Shoujo Grand Summoning - Chapter 1215: Dont even think about getting into the sisters bed anymore?

Chapter 1215: Dont even think about getting into the sisters bed anymore?

Chapter 1215: Dont even think about getting into the sisters bed anymore?

When Wu Yan woke up from his dazed state, he saw a dimly-lit pathway.

There are only cold walls around him. He can see the dimly-lit pathway in front of him while standing on the magical formation-esque platform.

Wu Yan looked around before turning towards Kotori who stood next to him.

"Where are we?"

Kotori told Wu Yan to follow her. She brought her to a room Fraxinus never used.

It is just a big room with a diagnostic platform as the floor.

Wu Yan turned Fraxinus into his n.o.ble Phantasm. He grasped the entirety of Fraxinus' rooms, including this room.

But, Wu Yan wasn't aware of what the platform in this room was used for.

Initially, Wu Yan asked Kotori about this weird device that he couldn't operate using his absolute authority over Fraxinus.

Kotori told him "You can't use it even if you know it."

Wu Yan finally understood why he couldn't operate it.

He is standing on a fixed long-distance teleport Realizer unit.

It is used to beam someone far away.

Fraxinus already has one of these on the s.h.i.+p.

However, it can only teleport people within a short distance.

It is basically used to transport people to and fro the s.h.i.+p.

Primarily, it is used to mobilize and demobilize Fraxinus personnel and Ratatoskr affiliated individuals.

Also, the s.h.i.+p has to be directly above the location of transport to teleport people. For instance, if they want to teleport Wu Yan from the Itsuka residence, Fraxinus has to be above the Itsuka residence.

These restrictions made the teleport Realizer very different from the one they are standing on.

The Realizer they are standing on can teleport people over a tremendously long range.

However, this teleport Realizer consumes a lot of Maryoku, the further the distance the bigger the energy consumption.

Next, it can only teleport people between two designated fixed Teleport Realizers.

This is why Wu Yan couldn't use it despite turning Fraxinus into his n.o.ble Phantasm.

The magic consumption isn't a problem. Fraxinus can produce enough Maryoku on its own to initiate the teleport.

The true problem lies in the other Teleport Realizer tethered to this unit. It wasn't operational so they can't teleport using this platform.

Kotori is right, there is no use knowing about this machine since he couldn't operate it anyhow.

Fortunately, most of the personnel of Fraxinus got demobilized so they wouldn't know that somebody used most of the s.h.i.+p's Maryoku reserve to do a long-distance teleport.

This also means the teleport Realizer transported Wu Yan and Kotori to a distant location.

It is quite possible they are currently overseas.

Kotori confirmed Wu Yan's suspicion.

"This is our overseas Ratatoskr HQ."

Kotori tidied up her clothes. She got down from the Realizer platform.

"The HQ?"

Wu Yan flinched. He caught up to Kotori's side.

"Why did you bring me here?"

"Somebody wants to meet you."

Kotori curtly replied. He recalled something before nodding.

"Do you know the agenda?"


Kotori glanced at Wu Yan.

"You don't want to know who it is?"

"I already know who it is."


"I guess I already more or less know..."

Kotori rolled her eyes at Wu Yan.

"Why did you ask me then?"

"No harm in getting a confirmation."

Wu Yan sighed.

"It seems this is going to be a very boring meeting."

"For you, maybe, for us, perhaps, definitely not for the higher management who can't sleep without hearing it from the horse's mouth..."

Kotori pursed her lips.

"Hmm, a bunch of higher-ups that got drunk on status and power. They are more concerned with self-preservation than having strong wills."

"Of course, excluding

that gracious person

, the only one I respect..."

Kotori paused.

"Don't start a fight with him, okay?"

Wu Yan raised an eyebrow.

"If we did?"

Kotori stopped. She stared straight into Wu Yan's eyes before warning him.

"Then don't ever think about getting into bed with me again..."

Kotori moved again. Wu Yan almost gasped.

For the cool and Tsundere Kotori to give him the no-V card, it seems like she truly respects this person.

Wu Yan rubbed his nose. He shrugged.

"Well, my bed is always available even if yours is off the table."

Wu Yan placed his arms behind his head before tagging behind Kotori.

"Listen, don't start a fight with that benefactor."

Kotori cautioned Wu Yan once more. This is when they are already standing outside the office.

"You will put me in a very awkward position if..."

"Yeah yeah..."

Wu Yan got a bit annoyed.

"Talk about trying to help someone else..."

"He saved my life!"

Kotori glared at Wu Yan.

"You want me to bite the hand that fed me?!"

"At least give me the benefit of the doubt."

Wu Yan waved his hand.

"Do I look like I am always on the prowl for fights? Or maybe you think my personality is that bad?"

"I just warned you, that's all..."

Kotori sighed. She knocked on the door after psyching herself up.

"Please come in..."

A sound came from within the room. Kotori pursed her lips before opening the door.

Wu Yan saw a huge round table.

There are at least six individuals sitting at the round table. The dimly-lit room made it hard to verify their exact physical characteristics. However, Wu Yan can tell the round table members are all looking at him.

Wu Yan looked at the seat meant for the chairman...