Sign In Ten Years, Then I Am Exposed By My Gorgeous Senior - Chapter 707 - True Gods All Unleashed!

Chapter 707 - True Gods All Unleashed!

Chapter 707: True G.o.ds All Unleashed!

Kill! Silver Wing went all out. He ignited the blood in his heart as he burned his life force!

Countless figures appeared. They all roared and transformed into an unimaginable wave of resentment. They gathered together and formed a blood-colored demon G.o.d that charged toward Ye Chen.

This blood-colored aura was too intense, causing ones soul to be unstable.

Kill me! With just you? Ye Chens eyes lit up, revealing killing intent.

With a whoosh, a whirlwind appeared. The blood-colored demon G.o.d grew even taller. It held a blood-colored battle spear in its hand and stabbed toward Ye Chen, producing ear-splitting whoos.h.i.+ng sounds.


Ye Chen slashed down with his sword, causing the blood-red battle spear to break apart. Then, he swung his sword again, causing the blood-colored demon G.o.d to be cut in half at the waist. The blood-colored energy dissipated.

Demon G.o.ds are boundless and endless. Kill! The silver-winged G.o.d shouted. He was in a state of madness. He knew that he could not escape. Only by destroying Ye Chen would he be able to survive, so he went all out.

Blood dripped from his chest. Burning the blood in his heart, he activated the altar, releasing one demon G.o.d phantom after another.

For a moment, Ye Chen was surrounded. The demon G.o.ds around him roared, and countless heroic spirits transformed into blood demons. They were everywhere, and they were inexhaustible.

Human Emperor, vanish into thin air! Silver Wing shouted.

Ye Chen was calm. He raised his longsword up high and waved it downwards. At this moment, it was no longer sword qi, but a world. It was formed from the sword, and it became an invincible world.


The phantom images filled the sky, and all the demon G.o.ds were annihilated. They were cleanly cleaved apart by a single sword strike. The surrounding blood, lightning, and black clouds all dissipated, and a clear and bright world appeared once more.

Blood sacrifice to the world! Silver Wing roared. His body had already shriveled up, and he was still burning his blood essence in an attempt to make this altar display its might.

Ye Chen took a step forward. He thrust his sword forward, and the bright red altar let out a cracking sound. The entire altar cracked, and then exploded.

Silver Wing was petrified. Such a powerful magic artifact had actually been destroyed just like that. It was as fragile as a jar. He found it hard to accept the fact that it had been shattered by a sword.

He flapped his silver divine wings, and a hurricane appeared. He tried his best to escape, but it was obviously futile. With a flash of black light, sword Qi gushed out. His pair of silver wings fell off, dripping with blood. The silver wings fell off, and he looked like a fierce ghost.

Why are you so strong? He was really unwilling to die at the hands of a dead person. This made him feel ridiculous and sad.

Its just that youre too weak! Ye Chen said coldly.

Im really unwilling. How could I die at the hands of a Divine Court Realm cultivator?

No Silver Wing roared and clenched his fists.


Ye Chen did not say much. He swung his sword and his head flew out diagonally. It shattered in the void and turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist. His body and soul were destroyed.

It was that simple. This silver-winged G.o.d was at least a second-rank G.o.d, but he could not withstand a single blow from Ye Chen!

The black longsword flew over and landed in Ye Chens hand. He was very familiar with the longsword. This half of the broken sword was damaged as well. It was connected together with a transparent gel.

At this moment, a figure appeared in the distant sky. He walked over step by step in the air. Behind him was a large black sun that made him look demonic.

Ye Chens heart trembled. Another G.o.d had appeared.

Silver Wing is really miserable. Ending the show here? It seems that you are indeed not simple. However, you are a Human Emperor. Wouldnt it be too boring to kill you if it was too simple? This was a man, the huge black sun behind him.

You watched him die, but didnt you lend a hand? Ye Chen asked.

I came too late. I only saw the final scene from afar. Tsk tsk...if I had come a little earlier, if I had come a little closer, I would have lost my life too. The man laughed, a little gloating, he said, Silver Wing is very cold-blooded. They might attack their own people one day. Its good to die early.

I killed them all. Arent you worried? Ye Chen said coldly.

Its even better if they die. If they die, all the credit will go to me alone, the man said with a faint smile.

They cant kill me. Are you sure you can kill me? Ye Chen said coldly.

Youll know if you try!

The black-clothed man had a cold smile on his face. He stretched out a large hand and slapped it down. Black fog overflowed into the sky. It was as if a demons hand had descended from outer s.p.a.ce, blotting out the sky and covering the sun.

Ye Chen moved horizontally and dodged the large hand.

In the air, large black suns blotted out the sky and covered the earth. They submerged this place and wanted to trap him.

Ye Chens entire body was s.h.i.+ning with incomparable brilliance. An extremely powerful life aura gushed out. Endless power appeared on the surface of his body and instantly became stronger.

The light of a firefly dares to compete with the splendor of the Bright Moon. You overestimate yourself. The black-clothed man coldly laughed. He waved his black sleeve, and a mighty hurricane swept out, grabbing toward Ye Chen.


Ye Chens battle intent erupted. Divine flames rose, and boundless light soared into the heavens. This was a boundless divine power that instantly shattered that mans sleeve, causing his palm to be drenched in blood.

Ye Chen exploded to the limit. He carried his wings on his back and performed the charm dance. Countless symbols appeared as he charged forward.

At his side, a longsword and longsword appeared together, attacking forward with a myriad of divine lights.


Although the mans reaction was quick, he quickly retreated.

Ah... The black-clothed man let out a long cry. Countless black suns appeared around him, growing wildly to block Ye Chens attack.

Ye Chens eyes shone as he slashed down with his sword. From black to golden, it emitted a brilliant light as it slashed horizontally and vertically, destroying many black suns.

The entire world was in an uproar as all sorts of light danced about.


Ye Chen shouted loudly as his long hair stood on end. His eyes were wide open as he erupted with his strongest attack power.

This man roared loudly and also went crazy. Countless symbols appeared in front of him, and a great sun erupted behind him. The black sun formed from his main body and appeared to block the long sword.


The two collided, and the great black sun shook. Endless power turned into black flames that burned fiercely, enveloping Ye Chen.


Ye Chen shouted, and his left and right hands released energy at the same time. The energy was endless, and the ice G.o.ds power and the demon G.o.ds power turned into yin and yang Qi that circulated, scattering the flames. He charged forward.

The snow-white blade and endless divine power soared at the same time, transforming into destructive lightning. Accompanied by a huge bolt of lightning, they all charged forward.


The black-clothed man coughed up blood and quickly retreated. Under this kind of tyrannical power, even he had suffered a great loss.

The brave would win in a narrow path. Ye Chen had completely thrown caution to the wind. He had no way out. Only by winning in one battle could he resolve the killing situation and fight his way out.

The mans victory was originally in his grasp, and he was high and mighty. This kind of change made him lose his sense of propriety and messed up his emotions. He did not want to be injured. Otherwise, how could he compete for hegemony in the lower realm and obtain the greatest benefits. He was afraid that he would be killed by other G.o.ds after he weakened.

It was precisely this mentality that made Ye Chen even more valiant while the black-robed man retreated.


The longsword beside Ye Chen flew out and transformed into a divine rainbow that pierced through the mans shoulder, infusing it with the blood of G.o.ds.

Ah... The black-robed man cried out, revealing an angry expression. He was so powerful, yet he was actually stabbed by the firefly in his eyes. He was completely furious.