Sir, How About A Marriage? - Chapter 802

Chapter 802

Chapter 802: Veiled Threats

Ye Cheng listened attentively.

Yin Jia looked at Ye Chengs handsome face with a gentle gaze as she said, In the past, I didnt care if she stole my boyfriend away. I dont care about who can be so easily moved. However, Ye Cheng youre different.

Yin Jia stopped talking and looked at Ye Cheng.

Ye Cheng felt that his smile was a little stiff at the moment.

Seeing that Ye Cheng was quiet, Yin Jia said, Ye Cheng, from all aspects, were the most suitable. Ive decided on you. Its for the rest of my life. Ill take every word you say to me seriously. This time, whoever tries to ruin my relations.h.i.+p, Ill make sure she dies a horrible death.

Ye Cheng reached out to hug Yin Jias shoulders before he said with a smile, Youre right. Were the best match. Dont worry. I wont let others ruin it either. Lets not talk about the past. Now and in the future, theres only you in my heart.

Yin Jia looked at Ye Cheng and smiled slowly.

An inexplicable sense of unease rose in Ye Chengs heart at this moment.

Meanwhile, Cheng Che watched Yin Jia and Yin Jia coldly from the side. Then, he lowered his head and drank from his gla.s.s.

Cheng Che thought that Jiahui was right. Everyone was independent and had their own lives to live; this included blood relatives. He could not help others to live their lives. It was already miraculous enough that his sister managed to grow up safely in the Yin familys environment. The kind of person she grew up to be was not under his control. He could not change anything, and at most, he could only help her when she needed it. He believed his sister knew very well what kind of man Ye Cheng was like and that he did not need to go too much into detail. Nonetheless, it did not mean he could let Ye Cheng go.

As soon as Yin Yi stepped outside, someone stuffed a keycard into her hand. She did not need to look to know that it was someone Ning Dong had arranged to help her. Once again, she felt grateful to Ning Dong. She was determined to be a good friend to Ning Dong.

After looking at the number on the keycard, Yin Yi quickly made her way to the corresponding room.

When she entered the room, the room was extremely dark. She tiptoed in and closed the door. She stood quietly at the door, waiting for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. She could smell the alcohol in the air. She had noticed that Mu Chen had drunk quite a lot earlier. She thought Mu Chen would have a very high tolerance for alcohol and did not expect him to get drunk so easily. Nevertheless, this worked in her favor. Otherwise, where would she get the chance to act?

After her eyes adapted to the darkness, Yin Yi could vaguely see the outline of a figure on the bed. She could also hear the sounds of light breathing.

Yin Yi hurriedly brought out an incense stick and lit it up in the bathroom. She saw a suit scattered on the floor in the bathroom so she a.s.sumed Mu Chen had taken a shower earlier. She thought it was truly a G.o.dsend opportunity.

Yin Yi hurriedly undressed as well and quietly made her way to the bed.

The person on the bed was sound asleep and breathing evenly.

Yin Yi seemed as though she had fallen into a trance.

Due to the fragrance of the incense, the person on the bed gradually grew restless as well.

Upon seeing this, Yin Yi climbed into bed joyfully.

The person on the bed lifted the blanket because of the heat, and when Yin Yis cold body came in contact with his, he instinctively pulled her into his arms as though he had found a life-saving raft.

Yin Yi did not dare to make a sound. She bit her lips to suppress her throbbing feelings.

The mans body grew hotter and hotter.

Yin Yis hands grew restless, teasing the mans body.

How could a man who was overwhelmed by hunger and thirst let off the prey next to him?

Yin Yi allowed the man to conquer her. While she was immersed in her joy, she suddenly thought of something. She had asked Ning Dong to arrange for someone to take their pictures. How could the pictures be taken when it was so dark?