Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss - Chapter 5090: Could it be an old friend?

Chapter 5090: Could it be an old friend?

Chapter 5090: Could it be an old friend?


It was obvious that the young master they were talking about had already heard Pavilion master Qiaos footsteps. Although he couldnt hear what they were saying through divine sense transmission, he could guess what was going on from the sigh.

Young master, how can we do this? your injuries havent fully recovered, you cant leave now. Pavilion master Qiao said anxiously.

Pavilion master Qiao, you dont need to hide it from me. My injuries arent a big deal, but something went wrong with my cultivation. If I cant advance to the dark Supreme realm soon, Im afraid my life will be in danger. However, its not that easy to advance to the dark Supreme realm. Since Im not dead yet, there are some things I need to deal with. The young master said in a low voice.

Young master * there was actually someone who wanted to sell the clear dew mysterious pill today, but it was * pity that someone was one step ahead. However, you dont have to worry. Since that person can refine one pill, he can also refine a second one. I will go and beg Ling Chuxi again and ask him to help introduce an elder in the sect to help you refine another pill. Pavilion master Qiao heard the young masters firm att.i.tude and didnt hide it anymore.

What? Ling Chuxi? you mean Ling Chuxi? In the secret chamber, the young Masters Voice was clearly a little excited. He tried his best to suppress his excitement and asked,what kind of person is that Ling Chuxi?

About twenty years old. He looks handsome and elegant, but a little more delicate. Pavilion master Qiao said as she recalled. Ling Chuxi, who was dressed in mens clothing, could indeed be described as handsome and elegant. However, she was also slightly more delicate than the average man.

Handsome and elegant? The young Masters Voice was filled with doubt.

Yes. Pavilion master Qiao didnt know what the young master was puzzled about, so she responded.

Pavilion master Qiao, you dont have to worry too much about this matter. Help me find out where Ling Chuxi lives. I will go there personally. The young master said.

Young master, youre not thinking of leaving quietly, are you? Pavilion master Qiao said worriedly.

Pavilion master Qiao, do you think Im that kind of person? If you really decided to leave, none of you can stop me, so why did you leave so quietly? hahahaha. The young master laughed. Although his voice was still a little hoa.r.s.e and low, there was a bold and unrestrained tone that he had never had before.

As such, just as the manservant and his Fox Friends and dog friends were inquiring about Ling Chuxis whereabouts, Pavilion master Qiao was also secretly looking for Ling Chuxi.

Other than them, there were also some other people who had originally wanted to inquire about Ling Chuxis whereabouts. However, at this time, these people had already left Dao An city.

What a pity. I originally wanted to find that Ling Chuxi and get close to her, but its too late now. Elder Teng said regretfully as he rode on his flying sword.

First elder, the family has called for us urgently. I dont know what has happened, but we should hurry on our way. Anyway, Ling Chuxi has also said that the elder in his sect is indifferent by nature. Im afraid that even if we find him, he might not help to introduce us. A young disciple thought that he had seen through elder Tengs thoughts and comforted him.

Hehe, youre wrong. Im not looking for Ling Chuxi because of his sects elder. Im looking for him. Elder Teng chuckled.

For him? The young disciple looked at elder Teng in confusion. If he was not wrong, Ling Chuxi should be a cultivator of the revered level. However, this kind of cultivation was not enough to make elder Teng look at her in a different light.

Do you all really think that the spirit pill was refined by Ling Chuxis so-called sect elder? Elder Teng said with a deeper meaning.

Who else could it be if not him? could it be Ling Chuxi herself? The young disciple said in disbelief.