Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 999 - Divine Treasure Chest

Chapter 999 - Divine Treasure Chest

Chapter 999: Divine Treasure Chest





Chapter 999 – Divine Treasure Chest

Star-Moon City:

After dismissing Ouroboros, Blackwater took over the Guild Residence.

Compared to Ouroboros’s Residence, Blackwater’s was far more lively. Among the players moving about the Residence, quite a few were only between Level 10 and Level 20. However, not a single person looked down on these low-leveled players.

These players’ auras were different from ordinary players. They all felt hostile. Their bodies were also tall and robust. Despite such low levels, even Level 30-plus ordinary players avoided them.

“Who are these people? They’ve just joined the Blackwater Guild, yet despite such low levels, they have been inducted into the Guild’s Blackwater Legion, which the Guild has been heavily cultivating.”

“You might not know this since you’ve just joined Blackwater, but they are all experts from the Blackwater Corporation. Although their levels are low, their combat standards are very high. A few elite members even challenged them to a level adjusted match. In the end, these people defeated the elites in two or three moves. A few of them are even stronger than Ouroboros’s original experts.”

“What?! They’re actually stronger than Ouroboros’s experts?!”

“Of course. In Ouroboros, I was also an elite member. To convince us that joining the Blackwater Guild was the right decision, the Blackwater Corporation had allowed Ouroboros’s experts, who were displeased by the change, to challenge its experts. In the end, Blackwater’s experts won every match. Afterward, Ouroboros’s experts were demoted from core members to elite Guild members. Elite members like myself were demoted to normal members. If we want a promotion, we have to take Blackwater’s new test.”

“And here I thought that the Blackwater Guild lacked experts after forcefully taking over Ouroboros. I never thought that it would have so many experts so soon. Once these experts catch up in levels, won’t the Blackwater Guild easily become the number one Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom?”

“I know, right? Initially, I had been rather worried about the sudden change. Now, however, it seems that remaining in the Guild was the right decision. Blackwater has more potential than Ouroboros ever did. Even the Star Alliance’s members avoid us in the fields.”

Many Blackwater members discussed their Guild’s situation as they relaxed in the Residence. They were quite confident about Blackwater’s future.


Blackwater’s Residence, Guild Leader’s office:

Entering the Guild Leader’s office, the bald, middle-aged man greeted Abandoned Wave respectfully before reporting, “Guild Leader, there’s movement in Zero Wing. Aside from the Light Stones, they’ve lowered their prices to match ours. Moreover, not long ago, I’ve received news that discussions between Zero Wing’s Vice Guild Leader, Aqua Rose, and several major companies have failed. With this, Zero Wing won’t receive any major funding. Only the Sun and Moon Group remains a problem.”

“There is nothing to worry about with the Sun and Moon Group. They have their hands full with Twilight Echo. Furthermore, now that more players are reaching Level 40, Guilds are in urgent need of funds to supply their members with Mounts. Sun and Moon doesn’t have much to spare for Zero Wing. What we need to focus on now is exhausting Zero Wing’s funds and forcing the Guild to take the first swing. After that, we will deal Zero Wing a fatal blow,” Abandoned Wave laughed. He then asked, “How is the material delivery going?”

“The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion has already sent the materials. They will last us a relatively long time. In addition, the Pavilion sent an additional 20 Advanced Lifestyle players, stating that these people can help us ma.s.s-produce the Cast Steel Armor Kits and Mana Mixtures. Should I reject their offer?” the bald man asked.

“No need. Isn’t it just a few designs and recipes? They can have them. It won’t affect our operations in any way. In fact, I have been trying to figure out how to obtain more Advanced Lifestyle players. Blood Dragon is simply helping the Blackwater Trading Firm. With this, it will be much easier for the Blackwater Trading Firm to corner more of Star-Moon Kingdom’s market.” Abandoned Wave shook his head and laughed coldly. “However, we can’t let the Pavilion learn those designs and recipes for nothing. Have the Pavilion sign an agreement. After learning the designs and recipes, they have to remove Zero Wing’s Branch Guild from Lake Heart City immediately. I don’t want Zero Wing to have any chance of making a comeback.”

“Understood. I’ll get it done right away.” The bald man bowed before leaving.


Inside the Trial of G.o.d’s temple, s.h.i.+ Feng and the players from Wind G.o.d’s Spear were trying to think of a way to deal with the Undead Commander that had suddenly appeared before the Seven-colored Treasure Chest. The Undead Commander wore exquisite golden armor. Two longswords radiating cold area hung from the Commander’s waist. Despite standing quite a distance away from the Undead Commander, the team members could feel the chill from the two swords.

As long as the team came within 100 yards of the Undead Commander, they immediately gained the debuff Chilling Field, which reduced their Movement Speeds by 50% and their Attributes by 20%. In addition, their Stamina consumption and the frost damage they received doubled.

[Undead Commander] (Dark Creature, Great Lord) Level 50 HP 27,000,000/27,000,000

For a Level 50 Great Lord, the Undead Commander’s HP was relatively low. However, the Great Lord’s Chilling Field gave everyone a headache. Their levels were already lower than the Undead Commander’s, but now that their Basic Attributes had decreased by 20%, they were even less of a match for the Great Lord. They also had to deal with double the frost damage. Even a Level 40 MT like Fallen Wind couldn’t tank the Great Lord.

If n.o.body could tank the Undead Commander, they would have no way of clearing this trial.

Sure enough, a Seven-colored Treasure Chest isn’t easy to obtain.

s.h.i.+ Feng smiled bitterly as he observed the Undead Commander.

In the Trial of G.o.d, every stage would provide rewards. This reward came in the form of Treasure Chests. However, depending on the trial’s rank, the Treasure Chests would differ. Generally, the best that would appear in a four-colored Trial was a five-colored Treasure Chest. The best in a six-colored trial would be a seven-colored chest.

Based on rumors s.h.i.+ Feng had heard, a seven-colored trial’s top reward was a Yin Yang Treasure Chest, also known as the Divine Treasure Chest. According to the official forums, the Divine Treasure Chest was even superior to a Legendary Treasure Chest. Unfortunately, no one had ever managed to open a Divine Treasure Chest, even after a decade in G.o.d’s Domain.

The Seven-colored Treasure Chest before him was definitely the highest-ranking Treasure Chest s.h.i.+ Feng had ever encountered.

“Commander, should we use a Tier 2 Summoning Scroll and give it a try?” Autumn Goose suggested as she watched the three-meter tall Great Lord. No matter how she thought about it, they could not handle the Undead Commander without a Tier 2 summoned creature.

With their current level, the Tier 2 creature they summoned would also be Level 50. In other words, they would have a Level 50 Lord tank. Although she did not think that a Lord could survive against the Undead Commander for long, they had four Tier 2 Summoning Scrolls.

Fortunately, if they died here, they wouldn’t lose an entire Level like they would in the outside world. Like Dungeons, they would only lose 10% experience if they died in the Trial of G.o.d. They could afford to try.

“I guess that’s our only choice. I’ll use the summoned creature to test the Undead Commander’s strength first. If it seems doable, we’ll start the raid immediately,” Fallen Wind said after giving it some thought. Otherwise, they would have to give up on the trial and pray for a lenient punishment.