Scandal Supermodel - Chapter 2166: old mr hua is flustered

Chapter 2166: old mr hua is flustered

Chapter 2166: old mr hua is fl.u.s.tered

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today was the tenth day of his appointment with youzi.

hua tore off the first page of the calendar and looked at the circled date. he was thinking about youzi.

he had not returned for three days.

Although they had agreed that he couldnt interfere with his whereabouts in these ten days, he had to let him find the answer freely. however, there had been no news of him for a long time, and old hua was very worried.

This little fellow, why isnt there any movement at all?

he sat by the window and couldnt help but look at the time and then at his phone.

the time that he should have spent on studying things or tending to medicinal herbs was all used by him to wait for someone. It could be seen how much he liked and missed this child in his heart.

At this moment, Hua Yan walked in.

She was holding a pot of fragrant tea in her hand. She walked to Mr. Hua with a smile and placed the tray on the table.

then, with elegant movements, she poured a gla.s.s for old mr. hua.

old mr. huas eyes lit up when he smelled his favorite scent. he turned around.

your favorite tea, hua yan said with a smile.

Old Mr. Hua smiled and sniffed the cup.

he couldnt help but sigh, this tea is best brewed by you ..

great-grandfather, youre too kind, hua yan was smiling. his beautiful and elegant face was filled with a gentle and kind brilliance. her smile was bathed in the sunlight as she said softly, youzi hasnt been here for a few days. great-grandfather, are you missing him?

Old Mr Hua sighed. youre right.

Hua Yan couldnt help but laugh again. He said softly, why dont I give Ms. An a call and ask her about youzi?

upon hearing this, old mr hua had a huge reaction and immediately put down the gla.s.s.

no need.

hua yan was stunned, wondering if he had said something wrong. he immediately admitted his mistake,lm sorry, great-grandfather, I shouldnt have disturbed them.

old mister hua shook his head. he wanted to comfort her, but he didnt know how to do so, so he just kept quiet.

However, Hua Yan quickly realized that old Mr Hua was indeed abnormal today.

He had been in his room since the morning.

At noon, she went to deliver lunch. After old Mr. Hua had eaten, he ran to the courtyard for a walk. after a while, they arrived at youzis house. they looked at the bookshelves, all the beds, and tables.

In the afternoon, he became a little anxious. He wanted to go back to his Room to Read, but he accidentally broke his favorite teacup. after feeling sorry for him for a while, he sat still in his seat.

however, yingying didnt sit there motionlessly like she usually did. she really didnt move at all.

He was in a daze.

The pa.s.sage of time became extremely slow.

As the sky gradually darkened, he decided to walk all the way to the foot of the mountain to look around.

he was already very old, and although he was still healthier than the average elderly, it was naturally not good for him to walk back and forth on the mountain road. hua yan and his men followed behind, but they were extremely nervous.

However, as the night fell, Mr. Huas condition worsened.

she might as well skip dinner. at eight o clock in the evening, he looked at the time, and the anxiety in his eyes could no longer be hidden.

Just like that, old Mr. Hua, who was used to going to bed at nine O clock, stayed up all night and waited for dawn with his eyes open.

However, it was already dawn.

Youzi was still not back..