Spirit Vessel - Chapter 995: Princess And Saintess

Chapter 995: Princess And Saintess

The princess opened her eyes and glared at him: “That’s not up to you to decide! Everlasting!”

A monstrous power erupted from within her. She became radiant as she floated upward. The broken bones were mended as this art coursed through her body. Each of her cells brimmed with energy.

Feiyun smirked and used all five domains at the same time - Myriad Beast, Golden Silkworm, Phoenix God, Grand Change, and Saint.

He channeled all of this into his palms and released an unthinkable palm strike on her waist, sending her down to the ground for a second time.

The Everlasting Law was successfully dispelled and she couldn’t move.

“Ho-how, how can you be so strong…?” Her voice was feeble, unable to accept her ultimate law losing to a single strike.

He laughed in response: “The Everlasting Law is impressive enough, you actually survived a full-force attack from me, what an enviable body.”

Having said that, he dug her out of the mud and carried her into the palace. With her as a hostage, he no longer worried about the white spiders doing anything to Yao Ji and Xueshuang.

The demons didn’t return after the battle. Two days later, Xuanyuan Yiyi finished the first portion of the sacred truths. Her injuries disappeared while her cultivation took one step forward. There seemed to be an immortal heart within her now as she became more transcending than ever.

Her sword automatically flew upward and turned into countless sword images. Each of them had a sacred affinity to them now.

“Clank!” She commanded the sword to return and suddenly frowned: “Why are you tying the princess to a statue?”

He was meditating nearby in order to learn the Grand Puppet Art. He awakened shortly after her training session.

The princess’ cultivation has been sealed. Thick chains coiled around her and actually accentuated her slender yet curvy figure.

A sword statue stood behind her with its sword raised above her head. If she dared to make a move, it would slash downward with haste.

“The princess’ cultivation is too high, she’s a crafty one too. It’s the only way to stop her from escaping.” He smiled.

The princess gritted her teeth and her aura intensified. She wanted to eat Feiyun alive since he was truly despicable and annoying.

She swore to herself that if she were ever to get away, she would kill him at all costs in the future.

Yiyi shook her head and felt that this was improper. The woman was still a princess and shouldn’t be humiliated.

She took off the chains and said: “She is the princess of the White Spiders. We mustn’t treat her with contempt.”

The moment the princess was freed, she immediately lunged toward Feiyun. Her fingernails became as sharp as claws and her eyes became bright. She looked like a spider going for the kill.

Feiyun raised one finger and released Buddhist light to trap her body. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and said: “See? This is what happens when we release her. This princess has such a foul temper, it’s impossible to keep her around.”

The princess became livid after hearing him.

Yiyi shook her head, thinking that this half-demon must have done something to make the princess abandon her dignity and pride in order to kill him.

“Don’t misunderstand, I didn’t do anything. It’s just that she thinks she’s a top genius yet still lost to a half-demon like me. Jealous and, hated of my superior talent, that’s why she’s so angry.” Feiyun defended himself.

“Pah! If I wasn’t wounded by the corpse, I wouldn’t have lost to a wretched existence like you.” The princess gritted her teeth and tried to escape the light.

He sighed and said: “Who was controlling the corpse? Me. Him defeating you and me defeating you are the same thing. If you aren’t convinced, we can fight again.”

“Boom!” She struggled to break free, unable to handle his disdainful attitude.

Yiyi had been cultivating and didn’t know what transpired. She close her eyes and calculated - images of the past appeared in her mind.

She opened her eyes and stared at Feiyun in amazement: “You know the Grand Puppet Art?”

“I came across a grotto during my youth and found a scroll teaching a puppet art. I can’t believe how lucky I am, this scroll is actually one of the eight immemorial arts.” He had come up with an explanation before and tried to sound sincere by looking up and thanking the heaven.

Yiyi didn’t buy it but she wasn’t one to meddle in other people’s business. She would never demand him to hand it over either.

“The half-demon alliance is lucky to have a genius like you. I hope you will follow the correct path and help half-demons regain their status and dignity.” She said.

“I will not let you down, Saintess.” He responded.

“I appreciate your protection in the last two days. However, you shouldn’t interfere with our feud since it is not favorable for you.” She added.

“Don’t tell me you wish to let her go.” He said.

“The princess is the future successor of the white spiders, the wielder of their sacred ancestor’s legacy. If she were to die here, an all-out war might happen between the two races. No one wishes to see that so that is the reason why she must survive.” She explained.

“Humans have been taking their territories for so long now on the battlefield, I’m sure the white spiders want a war.” He disagreed.

“It is not the same. The battlefield has been around for eras and battles are common there. As for a full-scale war? That’s an entirely different concept, it will be a disaster with untold casualties. Moreover, other demons might take advantage of this and attack as well. The consequences are unimaginable. We cannot be the ones to cause it.” She elaborated.

“Women are just too indecisive and worry about too many things. That’s why your paradise can only say a few strong words, unable to actually accomplish anything.” He said: “I still have friends in captivity, I can’t let her go.”

Yiyi didn’t become angry after hearing the slight. She said softly: “That is not a problem. Hand over the princess to me and I guarantee that your friends will return unscathed.”

He stared at her eyes, wondering what she was thinking. Why did she care so much about others?

Releasing this princess meant releasing a tiger back into the wilds. If she were to become the future empress of the white spiders, that would be a true threat.

Who gives a damn about a war between the races? Killing the princess right now is the right move.

Alas, since he wanted to pursue Yiyi, he had to accomplish at least two things at the very least - holding back during disagreements and following her wish.

He took a deep breath and said: “Very well, since you are so noble, I will let you have her.”

He recalled the Buddhist light and freed the princess. This time around, she didn’t attack him to save herself from further embarrassment.

“What about my pearl?” She asked.

“Can’t give it to you.” He shook his head. The white pearl contained the power of a sacred soul and was too dangerous.

She insisted: “It is a sacred artifact of our race. I’m not leaving if you don’t give it back.”

“Hahaha, perfect, looks like I can trade you for many, many points then. I wonder what the amount will be, keke.” He looked rather happy.