Shoujo Grand Summoning - Chapter 122

Chapter 122

“Lori family! But why?…”

Grey felt his head getting dizzy. There’s probably n.o.body in Ailu empire or even Silvaria that doesn’t know the Lori family.

They boast the highest authority in the empire with the sole exceptions of the royal family of Ailu empire, Feya empire and Baruba empire as well as their respective number one family powers.

If one were to refer to the 3 empire as the strongest forces on this world then aside from the empires themselves the number one family in each empire are just slightly below on the totem pole of power.

Midobia family is a medium power, inside Beherl, they are the only one that can compete with the Iron Dogs Mercenary group. However, their authority pales in comparison to that of the number one.

Inside the Midobia family, the strongest one would be Grey himself, a tier 6 fighter. But at this level, there are at least a thousand of them inside Lori family.

It’s not for the lack of tier 6 fighters as well, it’s just that Lori family is too d.a.m.n powerful. Tier 5 and below accounts for about a million inside their family, and there’s still only about 1000 of these tier 6 lying around. The ratio speak for itself about how rare a tier 6 is.

And yet Lori family could recruit and retent more than a 1000 of these rare fighters, such is the power of a number one family!

Basically, tier 6 are only at the level of ‘meh’ in the eyes of Lori family. Now if it were a tier 7, things would be different.

Now, with such a mighty family literally just outside their gates, between the side with a tier 7 or the side with no tier 7, is there even a need to fight?

When Grey thought about this, he subconsciously backpedaled. Now that Tigre somehow managed to get Lori family’s help, judging by Tigre’s personality he absolutely wouldn’t let Midobia family off easy.

Midobia family’s doomsday has come…. (Tl: Not everything has to be settled with fists, but in wu xia…)

Grey laughed in a self deprecating way, who can he blame? He can only blame himself. He did receive the news about Lori family coming to Beherl but he thought it would be better to reduce contact with such a big figure lest they attract needless troubles so he didn’t make any contact with them.

Who would have thought that the Iron dogs would actually be able to persuade Lori family.

Dra saw Grey’s pained expression so he came to his side to lend him his arms as support.

“Family head, this is not the time to be despairing. So what if Lori family came here with the iron dogs, the situation can still be salvaged. Family head, please do not give up until the very end!”

Grey steeled himself up, clenching his teeth he continued.

“Right! You have a point, I can’t lose hope so quickly before even grasping the situation. Let’s see what the situation is and then choose our actions wisely!”

“Go look at what situation?”

Another sound came just as Grey finished. When Dra and Grey looked towards the source of the sound they saw Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros and Lil ol’ Lirin tagging along.

Sensing that the mood in the living room is a bit off, Wu Yan questioned Grey.

“What’s going on? Family head, you like you have something bugging you….”

Grey quieted down. Suddenly, he grabbed Wu Yan’s hands.

“Little bro Wu Yan, I have a request to ask of you!”

His sudden action gave Wu Yan a jump. If not because he had a very serious face on that basically said this-s.h.i.+t-is-for-real, Wu Yan probably would have sent him flying across the room with a kick. Judging from the content of his question, Wu Yan frowned.

“Family head Grey, what is going here? What could be so big that you needed to beg for my help?”

Grey bitterly laughed and shook his head.

“A big storm might be coming for the Midobia family and as such I have a request of you, Wu Yan my bro…”

Grey stopped for a bit before resolving himself and continuing.

“If something should happen later, I request that you take Lirin with you and leave this place!”

The group were shocked, Lirin practically flew to Grey’s side and bawled while not letting go of his s.h.i.+rt.

“Daddy, Lirin won’t run away!”

“Listen! Lirin!”

Grey told her off.

“Just for today you must listen to me!”

“No way no way! I am not going! Not going!”

Seeing the father daughter duo being this histrionic, Wu Yan quickly put a stop to them with his hand and he turned his gaze to Grey.

“Family head Grey, I need you to tell me what’s going on.”

Grey inhaled deeply.

“The iron dogs are here!”

Wu Yan is not riled up at this. He knows that the iron dogs are chicken s.h.i.+t and can’t justify Grey’s pathetic reaction. There has to be something more tot his.

“And they managed to persuade Lori family, the number one family in Ailu empire to help them. This time, they might be here to eliminate the Midobia family once and for all!”

“Lori family!”

Wu Yan furrowed his eyebrows.

Lori family, hey isn’t Lulu from the Lori family?


Grey said.

“I am not sure whether or not the Lori family are here to help the iron dogs but just in case the worst case scenario happens…”

“I want you to take care of my daughter. Please I beg of you, little bro Wu Yan!”

Grey wanted to bow deeply to Wu Yan but Wu Yan caught his shoulders and stopped him before grinning.

“Family head Grey, you said it yourself

that is if

they are really here to help, you’re not even complete sure that they are, so it’s still too early to make any hasty a.s.sumptions. How about this, I will go check out the situation with you.”

“What?! No that won’t do!”

Grey retorted.

“If anything should happen to you guys after going out there, how would we manage…”

“Don’t get your panties twisted in a knot, if anything really happened, and in the offchance that we actually can’t fight with them, I have our escape all mapped out!”

Wu Yan don’t want to get on the bad side of Lori family since it’s Lulu’s family but this matter concerns Lirin and her family members, Wu Yan can’t stand by and watch anything happen to them.

Moreover, suppose he can’t handle it, there’s still Ikaros and Mikoto here. The Lori family group this time won’t be able to do anything to them with 2 tier 8 on their can they?

Unless it is the previous head of Lori family, Lulu’s grandfather that Fei Fei spoke of, otherwise who could contain them?

If s.h.i.+t really hit the fan then just Resplendent Breath (Tl: Damage null pot) his way out of it.

Wu Yan feels like every time something happens, he would always think about cheating his way out of it. It feels like this isn’t a good thing…

He’s a tier 7 now, more or less a super by this world’s standard. If every time anything happen and he wants to run away then sooner or later this would turn into a habit. How can he accept this kind of behavior? It’s troubling because this reflects a weak belief in his own strength.

If a person don’t believe in his own power then where would he find the strength and courage to face strong enemies and go beyond their limit?

It’s true that with System here, he would only need to grind to level up, this however is an issue of att.i.tude and paradigm, a very important issue to tackle!

Wu Yan promised deep down inside that after this he won’t use Resplendent Breath unless it’s really a big emergency. This is his way of holding himself to the rule that he shouldn’t rely on external help too much.

Naturally, this doesn’t apply to Hinagiku, Mikoto and Ikaros. There are all more important than himself, should any of them get hurt, he would really be hurt.

“How can this be! What if…”

“Don’t get hanged up on what if, family head Grey!”

Wu Yan slapped Grey’s shoulder before grinning.

“There are always two ways you can take a situation, there is the bad side and then there is the good side. Don’t get hanged up on the idea that the gla.s.s is half empty. It’s good to think about the unlikely stuff but if you keep thinking about what could go wrong, for what else do you use those senses you have?”

Grey still look like he’s not sure, Wu Yan lightly coaxed him.

“Maa, take it easy and put your trust in us. That’s all you need to do! At the very least, when it comes to protecting our lives, I am quite confident in my abilities!”

Grey lowered his head and thought about ti for a good while before sighing reluctantly.

“Alright, but you must promise me if it really came down to a fist fight, you must remember to take Lirin with you!”

Seeing as Lirin had something to say, Grey glared at her, silencing and upsetting her as seen by her pout.

“Don’t worry! It will be alright!”

They made their way to the entrance. On the way there, he suddenly had an idea.

If Lulu really is with the group who came here then it’s going to be fun huehue…