Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife - Chapter 2553

Chapter 2553

Chapter 2553: Chapter 2556-protect to the end

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Yun Bilu was stunned. He could even ask this?

She looked at Bai Yaoyao, who blinked at her and smiled.

Yun Bilu felt a chill down her spine. Elder sister Yaoyao, did you have to do this?

The question of the presidents wife and international general also made everyones spirits rise. It was obvious that this question was of interest to everyone.

She coughed and said,I think campus love is simpler and simpler. Its not that complicated. Moreover, you can have a pure love in school without any regrets. Also, love can be a persons motivation. You will work hard for that person and make yourself better. Even if you are not together, the process of making you better is also valuable and meaningful.

After hearing that, Bai Yaoyao clapped with all her might. She didnt care what Yun Bilu said, as long as she clapped.

Madam President applauded, and the entire Hall followed suit.

Shui Qianqian, Rong Jin, and Duan Yanhao followed up with questions

Ten minutes had pa.s.sed, but the atmosphere in the National Conference hall was still very lively.

They were all fighting to ask Yun Bilu questions.

In order to make his presence known, w.a.n.g Qianjin suddenly stood up and asked a question. Of course, he was not really asking a question.

Yun Bilu, you did well. Youre an outstanding person. The w.a.n.g family will support you to the end.

So strong, so valiant! w.a.n.g Qianjin was telling the whole world through the camera that he was Yun Bilus backup!

Of course, it was also a slap in the face for some people.

This was how w.a.n.g Qianjin did things. He was decisive and ruthless, so he did things according to his preferences. He naturally supported this cousin of his to the end.

Yun Bilu felt that this young master w.a.n.g gave off such a warm and friendly feeling.Thank you, young master w.a.n.g!

Bai zixun also supported her to the end.

Since the president, politicians, and the wealthy families had asked their questions, the other academics and economists wanted to follow up with their questions, but the host said that it was time, so it was not their turn to ask.

After Yun Bilus presentation ended, Xirong ziye took the initiative to stand up and applaud. The entire Hall burst into a thunderous round of applause.

Then, everyone stood up.

This Everyone was a little dumbfounded and shocked

Everyone, including the audience in front of the television, was in disbelief. There had been so many oral defense sessions before, but none of them had been like this. Yun Bilu was the only one who took up more than twenty minutes of time, and the leaders of the various countries were all supporting her.

Before this, these important figures didnt ask a single question, but they asked so many simple questions to Yun Bilu. They didnt even need to think about it, so how could they do that?

Wasnt this the same as telling someone that she had the support of so many people?

Of course, Bai Yaoyao was also trying to back Yun Bilu up so that she could gain a firm foothold in the Black Dragon Gang.

When Yun Bilu bowed and was about to leave, Shui Qianqian, Bai Yaoyao, Duan Yanhao, w.a.n.g Qianjin, Bai zixun, Rong Jin, Duan Yanhao And the others all took the initiative to go up the stage and give her a hug.


Cough cough

This works too?

This scene shocked the entire world so much that they could not react in time.

The reporter even reported in front of the camera,dear audience, do you still remember the interviews we had with the leaders of the various countries at the beginning of the oral defense? I remember that they both said that they were here for one person Then, this scene in front of us has finally unraveled the mystery. It turns out that theyre all here for one person, and that person is Yun Bilu!

What a low-profile girl! In the four years of her university life, we never knew that there were so many people who would defend her

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