Spirit Vessel - Chapter 1080: Meeting An Old Friend

Chapter 1080: Meeting An Old Friend

Chapter 1080: Meeting An Old Friend

Feiyun shouted: Miss, this river is rather dangerous. Im afraid there is a powerful evil looming at the bottom, be careful now.

The singing stopped as she turned around and stared at Feiyun. There were blue flames in her eyes.

As the boat approached, she said with a beautiful voice: Little human, this is not the place for you, return from whence you came.

The turtle and fruit started laughing since the girl didnt appreciate his kind intent.

Rumble! Suddenly, a whirlpool formed on the b.l.o.o.d.y river. At first, it only had a diameter of one meter. It then became ten, one hundred, one thousand meters

The boat became trapped in a raging storm, being pushed up by a hundred-meter wave or pulled down to the bottom, on the verge of collapsing.

Splas.h.!.+ A red flood-dragon flew out from the whirlpool. Each scale on its eighty-mile-long body was larger than a dustpan.

Its roar echoed in the night. The howling specters immediately stopped after being intimidated. Demonic energy and dao laws gathered around the dragon.

Theres a blood flood-dragon in this river. Feiyuns expression soured. He knew that there was a powerful monster here but still became frightened.

This was an immemorial demon race, possessing a physical const.i.tution far stronger than humans. Its bloodthirst and vitality surpa.s.sed other demons.

This particular one had an amazing cultivation, capable of changing landscapes.

Feiyun took out his pseudo-saint badge, ready to use it one last time to save this demoness.

The woman seemed to be calm despite the storm raging around her. She glanced at the dragon and said: Thorn Monarch, how long will you keep on running for?

Blue, I have been hiding here for three hundred years yet you still want to push the issue? We will fight to the death today! The dragon roared and spewed out an inferno.

The blood river evaporated; mountains and rocks turned into lava.

Monarchs among demons were equivalent to grand paragons of humans. Moreover, this dragon was an immemorial race, far stronger than ordinary demon monarchs.

f.u.c.k, this really isnt a place for us, two demon monarchs today already! The turtle cursed and rode the sacred fruit away. Alas, a collapsing mountain fell on them.

The girl in blue raised her hand and easily captured the dragon as if she was catching an eel.

The dragon became smaller and smaller until it was the size of a loach. Its body was surrounded by flames. She then put it inside a bamboo basket, hanging the thing in front of the boat.

The boat then floated into the air and disappeared into the night.

Feiyun stroked his chin and chuckled afterward before putting away the badge.

Haha! Feng Feiyun, you wanted to play hero but she was even stronger than you. Some women do not need to be rescued by men. The turtle crawled out of the debris. It shook its body to clean up.

Thats not a woman. Feiyun smiled.

Definitely not a man. The turtle said.

Right, Uncle would never put so much effort into saving a man. The fruit drilled out of the ground and said.

Shes a demoness. Feiyun said.

I didnt feel any demonic energy from her. The turtle became startled.

Feiyun pondered the issue without responding.


Alchemy Ghost Market was located underground. A first-timer with no introduction would never be able to find the entrance.

Everyone says that this world is closest to h.e.l.l. This market is even closer. The turtle said.

Feiyun walked into a narrow pathway toward the darkness - the entrance to the market.

However, it wasnt this simple. A paragon once tried to find the entrance by excavating one thousand miles into the ground. He didnt find anything.

In short, this was a mysterious place. Even the saints from the ancient eras didnt quite understand it.

It didnt take long before the pa.s.sageway became larger with more branches. They finally saw cultivators and demons from all over the world, even specters without a physical body.

The entry cost is one wormhole stone. A group of mighty cultivators wearing red armor with spears as their weapon of choice said.

They didnt seem to be humans or demons. Nonetheless, the pressure coming from them was real.

Everyone obeyed the laws here, no matter what.

Feiyun paid the price and entered the market. He had seen it before in the past. However, that was more than ten thousand years ago.

A treasure from the dragon race in Timeworn, would you like to take a look? An old ghost in a tattered robe standing outside of a seemingly-haunted hut asked. Black smoke and nether sparks floated around him.

He raised his ethereal hand to show a piece of wood with dragon scales and a sweet scent.

Feiyun took one glance and recognized that it was a block of Myriad Dragon Wood indigenous to Timeworn. However, the grade was low and not part of his search so he walked away.

Perfume from the fox race in Firmament. Do you want to see it, Little Brother? Just a little bit can maintain the scent for a thousand years. Buy it for your girlfriend? A demoness with a fox tail wearing a s.e.xy pink fur coat asked. Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were about to leap out of the coat.

She exuded a gentle fragrance. Just one wink from her could drive cultivators crazy.

Feiyun became interested and smelled the various pouches. However, he smiled and asked: Seems like a familiar fragrance.

Is that so? A woman in a white fur coat walked down the stairs of the jade palace next to them while carrying a pekingese. Her black hair was tied up by white jade pins.

The dog lazily resting on her bosom suddenly lifted its head and became excited.

The first fox demon respectfully bowed after seeing her.

Feiyun closed his eyes and enjoyed his fragrance. He turned around and sniffed: Here it is again.

He opened his eyes and saw Mo Yaoyaos cleavage. This made him awkward as he looked up at her face: Seems like there are friends everywhere, even here at this market.

She resembled a juicy peach ready for the plucking. Even her words carried a sweet fragrance: Its been several years since we last met in Jin. Why are you here?

Many cultivators paid attention to their conversation. Of course, they were mesmerized by her beautiful appearance, not Feng Feiyun.

Some sneered that he must have been enchanted by her and would lose all of his money soon.

Feiyun could sense their gaze and said: Lets talk somewhere else.

Why? She smirked.

Because I feel like some might kill me soon if I keep on talking to you.

She revealed a gorgeous smile, pulling the crowd in even more.

She took him into the palace. A fox demon brought him a bronze cup of tea and stole glances at him. He didnt hold back and pinched her tail, causing her to blush and run away.

The battle between Yama and the Evil Woman destroyed half of the five dynasties. They didnt need my involvement so I left early. Mo Yaoyao told him about the events at Jin, seemingly amused by their encounter.