Shoujo Grand Summoning - Chapter 1056

Chapter 1056

Chapter 1056: Reprimanded, not suitable…


The temperature of the surrounding air slowly dipped towards the freezing point.

That notwithstanding, Lana continued rubbing her face blissfully over Sylph's chest while Kate, Gurda, Weya, Kaya, and Jaafar watched in astonishment. The knights who were suspended in the air also stopped struggling as they gasped at this sight.

Wu Yan is the only one struggling hard to rein in his laughter, his red face hinted that he's at his breaking point. He saw this from miles away. However, it's rather amusing to see the Ice Queen Sylph twitching her eyebrows when Lana is glomping her.

Balling her palms into fists, Sylph emotionless told Lana off.

"Lana, down…"

"No no no!"

Lana started squirming around like a kid throwing a tantrum. She's blus.h.i.+ng slightly despite doing more than just rubbing her face over Sylph's cans.

"It's been a while since Lana last met Sylph. I am filled with longing, please grace Lana by accepting her infinite respect for Sylph Onee-sama…"

"You call this respect?…"

Even Sylph retorted with a frown.

"Don't forget your status as a princess, don't disgrace yourself in public like this…"

"That's because Sylph-nee-sama needs to open her eyes."

Lana started lecturing without mercy.

"Who cares what the stinky men think, don't spare it a single thought, Sylph Onee-sama!"

Including Sylph, Kate, Gurda, Weya, Kaya, and Jaafar, pretty much everyone's rustled by her words, especially Weya and Kaya, they couldn't believe this family member would dishonor them like this. Lana also included them in her insults so they got double the anguish from this brief verbal lash out.

Lana threw a verbal jab at every man here…

"Enough! Lana…"

Kaya, her brother, tried to stop Lana before she creates more trouble for them.

"Unhand Princess Sylph…"

"You shut up!"

Lana viciously cut Kaya short.

"Don't think you can order this royal princess around just because you're the crown prince! Anyone standing between Princess Sylph and I is my sworn enemy!"

Kaya froze up.

Weya furrowed his eyebrows.

"Lana, please stop your playful antics here…"

Weya used his most terrifying expression on Lana. But, even that failed to intimidate Lana though it did make her angrier.

"Even royal Father's bothered by tiny details like this?!"

Lana complained in frustration.

"With all due respect, Your Majesty's the emperor of the Feya empire, why would you view matters with the perspective of a lowly commoner? You need to take things in stride and laugh in the face of adversity, that is the proper way to carry oneself as a ruler…"


Weya's lips started quivering in anger…

He tolerated her weird behavior as a loving father would. Yet, his daughter chastised him in front of so many people, it's impossible not to feel ashamed when she did something like that…

Weya and Feya sighed when they exchanged a look. It was their fault for standing up and doing something about Lana.

Perhaps, there is truth in Lana's advice. If they just laughed this off then they would have escaped this ordeal relatively unscathed.

Gurda, Jaafar, and Kate sighed helplessly when even Weya and Feya failed to subjugate the terrible beast known as Lana.

Finally, a hero appeared to save Sylph…

Someone yanked Lana by her sleeve and pulled her away from Sylph. When Lana noticed this, she was already in the air and away from Sylph.

Naturally, she became enraged…

"Who dares treat me like this?! This royal princess will sk…"

"Will… what?"

The cold voice made Lana s.h.i.+ver. Her potty mouth also shut tight when she heard this voice.

Wu Yan coldly laughed when he saw her petrified look.

"I was looking to settle my debt with you, how nice of you to come running over here. You certainly saved me the trouble of finding you…"

Kate said only airs.h.i.+ps with the imperial families' insignias can land on the Emperor Island, Lana should have been privy to this information.

But, this girl didn't tell him. She disappeared the moment Fraxinus landed. Recalling his grudge with Lana, Wu Yan understood that she purposely did this to get him caught up with the knights.

In other words, she wanted to see him suffer.

However, Lana miscalculated when she didn't consider the fact that Wu Yan can level an entire company of knights with a peak eighth tier cultivator leading it.

This brat was destined for tragedy when she tried to screw Wu Yan over.

"W-what are you going to do?"

Lana started roaring while struggling. She wanted to escape Wu Yan's grasp.

"I am telling you that you better let me go! Or else…"

"Or what?!"

Wu Yan grinned.

"What can you possibly do against me?"

"I've got my dad and brother over here!"

Lana started leveraging her father and brother's status when she lectured them just moments ago.

Wu Yan started beaming brightly. That was a fear-inducing smile that chilled Lana to the core.

"Even if the G.o.d-tier being of the Feya empire revives, n.o.body can save you from me!"

Wu Yan materialized a bundle of rope.

"W-no! Gwargh!"

Lana's shriek echoed throughout the Emperor Island.

"Mwmmh… MWHHMMHH…"

Like extra-large garbage, Wu Yan tossed Lana back onto the ground after tying her up and gagging her with a rag. Lana bounced around like a loach out of the water. The tied-up princess glared at Wu Yan with burning eyes.

Kate, Gurda, Weya, Kaya, and Jaafar looked on while sweating heavily.

"Hey, Weya…"

Kate started teasing the other emperor.

"Your precious daughter got bound up like a hostage, what are you going to do about it? You going to leave her like that?"

"Forget about it…"

Weya sighed.

"It's high time someone came along to teach this wild brat a lesson or two, moreover…"

Weya started bitterly laughing while glancing at Wu Yan who is dusting his palms.

"Even if I want to duel the guy, I need to be careful because he's no longer the same youth we talked to on top of the Arena Tower…"

"You have a point there…"

Gurda sighed while adjusting his own feelings.

"Youngster, since this is a misunderstanding, why don't you let the knights down…"

Wu Yan took another look at the knights who were strung up in the air like laundry. He chuckled out loud.

"It's true that it was a misunderstanding. However, they dug their own graves when they attacked without listening to explanations. If they had attacked someone other than me then the victim would be severely harmed at the very least, right?"

Speechless at Wu Yan's defiance, Kate & co couldn't find anything to retort.

Wu Yan crossed his arms while pursing his lips.

"I say let them stay hung up like that, maybe it will do them some good if they think about their actions a bit!"

"I mean…"

Kate tried to vouch for the knights.

"The knights were wrong when they attacked without proper verification. However, this should be viewed in light of their status as defenders of Emperor Island, this should lighten their crimes a bit. How about this? I implore you to let them go on my behalf…"


Wu Yan helplessly shook his head, he's a bit shocked by Kate's request.


Kate finally smiled widely.

"Alright, come with us…"

Wu Yan wanted to nod when the erstwhile silent knight captain interrupted.

"Your Majesty, that's not proper!"

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