Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife - Chapter 2898

Chapter 2898

Chapter 2898: Chapter 2900-calm response

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Yun Bilu could feel Huang yizes nervousness towards her. She smiled and shook her head at him.Im fine,she said.

In fact, Yun Bilu had felt a little uneasy at the start. She didnt know how the Black Dragon Gang would react to her return.

However, when she saw such a low-profile yet joyous scene, Yun Bilu was still shocked.

Huang yize held Yun Bilus hand tightly, afraid that she would back down.

No matter what, Huang yize was not going to let go of her hand. This girl was very important to him, and he was afraid of losing her.

Yun Bilu felt that her hand was hurting from Huang yizes grip, but seeing his tensed expression, Yun Bilu didnt say anything.

She thought that perhaps he was afraid that she would retreat, and he felt uneasy.

Yun Bilu whispered into Huang yizes ear,Huang yize, as long as youre good to me, I wont leave, nor will I back down.

Hearing Yun Bilu express her att.i.tude, Huang yize heaved a sigh of relief. He smiled lightly and lowered his head to whisper into Yun Bilus ear,Ive almost given you my heart, silly girl.

His sighing and doting words made Yun Bilus heart feel as warm as spring.

Yun Bilus spirits were instantly lifted. From the moment she got off the plane, she had been smiling at everyone.

When Huang yize and Yun Bilu walked into the crowd, everyone stood behind the cordon and greeted them respectfully,Welcome to the young lord and young Madam.

These people were the welcoming staff carefully selected by the Black Dragon Gangs higher-ups to ensure that there would be no problems.

Yun Bilu was Thunderstruck by how he addressed her. She blinked and didnt come back to her senses for a moment. She She became the young Madam just like that? It can even be done like this?

Yun Bilu gently poked Huang yizes palm and muttered to herself,I havent married you yet!

Very soon. I was the one who asked them to address me like that.

Seeing how Huang yizes expression didnt change, the corners of Yun Bilus lips twitched. Alright, although she sounded awkward, she still felt a little happy inside.

It felt good to be acknowledged this time around. It was much better than the last time he came to the Black Dragon Gang.

However, when she thought about the situation last time, Yun Bilu still felt a little unhappy.

Although Huang yize waved at the crowd, his eyes never left Yun Bilu. He noticed the subtle changes in her emotions.

He had guessed that she would recall the past, so he clenched his hands even tighter.

During the reunion lunch, Yun Bilu maintained her smile. However, when she thought about how she had been treated in the past, she still felt a little uncomfortable.

She thought that if it was just her and Huang yize, they would definitely have a small argument.

Sometimes, a womans heart really couldnt be controlled by herself. It was easy for her to think about the unhappy past and make herself unhappy.

Yun Bilu responded calmly to the exchange of drinks, but Huang yize mostly drank on her behalf.

Even so, Yun Bilu didnt really want to appreciate it.

All of a sudden, Yun Bilu turned around and saw a servant holding a fish plate. The servant staggered and was about to fall, and the chandelier in the sky was about to fall.

Without thinking, Yun Bilu grabbed the chairs armrest and used it to flip herself over. She quickly went to the servants side and caught the falling plate with one hand. With the other, she kicked the chandelier away to ensure everyones safety.

Bang The huge sound of the ceiling falling to the ground shocked everyone.

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