Shoujo Grand Summoning - Chapter 1224: The twins who are on the list for some time now

Chapter 1224: The twins who are on the list for some time now

Chapter 1224: The twins who are on the list for some time now

"That was so scary..."

Wu Yan watched how he ran away from the crazy fans with Miku in his arms. He dropped the remote control as his soul wandered out of his stardust frame.

"This world is so scary..."


Kaguya and Yuzuru are also watching the news. They praised Wu Yan.

"Master is on TV? He's famous? As expected of our Master..."

"Affirmative, it was almost perfect, if only he lost the mask..."

"Fortunately, I kept the mask on or our house would be surrounded by so many people right now!"

Wu Yan snapped.

"I was lucky they didn't find out about me. I wonder how Miku is doing over there."

"Worry, Yuzuru is also concerned..."

She turned towards Wu Yan. Her expressionless face is slightly dyed with worry.

"Master, Yuzuru wants to call Miku."

"You're calling her?"

Wu Yan flinched.

"You're already this close with Miku?"


Kaguya grumbled.

"That woman gave us the number one-sidedly. Yuzuru, Tohka, Kurumi, Yos.h.i.+no, s.h.i.+ori, and I got her number. She said we can always call her or hit her up for tea..."

Wu Yan's lip twitched.

Miku is truly after him and his harem.

"I see..."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"Yuzuru, can you call Miku and ask about her situation?"

"Affirmative, will do."

Yuzuru went into the corridor to call Miku.

Wu Yan looked at the TV as he started complaining about the media.

"Man, these reporters really need to get a life. They like digging for dirt on celebs so much they should just shove it. Don't they know they are causing people trouble?"


Kaguya watched with amus.e.m.e.nt.

"I feel like I should be granted an appearance on TV. I want the mortals to see the mighty Children of Typhoon in action."

"Chuunibyou girl is so hard to manage..."

Wu Yan shrugged. He started rubbing Kaguya's face with his hands, he was doing this subconsciously.

"I hope they pipe down. I don't want Miku to get hit with bad scandals."


Kaguya started blus.h.i.+ng when Wu Yan rubbed her face. Her tiny yelp woke Wu Yan up.

.leader-1-multi-135{border:none !important;display:block !important;float:none;line-height:0px;margin-bottom:15px !important;margin-left:0px !important;margin-right:0px !important;margin-top:15px !important;max-width:100% !important;min-height:250px;min-width:250px;padding:0;text-align:center !important;}Wu Yan felt a bit turned on when Kaguya mellowed out in his hands, her red cheeks and charming figure created a flame within him.

To prepare for the after-festival celebration, s.h.i.+ori and her cla.s.smates are going to pull an all-nighter. She just called and said she won't be back tonight.

Tohka and Kurumi also got conscripted by s.h.i.+ori so they won't be back tonight.

Yos.h.i.+no got dragged around the festival by Reine. She is currently staying over at Reine's place for the night. Kotori said she had work to do at Ratotoskr's side. She planned to finish her backlog while s.h.i.+ori's not home.

In other words, Wu Yan is alone with the Yamai twins.

Put it in another way, no matter what he does to the twins, no one will interrupt them!

Today is the perfect chance to churn the twins' b.u.t.ter with his plunger. Best of all, he can get away with


There is no better chance than today to do the twins!

Wu Yan's carnal flames rose in intensity. He cannot hold himself back any longer.

Licking his dry lips, Wu Yan's eyes wandered down as he examined Kaguya's perky but undeveloped meaty mounds. He spent about a second to think before reaching past her armpits and grabbing two handfuls of Kaguya's tiny Howitzers.

He registered her divine hills by the bouncy and firm feeling being transmitted to his brain through his hands. He started kneading her small knockers into various shapes.


Taking Wu Yan's lewd claw attacks, she moaned in panic. She looked down only to see her puppies being molded into different shapes. She blushed deep red.

"Pe-pervert Master..."

Kaguya mumbled. She hid her face with her bangs. Despite trying to hold her own sound back, she could still be heard wheezing and panting.

Wu Yan's hands started moving with more intent and power.


The pleasure hit Kaguya in waves. She finally lost control of her voice.

Wu Yan leaned forward as he took her lips hostage.


Kaguya felt her strength being sapped. Her eyes grew misty as Wu Yan continued pulling moves on her.

Time slowly ebbed on as she voice reached a climax.



The two gaze into the windows to the souls of the other partner. They closed their eyes as they guided their lips toward one another.

Then, at the best part, a bone-chilling voice came.

"Question, what do you two think you're doing?"

Wu Yan and Kaguya stopped hard in their tracks.

Yuzuru stood in front of them, she stared at Wu Yan who is still grabbing Kaguya's mugs. Her eyes twitched.

"Anger, to think Kaguya is trying to pull ahead while Yuzuru is off doing her job, this warrants admonishment."


Kaguya is steaming red. She stuttered.

"Th-this is a misunderstanding..."

Kaguya wanted to stan up but Wu Yan held her back. He hugged her tight before groping her once more.

"Ngh~ Nooo~"

Wu Yan ignored Kaguya's protest, he coughed when Yuzuru stood in stunned silence.

"How is Miku doing?"

"She said she is fine, she got away with flimsy excuses."

Yuzuru answered on reflex.

"Ah, good..."

Wu Yan sighed in relief. He reached out with his other hand. He grabbed Yuzuru before he started giving the twins' twins the business.


"Kya! Mnh~"

The twin spirits moaned and panted. One of the twins got gagged by Wu Yan mid-moan.

He forced Yuzuru's tongue to dance with him. After coiling their tongues for a short while, he parted his lips to gaze upon the twins who are weak with pleasure. He continued his a.s.sault on their cha cha bingoes.

"Today, I am going to finish what we started last time..."

The twins who educated themselves with adult instructional videos turned beet red.

"Y-you are..."

"Anxiety, is Master going to bring us to the world of adults?"


Wu Yan inhaled deeply. He unleashed the beast within as he pounced on the twins. He moved his hands along their thighs. He slowly moved and inched his hands up into their secret gardens.

After that, a cascade of moans followed after two initial pained grunts. The night is still long and the twins are in for a long night.

They won't be sleeping until quite some time later.