Scandal Supermodel - Chapter 2113: the research institute's taboo!

Chapter 2113: the research institute's taboo!

Chapter 2113: the research inst.i.tutes taboo!

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Lan Fang felt strange in his heart, but he didnt dare to say anything. He quickly ran to the door of the study and knocked on it.

there was no response from inside.

The blue team raised their eyebrows and called out in a low voice,youzi, are you there? there was still no response from the room.

The blue team didnt dare to walk into the study, so they stood at the door and knocked on it again, repeatedly calling out.

in this scene, the master doctor seemed to be sitting in her seat, but her eyes had already drifted to the study room. seeing that youzi did not respond, she frowned and could not help but whisper, Blue team, go inside and call them.

she hasnt eaten or drunk anything for so long, and shes still a child. she might have fainted inside.

the blue team was also a little nervous. after nodding in agreement, they carefully pushed open the door.

In the study, youzi was sitting on the chair, completely fine, and her eyes were so focused that they were s.h.i.+ning. however, even though the blue team had already walked in front of him, he still did not react.

Youzi! youzi! The blue team couldnt help but go up and shake him hard.

Youzi came back to her senses. ah? his hand was still tightly gripping the thick notebook.

The blue team didnt look at her for long, nor did they dare to look at her. They directly carried pomelo and brought him to the Research Inst.i.tutes cafeteria.

Youzi was a little unhappy. Before she was lifted up, she hurriedly put the record book on the table and struggled to say, Im not leaving.

If you dont eat, youll starve to death. If this goes on, I wont be able to answer to your rich parents. Lan Fang snorted lightly and placed the youzi on the chair. He then went to get two sets of food.

Although the food in the Research Inst.i.tute wasnt exquisite, it tasted good and was made with healthy recipes.

He ate a portion of the grapefruit, but he was still thinking about the contents of the record book.

he felt like he had opened up a whole new world.

however, a bigger question was placed in front of him.

youzi had already read through most of the thick first notebook, but he did not see any signs of the inhumane human experiments. Why did it turn out to be like what happened to her daddy?

had these things been taken away, or had the master doctor changed her mind?

many scientists were caught up in their research and crazily pursued results. it was not uncommon for them to take the wrong path.

there was only a fine line between a genius and a lunatic.

Big brother Lan Fang. Youzi suddenly raised her head. On her young and tender face, there was a heavy and thoughtful look that did not belong to her. It was clearly a crisp childs voice, but it had a touch of mature profoundness. 444 experiment Xuanji

The blue team wanted to laugh at this scene.

After all, such an expression and tone was really funny when it was put on such a little baby.

However, when he heard the words 444 experiment , he immediately put away all his expressions and stood up in panic.

youzi was startled by his sudden action and did not manage to ask the rest of her question.

he saw that the blue team had already put away the tray of food that he had only eaten half of. he said with a stiff expression, im done.

brother Ian fang?! youzi let out a low cry and stood up anxiously.

The blue team suddenly stopped in their tracks, turned around, and stared at him with an extremely serious gaze. They slowly said, Dont mention this experiment again. Its a taboo in the entire Research Inst.i.tute.

But Yingluo

without waiting for youzi to finish speaking, Ian fang had already lifted his feet and left in a hurry..