Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife - Chapter 2726

Chapter 2726

Chapter 2726: The Zi familys soul a.s.similating technique

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Xie limos face was extremely pale, and Ji qiongxin was extremely worried.Son, did you have a dream? How could bixue be in danger?

Xie limo believed in the feeling in his heart. Even if it wasnt real, he was still afraid and worried.

Ever since she woke up, her heart had been beating wildly as if it was going to jump out of her chest. Her heart was also filled with uneasiness.

Xie limo snapped out of his daze and looked at his parents. He didnt know how to explain himself, but his mind and heart were filled with Yun bixue.

Father, mother, Im going to look for bixue. Ill leave the Xie family to you. Lizhen, take good care of yourself and Lele.

Xie limos words were extremely serious. Xie yaocang, Ji qiongxin, and the others knew that their son had his own opinions, so they would just listen to him.

After waking up, Xie limo got busy. He immediately called si Wuying.

This time, Xie limo was extremely humble. He also explained some things to si Wuying.

The last time, si Wuying had been so anxious that his tone had been harsh. This time, after hearing Xie limos words, he calmed down and explained the situation to Xie limo.

After Xie limo hung up the call, his expression turned extremely grave, and his exquisite eyes glowed with a faint chill.

He immediately called for an emergency meeting and called Zi Yin over to have a private conversation.

Ever since Xie limo had spoken to Zi Yin previously, he had given him some help. Now, Zi Yin had already returned to the Zi family and started to gather power in secret, which was very effective now.

Back then, those who were loyal to her parents continued to support her in secret as soon as she appeared in the Zi family. She also roped in those who remained neutral and had an uncertain position to her side. She also secretly dealt with many people who had betrayed and hurt her parents.

Zi Yin had been training outside all these years and his methods were naturally not ordinary.

Xie limo was well aware of her capabilities.

Last time, you said that the Zi familys Secret skill was the soul a.s.similating skill. What about the soul a.s.similating fog?

Zi Yin was shocked.Young master Xie, the soul a.s.similating technique is a secret technique pa.s.sed down from generation to generation in the Zi family. The soul a.s.similating fog is set up by the person who cast the technique. As long as its broken, the person who cast it will naturally suffer a backlash. The backlash will be very serious. In severe cases, it will be like being cut by a thousand knives.

Do you know the soul a.s.similating technique?

Young master Xie, only the direct descendants of the Zi family can inherit the soul a.s.similating technique. I only found out now that the incantation my father told me when I was young was The Secret of the Soul a.s.similating technique

The Zi familys soul-sucking technique could only be used by women of the direct line, and the soul-sucking mist in the Jade mansion villa must have been used by a daughter of the Zi family.

So, the person who used the soul a.s.similating mist is also a direct descendant of your Zi family?

Zi Yin thought for a moment and said,twenty to thirty years ago, I heard that a little aunt was sent out of the family clan. I didnt know why in the past but according to my investigation these days, little aunt should have been sent to the hands of the ye family. From then on, some people in the family clan started to have evil intentions. My parents were also killed by them.

A cold, murderous intent flashed across Xie limos eyes. His entire body was screaming that he would destroy the entire Zi and ye families.

If youve done well this time, Ill let the Zi clan stay, but Ill kill everyone involved in the ye clans plot.

Zi Yin was startled. He immediately understood that if he didnt know the soul-sucking technique, the entire Zi family would probably be uprooted by the Xie family!

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