiled. “That’s right, I don’t have certainty in pa.s.sing the 18th disk, but now that I stand at the 17th disk, it means I have a chance of pa.s.sing. Who can be sure I can’t reach level nine formation grand master here?”

Meng Qi looked dazedly at Ye Mo, not expecting Ye Mo dared to try and reach level nine formation grand master here. It was no wonder he studied the formations before for so long. But even if he used all 18 days to study, could he reach level nine formation grand master? 18 days, not 18 years or 180 years.

Meng Qi was speechless but she immediately thought that since Ye Mo could reach level eight formation grand master within 100 years, who could be sure that he couldn’t reach level nine formation grand master in these 18 days? Looking at Ye Mo, he was far from even 50 years old. Thinking about this Meng Qi couldn’t help asking, “Martial brother Ye, are you 50 years old?”

Ye Mo was dazed but he shook his head.

Meng Qi was speechless, this meant that Ye Mo was probably only in his thirties or forties and yet he already reached this height. There were many more prodigies in her cultivation world than Luo Yue continent, but she had never seen someone as absurd as Ye Mo. Horrifyingly young, and his power, formation skills, and forgery skills were all through the roof.

As they spoke, Ye Mo realized they were in a misty world. He was shook, this was the first time he didn’t even see a formation and he was trapped.

Meng Qi also realized this and knew they were trapped. She didn’t dare to speak. She even thought they were trapped because she distracted Ye Mo and regretted greatly.

Ye Mo knew this had nothing to do with her, the Three Birth Chant allowed him to even form his golden core during a fight, how could he be affected by words?

“Don’t move, stay close to me, this is a level nine trap formation. It might also be an illusion formation,” Ye Mo said. He told Meng Qi not to move as he didn’t know this formation, if the two moved, they might be separated instantly.

If Meng Qi separated from him, she would either be teleported out or killed.

Meng Qi didn’t dare to move at all.

Ye Mo let out his spirit sense carefully and found that his spirit sense couldn’t pa.s.s through the mist at all and was devoured.

Ye Mo suddenly thought of the misty valley in the herb valley. It also devoured spirit sense.

Ye Mo sat down and started to study this level nine formation.

Meng Qi didn’t dare to look around and looked at Ye Mo without blinking. She felt Ye Mo’s back was beginning to fade. She was so scared she was immediately about to grab Ye Mo’s clothes.

But what shook her was she missed. A powerful pus.h.i.+ng force came, Meng Qi was shook. She wanted to stop that pus.h.i.+ng force but it grew larger and larger. Soon, she would be teleported out. The next moment, she took out her flying sword. If she was teleported out, she would use it to suicide.

Meng Qi didn’t dare to imagine her fate if she fell in Yong Lanyi’s hands.

At this moment, Ye Mo also woke up in shock to find Meng Qi wasn’t behind him. If she got teleported out, it meant his plan of escaping from the 18th disk would be spoiled.

At this moment, Ye Mo couldn’t worry about studying this formation and threw out formation flags.

Moments later, the mist dissipated and he saw Meng Qi was about to suicide with a flying sword.

Ye Mo dashed over to her without hesitation and took away the flying sword while protecting her with spirit sense sever.

Meng Qi woke up and saw that she was saved by Ye Mo and couldn’t help crying tears of joy.

“I’ll carry you.” Ye Mo knew he only understood a little bit of this formation and that’s how he was able to save her, but this didn’t mean he would be able to save her next time too.

Meng Qi nodded and jumped on Ye Mo’s back.

Ye Mo took out a top grade spirit artifact band and wrapped her tightly before sitting down to study the formation.

Ye Mo used his Three Birth Chant to simulate the level nine formation and try to break through to level nine formation grand master.

But Meng Qi wasn’t able to calm down, Ye Mo tied her too tightly, her chest was completely squished against Ye Mo’s back. The masculine chi of manliness seeped over and she couldn’t stop thinking.

She had never touched a male cultivator and was very shy. Yet she didn’t dare to move now as she was scared it would distract Ye Mo.

As time went by, Meng Qi felt her body was soft. She had this inexplicable feeling of joy, she bit her lips and tried desperately to control her s.h.i.+vering.

Suddenly, Ye Mo rose up and howled. His formation flags sprayed out and Meng Qi felt the white mist dissipate rapidly.