Springtime Farming: A Happy Wife At Home - Chapter 981: Staying in the capital

Chapter 981: Staying in the capital

Chapter 981: Staying in the capital

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The Advanced Scholars who had eagerly antic.i.p.ated witnessing Shao Yunduans downfall were left disappointed.

How fortunate this man was! He had never expected that both the Crown Prince and the Emperor would s.h.i.+eld him from disaster so effortlessly!

With the Emperor and Crown Prince intervening, no one would dare to bring up the matter again. To do so would be challenging the authority of the Emperor and the Crown Prince themselves.

Observing Officer Tian and Shao Yunduan drinking together, Emperor Xuan chuckled and nodded approvingly, effectively reinvigorating the atmosphere. The scene became lively once more.

They continued to revel in the enjoyment of poetry, the rewards bestowed by Emperor Xuan, and the camaraderie among the Advanced Scholars. It was a delightful experience that lasted for half a day before everyone departed from the imperial garden.

As they bid their farewells, several of Shao Yunduans cla.s.smates, apart from Lu Min and Gu Zhiyou, approached him and exchanged pleasantries.

Shao Yunduan maintained a composed demeanor, responding politely to their greetings.

Such was the way of the world. Most individuals possessed an innate instinct to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. He did not hold their swift change in att.i.tude against them.

However, he recognized that true feelings were revealed during times of trouble.

While they exchanged greetings and pleasantries, he did not consider them genuine friends.

Lu Min and Gu Zhiyou were genuinely overjoyed for Shao Yunduan. They held great admiration for his talent, and with Shao Yunduan by their side, they unconsciously felt a sense of security, as if they had found a pillar of support.

With the crisis now averted, the Tian Family would likely let the matter go. Thus, the two of them breathed a sigh of relief.

Accompanying Shao Yunduan on his way home, Lu Min and Gu Zhiyous presence startled Qiao Xuan upon seeing them together.

Lu Min and Gu Zhiyou were bursting with excitement, their eyes s.h.i.+ning as they eagerly recounted Shao Yunduans triumph at the banquet and how the Tian Family had been saved.

Qiao Xuan turned to Shao Yunduan, his curiosity piqued.

With a smile, Shao Yunduan nodded and handed her the jade. The Emperor presented this to me. Keep it safe.

This jade Ruyi held significance beyond being a gift from the Emperor. It could serve as a reminder to those who dared to bother them that they had the means to defend themselves.

Qiao Xuan carefully opened the brocade box, revealing a long, white jade Ruyi nestled on the bright yellow satin. The jade was elegant and beautiful, intricately carved with auspicious clouds, gra.s.s, and ganoderma lucidums, exuding exquisite craftsmans.h.i.+p.

It was truly a priceless treasure.

Qiao Xuan smiled, feeling fortunate. I am truly blessed today. This jade Ruyi is a magnificent gift from the Emperor!

Lu Min chimed in, grinning. Brother Shao, with your talent and the Emperors high regard for you, Im afraid youll receive even more rewards in the future!

Gu Zhiyou chuckled, adding, Indeed, hahaha!

They all laughed merrily.

With the crisis resolved, the tension dissipated, and Lu Min and Shao Yunduan had much more to discuss. The three of them headed to the study together. Qiao Xuan instructed Liqiu and Lixia to purchase ingredients for dinner, ensuring they would have a meal before returning home.

As Lu Min and Gu Zhiyou bid farewell and left the Shao Familys premises, darkness descended, and the vibrant hues of the sunset faded away.

Qiao Xuan was tr.i.m.m.i.n.g a cl.u.s.ter of rhododendrons in the courtyard, while Shao Yunduan observed from the sidelines.

Darling, you cant simply abandon your position, can you? Qiao Xuan voiced his concerns.

Understanding the implications, Shao Yunduan nodded. Indeed, I will likely have to remain in the capital.