Strategy To Capture That Scum Gong - Chapter Ch211.2 - Extra: Afterwards (2)

Chapter Ch211.2 - Extra: Afterwards (2)

Chapter Ch211.2 - Extra: Afterwards (2)

Translated by Eve

Edited by Serefina

This magical world was huge. Their mission was to go steal the Eternal Gem from a dragons cave. The Eternal Gem possessed infinite power. However, the dragon had taken it away, thinking that it was an ordinary gem. That huge dragon had the power of a demi-G.o.d. It was extremely difficult to deal with. Lester wasnt strong enough to kill the huge dragon on his own. That was why he had planned on leaving it to Xie He and Lu Ting.

He had been counting his chickens before he hatched. His plan had been to use Lu Ting to kill the dragon before he killed Lu Ting. This plan of his would allow him to kill two birds with one stone.

As long as other people were around, Lu Ting would pretend that all of this was against his will, as if he had no choice but to submit to Xie He.

Xie He would order Lu Ting to do everything. He didnt do anything himself. Therefore, no one realized that he actually wasnt all that strong. They just thought that he felt it beneath himself to do such things because he was an extremely high level host.

Tao Zhen watched it all happen. The more he saw, the more indignant he felt for Lu Ting. This was why anyone with even the slightest bit of courage would rather die than become someone elses follower. As a follower, you had no freedom or dignity! Was this really the indomitable man who used to stand at the top of the world?

Lester did everything he could to get into Xie Hes good books. Xie He also pretended to have a good impression of him. However, he kept a lukewarm distance from the other.

666 was torn throughout the whole journey. If he didnt go see 444, Xie He would expose his ident.i.ty. If 444 found out that 666s host was the fawning, spineless Lu Ting, he would be even more humiliated. After weighing the pros and cons, he figured that it was still better to go see 444.

At least it would be a little less humiliating.

Today, 666 received 444s messages like always. When he thought about how this idiot was probably crying all day, he sighed and finally went to the system s.p.a.ce.

522Oh, 444, youve come again. Did you want to go shopping today? I can go with you. I just so happen to be free.

444NoI came to see if 666 had come. He hasnt come for a really long time and he hasnt replied to my messages either. Is he really okay?

522Um, hes okay. Dont worry.522 knew about 666s situation. However, 666 hadnt allowed them to tell 444 who his host was. Therefore, he could only continue to deceive 444.

444 recalled what Host


had told him. If someone was nice to him for seemingly no reason, that person must definitely have an ulterior motive.

However, 666 had almost died and had given him his private stash of money. Even though Host


had taken that money away in the end444 thought about how 666 had spent a lot of money on him. Meanwhile, 666 had never received anything from him. Maybe666 had just been treating him well without any ulterior motives. This time, maybe Host


had been wrong.

When he thought about how he had almost lost 666, 444 panicked.

It had been very difficult for 666 to come back. 444 really wanted to pay 666 back. However, he hadnt even seen 666 even once.

Because 444 was so sad, he wasnt even in the mood to go shopping. The other systems comfort were no help either. Just as 444 was about to leave, there was a fluctuation in the system s.p.a.ce data. Another system had arrived.

444 looked in front of him in disbelief. It was actually 666!

666 looked at 444 uneasily. Things have remained the same but they have changed. The current him was a lower level than 444. Just as he was feeling awkward and wondering whether he should go back444 suddenly pounced over, knocking against 666 with all his data.

666 was startled. He then heard a familiar sobbing.

444Wah wah wah, 666, youre finally back. I thought that you had forgotten me. Why were you away for so long?! I was so worried, ah. /(o)/~~


444Do you not like me anymore? Is that why you werent willing to see me? /(o)/~~

666Thats not it.How could he not like 444? He didnt know from whence it began but the other system was always on his mind. If 444 didnt have him, the other would definitely be bullied and tricked.

Even though 444 was now a higher level than him, his IQ hadnt changed.

444Then why didnt you come back? QAQ

666: I.

444 sobbed, circling around 666 as he asked him countless questions. The other systems had no chance to interrupt!

666 finally couldnt take it anymore.

666Youhavent noticed that my levels dropped?

444Yi? I guess it has, ah. What happened? Why did it drop?


444Hei hei hei, Im actually a higher level then. So it was all because you were too embarra.s.sed to go out in public because your level dropped? Dont worry! Ill protect you from now on!He could finally help 666, ne! He felt really accomplished! O(_)O~~

666He was still better off going off to die somewhere.

Xie He had his ultra-powerful thug Lu Ting, his high-levelled thug Tao Zhen, and his high-levelled thug number two, Lester, who had been working really hard to get into his good books. Every day, his life was relaxed and luxurious. He simply watched as his thugs swept through all the obstacles, killing their way to the dragons mountain.

One of Lesters subordinates had a far-sight special ability. That subordinate looked around their surroundings and then told Lester and co. that they were close to the dragons cave. However, the path in front of them was really dangerous. They could not proceed rashly.

Lester thought that his relations.h.i.+p with Xie He had come along well. He smiled at him and said, Your slave, Lu Ting, is quite formidable. How about you let him scout? We can follow after him.

A cold glint flickered through Xie Hes eyes. He said in a bland voice, This is your show of good faith? You want me to send off my people as soon as we encounter danger? I remember that you have a subordinate that has exchanged for an invisibility spell. Shes the most suitable scout. Have her go.

The female host that had been called out by Xie He trembled. However, she didnt dare disobey him. She could only look at Lester imploringly, hoping that he would be lenient with her, given that she had serviced him before.

Unfortunately, her hopes were destined to fall flat. In Lesters eyes, slaves werent people. He would not offend Xie He for their sake.

He thought that Xie He felt the same way he did. Therefore, he thought that Xie He didnt actually care about Lu Ting, that he only saw him as an impressive slave at most.

Lester gave Xie He an apologetic look. Sorry, its not that Im not willing to send out my people. I had just thought that Lu Ting was more suitable. How aboutI let my subordinate go first. If she cant do it, you should let Lu Ting go. How about that?

Xie He nodded.

When the female host who had exchanged for the invisibility spell got Lesters orders, she could only go forward, face as white as a sheet. She quickly disappeared before everyones eyes.

A long time later, there was a faintly audible shrill scream before everything went quiet. Lester sighed, face expressionless. He said, Shes dead. I cant sense her.

Xie He glanced at him, a disdainful smile on his lips. Trash.

Lester looked embarra.s.sed. He praised Xie He with a smile. She obviously has no way of comparing to your people.

Xie He turned to Lu Ting and ordered, Go.

Lu Ting pressed his lips into a tight line, expression dark. Before he left, he glared at Lester, eyes full of hatred.

Tao Zhen wanted to say something but he hesitated. He could only comfort himself with the knowledge that Lu Ting would certainly be able to survive against the dragon with his ability. He didnt have to worry too much.

However, it was obvious that Tao Zhen had thought wrong. Shortly after Lu Ting had left, he alerted the dragon. The earth quaked and the mountains shook in front of them before quieting down later. Even the mountain peak had flattened a bit.

Lester frowned. After some time, he heard the sound of the dragon roar in fury. It had probably been injured. However, Lu Ting was silent. Lesters expression finally changed. Was Lu Ting also no match for the dragon? Has he underestimated this worlds difficulty?

Lester asked Xie He in a heavy tone, Is Lu Ting dead?

Xie Hes face was cold. Not yet. But hell be done for soon. Luckily, the dragons been injured. We should go now.

Lester hesitated. He didnt like putting himself in danger.

Xie He saw his hesitation. His eyes turned cold at once. He slowly said, Youre not willing to go?

It looked like if Lester refused to go, Xie He would immediately kill him.

Lester laughed dryly. If Lu Ting isnt a match for it, I would be pretty useless against it.

Xie He laughed. I dont need you to be very useful. You just need to help me restrict it. Naturally, Ill be the one to fight it. However, Ill be taking ninety percent of the reward this time! The Eternal Gem is also mine.

Lesters expression turned ugly. Xie He was demanding too much.

Xie He said, Your subordinates are trash and youre not very useful either. Youre already lucky that Im willing to give you ten percent. You shouldnt be too greedy.

Lester was furious. When had he ever taken such a loss? However, this was in line with Xie Hes conceited personality. Xie He must be confident to say such things. He could probably win against the dragon.

HeheIll let you act arrogant now. After I kill you and the dragon, all the goods will be mine!

When Lester thought of this, he decided to act humble. All right. In any case, this is what you deserve.

Afterwards, Xie He took Lester, Tao Zhen and the rest of the people onwards.

The dragon had indeed been injured. Blood dripped down its flank and Lu Ting was nowhere to be seen. Right now, the dragon was extremely angry and perceptive. As soon as it saw them, it roared!

Lester decided that as soon as Xie He acted, he would duck out of the way. He would reappear after Xie He and the dragon were engaged in battle!

However, Xie He was even quicker. He used the highest level Aggro Pull Spell that cost thirty thousand experience points and the Binding Spell on Lester! He then used the Teleportation spell to get a thousand metres away! With his current body, he could even be killed by the dragons sneeze.

Not even in Lesters dreams had he thought that the arrogant, conceited ultra-levelled expert Xie He would stoop so low. He was thousands of times more despicable than himself!

He was the sole target of the dragons fury. All he could do was give it his all to fight back. Luckily, he had a lot of methods to survive. He began to fight the dragon seriously. It was just that the Aggro Pull Spell was too formidable. He couldnt escape the dragon and fell into an extremely sorry state.

Tao Zhen was stupefied. He didnt understand what had happened! However, he was a clever person. He quickly got out of the way and simply watched as Lester fought the dragon on his own.

It took a lot for Lester to fend off the dragon. He wanted to use a spell to escape. However, before he could, a flaming arrow shot over, blocking his escape route. It had been Tao Zhen who had cut off his way out!

Lesters subordinates immediately tried to kill Tao Zhen. However, it was useless because Lu Ting suddenly reappeared.

Lu Ting stood there calmly amidst the chaos with his arms crossed and simply watched as Lester fought the dragon.

Very quickly, Lesters other subordinates fell under Tao Zhens hands.

At this momenthow could Lester not know that they had plotted against him? There was no way he could escape with his life against Lu Ting, Tao Zhen and this dragon. He was destined to die here today.

A moment later, the battle ended. Both Lester and the dragon had suffered serious injuries. Lester had used all the cards he had had in his hand.

Tao Zhen walked over and easily finished off the dying dragon.

Lu Ting stood over Lester, staring down at him. He c.o.c.ked a brow and smiled. Looks like you couldnt kill me.

Lester glared at him hatefully. You guys plotted against me.

Since Xie He had teleported away, he had kept an eye on what was happening over here. When he heard that things were nearly over, he walked over leisurely. His clothes were as immaculate as they had been in the beginning, not a wrinkle in sight. As he took his time strolling over here, he just so happened to hear Lesters words. He chuckled. Were you not planning on plotting against me?

Lester hadnt yet given up. No. I had been very sincere in my desire to cooperate with you. Why did you do this to me?

Xie He said, Because you were wrong about one thing.

Lester asked, What?

Xie He pulled out a gun and pressed it against Lesters forehead. He looked down, a smile on his lips. Lu Ting isnt my slave. Hes my lover.

Lester widened his eyes in disbelief. How could that be? That was impossible! If Lu Ting was Xie Hes significant other, how could he become the others follower? That was a completely unequal relations.h.i.+p! No one would treat their partner like that! And there was no reason for that either!

However, he didnt get the chance to think about it.

Xie He didnt hesitate to pull the trigger. After watching him die with regrets, Xie He sighed. Ive put up with you for too long.

Tao Zhen had been baffled by all of this but he had instinctively known that he should wait until the battle ended to ask questions. Right then, when he saw Xie He kill Lester coldly and recalled the words Xie He had just saidhe ended up even more dumbfounded than Lester.

This turn of events was too big.

Xie He pulled out a handkerchief and wiped the blood off his face. He smiled at Tao Zhen.



Tao Zhen s.h.i.+vered and stood up straight at once. Here!

Xie He looked at him warmly. He slowly said, Can I ask you to do something for me? I dont want people to misunderstand my relations.h.i.+p with Lu Ting. I dont like it. When you go back, can you help me tell everyone that Im not Lu Tings master but his lover?

Lu Ting looked at Xie He, eyes gentle and full of love. Although he didnt care about how others saw him, Xie He cared about it on his behalf. It warmed his heart.

Ofof course! No problem! Tao Zhen immediately said. He hesitated for a while before cautiously asking, Is that really true? But why are you two like this?

Xie He sighed. You dont need to know that.

Tao Zhen looked at Xie He and then looked at Lu Ting. Although he was extremely curious, he didnt dare ask.

Regardless, he was able to relax. Based on Xie Hes att.i.tude towards Lu Ting, Tao Zhen didnt have to worry too much. It was clear that Xie He had taken revenge on Lester for Lu Ting. It was obvious that his words werent empty.

The three of them arrived in the dragons cave. There were many precious treasures inside. The most valuable one was the Eternal Gem.

Tao Zhen didnt plan on taking the Eternal Gem. He very happily threw it to Xie He. This was the rule of the transmigration world: whoever was strongest got to take the most. Although Lu Ting was really strong, he was currently Xie Hes follower. Therefore, he could only be counted as Xie Hes strength.

Xie He touched the gem in his hands. It was an extremely beautiful blue gemstone. Without any hesitation, he handed it over to Lu Ting. For you.

Lu Ting was startled. He said, I dont really need it. You should use it yourself. You need the experience points to strengthen yourself.

Xie He shook his head with a smile. I can get more experience points later. Give this to 666 as compensation.

Lu Ting paused. He didnt refuse anymore. He smiled back. Then Ill take it on his behalf.

666 had just been thinking that Xie He would take that gemstone for himself. After all, he was someone who thought of his own profit. Who would have expected that Xie He would give the gemstone to them. Immediately, his mood became complicated.

Although Xie He had never said it out loud, how could he not care? 666 had always thought that Xie He was too cold-blooded. Could he have been too blinded by his prejudice? 666 didnt know what would happen in the future. He couldnt guarantee whether Xie He would have a change of heart in the future. But at leastit was very likely he really did love Lu Ting right now.

Besides, why should he worry about the distant future now?

Rather than indulge in flights of fancy, he should give them his blessing.

If he was this free, he should use his time to think about how to coax 444. 666, who had obtained a large amount of experience points and regained some of his dropped levels, decided to let some of his anxieties go.

From now on, hed let Xie He and Lu Ting do whatever they wanted!

He wasnt so idle that he had to meddle in other peoples affairs.

Tao Zhen had started the mission with Xie He with a heart full of concerns. When he came back, he was in a completely different mood. It was obvious that this young couple were both perfectly happy with their relations.h.i.+p. They were doing really well. There was no need for him to worry about them.

However, in order to preserve the remnants of Lu Tings reputation, Tao Zhen still cautiously and conscientiously helped the couple proclaim their relations.h.i.+p.

Tao Zhen did this out of his friends.h.i.+p with Lu Ting. Lu Ting had saved him once. They two of them had teamed up several times. He obviously needed to pay Lu Ting back. He couldnt stand to watch others slander and insult him.

However, shortly after, he lost all interest in defending Lu Ting. The only thing he wanted to do was burn these two sc.u.mbag men who would show off their PDA everywhere they went all day!


Several decades pa.s.sed like this. People had stopped looking down on Lu Ting for his status as a follower. His ident.i.ty wasnt important. What was important was that they were in love. It was because the two of them trusted each other and supported each other that they never lost. They had become the strongest team in the transmigration world.

Xie He very quickly became a high-levelled host. Even 444s level rose quickly.

444 and 666s relations.h.i.+p became better and better. One day, 444 once again talked to Xie He about his relations.h.i.+p with 666.



, 666 treated me today again. He also gave me a gift! ()/

Xie HeBaby, you mention 666 every day. Do you like him?

444Eh, like him?

Xie HeYes. Liking someone is when you always think about a certain someone. Regardless of whether youre happy or sad, the first person you think of is always him.

444 thought about it for a while and realized that at some unknown point in time, he had started to think of 666 more than he did of Host


. Did he really like 666? ( |||)

Xie HeTheres something I have to tell you, Baby. 666 is Lu Tings system. ?

444( |||)

666 was looking forward to seeing 444 in the system s.p.a.ce. He felt like he had fallen deeply in love and could not free himself. He finally felt like he kind of understood how Lu Ting had felt back then. He was also willing to risk his life for the person he liked.

666 was really jealous of how 444 would always talk about Xie He. He had decided that no matter how long it took, he would become the most important person in 444s heart!

Lu Ting was also really supportive of 666s actions. He thought that Xie He spoiled 444 too much. Occasionally, Xie He had even refused to do adult things with him for the purposes of protecting 444s mental health. This had made Lu Ting really unhappy.

The two vinegar jars were completely on the same side.

Today, 666 had waited for a long time before 444 had shown up. The other seemed lost in thought, as if he wanted to say something but was hesitant to.

666 asked worriedlyWhats wrong? Are you unhappy? Were you attacked by your host?Xie He had such a poisonous tongue! How could he bear to scold someone as cute as 444? 666s heart ached terribly.

444My Host


told me that you were Lu Tings system.

666He hated Xie He to death! Didnt he say that he wouldnt tell 444? This b*stard went back on his word!


Before 666 could finish, he heard 444 speak in an excited tone.

444 sounded very excitedI cant believe youre actually Lu Tings system, ah! Thats so awesome! Doesnt that mean well always be together? That well never have to be apart? I didnt know we were actually this close to each other! Dont worry! Even though my host is your hosts master, I wont look down on you!

666s heart softened. Did this foolish 444 not know how to get angry? Didnt he feel lied to? He really made 666 unable to help but love him. He was so silly. 666 still had to protect him in the future.

444 continued to speak excitedly in an older-brother-like toneDont worry. From now on, Ill protect you, hahahaha O(_)O~444 felt like he was really incredible!


444Yi? Why arent you replying? Do you not want that? QAQ


How could I not want that? I justlike you too much. Even if youre silly, I still like you.

In a blink of an eye, over a hundred years had pa.s.sed.

The worlds still continued to turn, following their own rules. Every day, countless worlds were born and countless worlds disappeared.

The missions hall was bustling with activity, as always.

One day, the screen suddenly went out. This unprecedented abnormality struck fear and shock in every hosts heart. Did something happen to Lord G.o.d? Was there something wrong with the transmigration world? But before they could react, the screen lit back up, as if everything had just been an illusion.

However, they all knew that the screen had indeed gone out for one second.

In the systems central hub, where no one had ever gone before, Xie He stuck a backup drive into the control center. He chuckled. The backup sequence has already been initiated. The transmigration world wont be affected.

The only thing that would be affected was Lord G.o.d. It had already been scattered into millions of pieces of data. Right now, what controlled the transmigration world was a backup sequence that Xie He had compiled.

Lu Ting didnt care about Lord G.o.d. He only had Xie He in his eyes. He lowered his head to kiss Xie He, a smile in his eyes. Weve been busy for so long. How about we find a world to take a vacation in?

Xie He kissed Lu Ting back. With a smile, he said, Okay.

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