Shoujo Grand Summoning - Chapter 1095: Effects, purification, and strengthening

Chapter 1095: Effects, purification, and strengthening

Chapter 1095: Effects, purification, and strengthening

Wu Yan almost rubbed his eyes, he doubted reality for a moment, he had to be sure he's looking at three astonis.h.i.+ngly beautiful ladies in their birthday suits.

But, he already saw Natsuki in all her glory. He also more or less archived Nagisa's body from the naked ap.r.o.n incident. As for Kanon, he already memorized her physical layout since he's the one who performed the ascension ritual modification on her.

He's 100% sure this is real.

Was it ever an option to release his familiars without clothing?

He pondered while enjoying the sight of three beauties in front of him. He was locked in place.

"What's the matter? Sensei..."

Puzzled by Wu Yan's dumb look, Kanon and Nagisa waddled over to him, completely unaware that they are both stark naked.

"Are you ill?"

Nagisa and Kanon didn't notice Wu Yan's gaze s.h.i.+fting along with their movements. One of them touched his forehead while the other one touched his cheeks.

The two naïve ladies a.s.sumed Wu Yan's sick.

Wu Yan let them do as they pleased. His eyes were on the nubile girls' marshmallows.

He wanted to cop a feel but he feared their retaliations. Kanon might do as he says but he's not sure Natsuki would do the same.

The legal loli had a random tantrum, Wu Yan isn't exactly sure how she would react.

As for Nagisa, he can read her like an open book. He can try stuff out when they are alone with one another. Since there are other people here, trying anything funny will just get him a physical pounding.

Wu Yan satisfied himself by just looking. He didn't have the guts to do anything. He had lewd thoughts but not the lewd guts to act on it.

His complicated look was interpreted by the ladies as something troubling. They were practically sticking to Wu Yan at this point. They each hugged an arm.

"Sensei, are you okay? You need to tell us if you're not okay..."

Nagisa puffed her cheeks, her red eyes were filled with sincere care.

"If you hide anything from Nagisa then Nagisa is going to get really mad!"


Kanon didn't say much. Her aqua-blue eyes were filled with a purity that created a guilty feeling in Wu Yan.

Seeing as Nagisa and Kanon were rubbing up against Wu Yan, Natsuki floated a helpless look.

"Girls, if you want him to recover then you're going to have to do something about your bodies."

"Our bodies?"

Nagisa and Kanon looked at their own figures. When they realized the situation, a look of utter shock crept onto their faces.


Looking between her uncovered body and Wu Yan's awkward smile, Nagisa started turning red at a visible rate. She ducked down into the water after succ.u.mbing to her shame and confusion.

Kanon is calmer than Nagisa also she blushed too. She squatted down in an attempt to hide her enchanting physique. She's looking at Wu Yan with eyes that are too OP in terms of cuteness.

Wu Yan was disappointed when the luscious scene stopped. He looked at Natsuki in an instant.


Natsuki snorted while covering her swimsuit areas. She stood there with almost inhuman level-headedness. It's like she's not afraid Wu Yan can see past her fingers.

Since Natsuki had a short stature, the water would have covered anything below her shoulders anyway.

The boiling water made peering into the water pointless.


Wu Yan sighed. He dealt with his sadness before following up with a question.

"How did you girls come out? I didn't summon you though?"

"I can guess why we are out here..."

Natsuki glanced at the water around her.

"The pool's the reason?"

"The water possesses cleansing and enhancing effects, no?"

Natsuki a.n.a.lyzed with a cold tone.

"I am guessing anyone in contact with this water will get upgraded and purified. You're the starting point and we got materialized as a result of this transformation process, it was a predictable result."

"We are your familiars but we have physical bodies too, the water must have affected us too..."

Wu Yan understood her point.

"Since you girls were inside me, the water forced you out of my body to accept the purification and enhancement effects too?"

"I mean, that's rather obvious, isn't it?..."

Natsuki nudged Wu Yan to look at what's happening to them.

Wu Yan looked at her pet.i.te figure. The boiling water seeped into Natsuki too.

Wu Yan started laughing.

"Good, you girls got power-ups from the water too?"

"Perhaps before."

Natsuki curled her lips.

"We are your familiars so our powers are tied to your magic powers. As for our bodies, I can't speak for Nagisa or Kanon. My powers are all gone, if I want to use magic then I have to use you as the conduit to channel magic..."

"The waters improved my body and abilities. As for the exact improvements, we will have to see what you get out of this..."

"That's great too."

Wu Yan grinned.

"With the help of this pool, my magic will grow by leaps and bounds. You ladies will also get a ma.s.sive boost in power!"

Natsuki nodded nonchalantly. They started a.s.sessing their own changes.

Nagisa also followed suit. She hadn't a clue what's going on with her body, she's just a middle schooler in terms of mentality, she pa.s.sed her conscious control over to another personality.

Nagisa started glowing in blue light. It's like when Avrora borrowed her body.

The blue sheen lasted a short while before dimming down. Nagisa transformed into another look.

Blonde hair that glowed iridescent, flas.h.i.+ng sapphire-blue eyes. She looked like an ethereal fairy.

That's Avrora.

The previous Fourth Primogenitor.

The ex-fourth primogenitor started panicking when she took over. Nagisa summoned her without her permission.

Wu Yan is also surprised to see Avrora here.

"Changing personalities also changed your look? A side-effect of turning into my familiar?"

Avrora covered herself with handbras while gasping. She shrieked at Wu Yan with a red look.

"D-don't look at me with those vile eyes!"

Wu Yan raised an eyebrow. He snickered after roaming his gaze over Nagisa-Avrora's curvier look.

"For a chuunibyou ex-Fourth Primogenitor, you're in need of some serious punishment sessions from your master..."

Avrora s.h.i.+vered when Wu Yan beamed at her coldly. She had a bad feeling...

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