Spirit Vessel - Chapter 999: Undying Dragon Corpse

Chapter 999: Undying Dragon Corpse

“Does it look like I’m joking?” Her expression turned cold as she pinned her stick on the ground, creating numerous cracks.

Green Pine Venerable started sweating and regretted being greedy over the dragon scale. They have met with the wrong person.

‘Going to that meteorite is suicidal, so if I’m dead either way, might as well take a risk here. I have this featherguard talisman, maybe it’s enough to fight this monster.’ He thought while taking a look at the talisman.

The old woman sneered: “I advise you to not have any stupid idea or it wouldn’t be just death. There are many more agonizing fates than death and I know just how to carry them out.”

He was intimidated by her gaze. She was the current master of Godfiend, offending her might result in the destruction of his sect.

He decided against it and then put the talisman on top of his head. He and Mystical Venerable walked toward the meteorite while trembling unceasingly.

The talismans protected them from the pressure, allowing them to get within a hundred meters of the meteor.

Meanwhile, spectators watched anxiously in their direction.

Suddenly, a massive tail appeared and smashed them into blood, destroying the two talismans as well.

The ground shook violently as an abyss was formed, nearly separating the city into two halves.

The old woman’s expression changed. She turned into a gray phantom and got several miles away.

“Raa!” The head of a dragon could be seen. Just the two horns alone were as high as two peaks. Its eyes were as large as two lakes. The rest of the body was hidden among the clouds.

The roar sent those nearby flying and made them vomit blood. Space became chaotic during the roars.

The experts kept on leaving, no longer wanting to linger around.

“What are you doing, brat?” Grandpa Bi pulled Feiyun’s hand.

“Boom!” The demon blood within him was on fire. His dragon-phoenix armor became resplendent as two monstrous auras erupted.

His eyes were red. He swung his hand with enough force to push the old man away. He then summoned his weapon essence and headed for the meteorite.

Dragon scales appeared on his armor along with a mighty draconic image. This image was identical to the guardian corpse.

There was the image of a phoenix as well, looming higher than the clouds. It wasn’t weaker than the dragon image in the slightest and issued deafening screeches.

This was the activated version of the dragon-phoenix armor. Its power couldn’t be described with words.

Many fleeing experts saw this and thought that two divine beasts have descended.

“What the hell? The brat is a little dragon? No, a little phoenix…?” Grandpa Bi got up and couldn’t believe it.

“It’s him.” Shiva’s old eyes were full of envy as she watched Feiyun approach the meteor.

“What is the meaning of this?” At the outskirt of the city, Xuanyuan Yiyi felt this majestic power. Her bright eyes focused on the central area; her brows furrowed slightly.

She rode her sword and flew towards the area. The winds that accompanied her had a pleasant fragrance.

Feiyun’s auras never stopped intensifying. There was a hint of Buddhist and daoist affinity as well.

He made it beneath the meteor and looked up.

“Raa!” The corpse dragon’s head came down from the clouds. Just one-third of it blocked all of Feiyun’s vision.

He stood there while his spear glowed white, undeterred by the dragon.

“Who are you? Why am I sad when I see you?” He shouted.

The dragon didn’t attack him. Its large eyes shined brilliantly like two gems.

He ignored it since it didn’t attack. He then climbed on top of the meteor. Despite the empowerment of the armor, he still felt tens of mountains pushing down on him.

“He’s actually climbing it?!” 

“Why didn’t the dragon attack him?”

“Just who is this youth? A descendant of phoenix and dragon?”

Those from the last generation found this astonishing. How could he withstand the pressure from that massive meteor?

In the darkness was a middle-aged daoist. He stood in the void and watched with greedy glints in his eyes.

His aura was stronger than the uncle from Vastsky Territory and the monk from an immemorial temple. He resembled a deity as he reached forward and released a palm strike toward Feiyun.

“Rumble!” It was as if the sky vault was falling down.

Feiyun looked up and the two divine images behind him roared. Their power entered him and turned him into an immemorial hybrid.

“Boom!” He unleashed a phoenix claw and destroyed the palm seal.

In the void, the middle-aged man sneered: “Such power, there is something special going on indeed.”

He raised both hands and created a sphere consisting of thousands and thousands of lightning dragons.

The sphere crossed through space and appeared above Feiyun. However, the corpse dragon suddenly joined the battle, opening its mouth and swallowing the sphere.

“Whoosh!” Lightning coursed through its skeleton and flesh.

“Die.” It became crazier while uttering an ancient language.

It slithered in the air, looking like a mountain range. It broke through to the void in order to attack the daoist.

This Daoist was actually ten million miles away. Alas, the dragon appeared before him instantly for a claw attack.

His expression became serious. His tiny body released enough energy to stop the claw.

“You have died for many years now, return to the earth.” His voice echoed like a god.

“Boom!” The dragon’s tail sent him flying for several thousand miles, knocking off his crest and ripping his robe.

At the same time, a golden beam erupted from the mansion of Vastsky Territory Lord.

“Demons, dead or alive, will not be shown mercy in Vastsky!” A palace flew up and turned into a great domain in order to suppress the dragon.

Thunderous explosions came from the dragon. It spewed out an ocean of clouds, completely engulfing the area. This seemed to be the apocalypse.

“You are rumored to be a traitor, dead but your source still remains. Your race is also known to have the best fighting prowess, I want to see if it’s true.” Shiva appeared in the void. Her staff became massive and launched an assault on the dragon.

The majestic creature soared in the air while fighting against three top cultivators.

As for Feiyun, his blazing eyes observed the battle. He felt the urge to join as well in order to go all out.

Alas, he refrained from doing so and continued climbing the meteor.