Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 989 - Special Set Equipment

Chapter 989 - Special Set Equipment

Chapter 989: Special Set Equipment





Chapter 989 – Special Set Equipment

Upon hearing the system notification, s.h.i.+ Feng immediately stopped the logout process and chose to track the energy waves.

The Golden Stigmata’s Detect had a 50,000-yard range, which was not particularly large. The Skill just managed to cover Lake Heart City as well as the surrounding forest and fields.

There should not be any monsters within that range, and it was even less likely for there to be any relics. Otherwise, someone would have long since discovered them. After all, it was impossible for an NPC city to be constructed above a relic.

Yet, the Seven Treasures, which had been lost for many years, had appeared in the middle of nowhere. It was inconceivable.

As expected, it is inside the city. s.h.i.+ Feng could not help his surprise when he saw the perceived location on his map. This should be in the n.o.ble’s District.

Although s.h.i.+ Feng knew that the Seven Treasures could be anywhere, who could’ve thought that he would find the legendary Seven Treasures in Lake Heart City’s n.o.ble’s District?

If the War G.o.d’s Temple knew that the Seven Treasures were in the Black Dragon Empire, they would’ve turned the empire over in their search, not to mention the insignificant Lake Heart City.

After checking the general location, s.h.i.+ Feng summoned the Demonic Flame Tiger and charged towards the n.o.ble’s District.

“A monster! A monster has appeared in the city!”

“c.r.a.p, that’s… a Mount!”

“What kind of Mount is that?! It’s so cool!”

When the players on the street saw the Demonic Flame Tiger charge out of Zero Wing’s Residence, they were stupefied.

A city like Lake Heart City didn’t even have one Level 40 player, much less a Mount. Hence, when these players saw the majestic, towering Demonic Flame Tiger, they grew more enthusiastic to join Zero Wing.


Black Dragon Empire, Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Guild Residence:

Entering the Guild Leader’s office, a beautiful, tall female Summoner reported respectfully, “Vice Guild Leader, the Crimson Castle’s Guild Leader requests a meeting with you. He claims that it is related to Zero Wing.”

“I understand. It seems that quite a few people are displeased with Zero Wing today,” Blood Dragon, the Guild Leader of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Black Dragon Empire Branch Guild, said, chuckling. “Ghost, bring him in.”

The female Summoner, Beautiful Ghost, nodded. She left the office to guide Crimson Castle’s Guild Leader.


Inside the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s reception room, a robust man, standing about two-meters tall, waited patiently. This man was none other than the Crimson Castle’s Guild Leader, Crimson Fox.

Why haven’t they met with me yet?

Crimson Fox was frustrated as he stared beyond the window pane at the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s members going about their business.

Sure enough, the Pavilion deserved to be called a super-first-rate Guild. Despite only being a Branch Guild’s Residence, he saw plenty of experts moving about the hall, with many of them radiating a significant pressure. Among these experts, he envied a few players’ equipment.

The Crimson Castle could never compare to a Guild like the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

Crimson Fox had originally intended to send one of the Guild’s upper echelons to the Pavilion. However, when he thought about the violent and arrogant temper of the Pavilion’s Vice Guild Leader, Blood Dragon, he felt that it would be safer if he visited the Guild personally. Once he reached the Pavilion’s Guild Residence, he firmly believed that he had made the right decision. His Guild’s representative would never have been allowed through the Pavilion’s gates.

Moreover, not long ago, he received another message from his subordinates stating that Zero Wing’s Demonic Flame Tiger had appeared in Lake Heart City. The upper echelons of G.o.d’s Domain’s various Guilds were no strangers to the Demonic Tiger. After all, the Demonic Tiger was known as the best Mount in G.o.d’s Domain. Many even suspected that it might be a Fine-Gold Mount. Besides, this powerful Mount’s owner was none other than Zero Wing’s Ye Feng.

Those who understood Zero Wing knew that Ye Feng’s position in the Guild was definitely among the top three. He might even be second only to Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame. Such an important figure in Lake Heart City stressed Crimson Fox.

Anyone capable of leading a large Guild was no idiot. With a figure like Ye Feng visiting the city, it was clear how important Lake Heart City was to Zero Wing. If they did not remove Zero Wing as soon as possible, it would only be a matter of time before Crimson Castle fell from the position of the city’s ruler.

While Crimson Fox occupied himself with these thoughts, the reception room’s wooden doors swung open. A tall beauty then entered the room. This woman was the female Summoner Beautiful Ghost, who had reported to Blood Dragon.

When Crimson Fox’s eyes met Beautiful Ghost’s, he shuddered. Alarm bells rang in his mind, warning him to be careful of the woman standing before him.

“You’re Crimson Fox? Follow me,” Beautiful Ghost said. After sparing Crimson Fox a glance, she turned and left the reception room with an air of indifference. Her eyes hadn’t contained a hint of respect when she looked at Crimson Fox. Rather, they held contempt, as if she had been watching an ant. If not for Blood Dragon’s orders, she would not have paid any attention to the man at all.

Although Crimson Foxed wanted to respond, after a moment of hesitation, he chose to shut his mouth.

Aside from the fact that he was on foreign soil, this female Summoner was already stronger than him. Not only was she Level 39, but her equipment also radiated the unique glow of Dark-Gold items. Moreover, the red-blue robes, headwear, and other equipment were clearly pieces of a set. In other words, Beautiful Ghost wore a Dark-Gold Set Equipment. In comparison, he only had individual pieces of Level 35 Dark-Gold Equipment.

A Level 35 Dark-Gold Set Equipment?

As expected of a super-first-rate Guild. Crimson Fox smiled bitterly. He had no choice but to endure this woman’s contemptuous look. After all, she had more than earned her arrogance.

However, Crimson Fox did not know that Beautiful Ghost’s Dark-Gold Set Equipment was not a Level 35 set.

If s.h.i.+ Feng were present, he would have instantly recognized the equipment. This was the Level 40 Dark-Gold Set Equipment, Life Summons. Only Level 40 and above Field Great Lords had a chance of dropping these set pieces.

Initially, only Level 40 Summoners could equip the Life Summons set. However, this equipment was somewhat special. If one had all five pieces of the set, the level requirement would drop by five Levels.

Under Beautiful Ghost’s lead, Crimson Fox quickly arrived before the Guild Leader’s office on the third floor. On his way, Crimson Fox had seen many Level 50 NPC guards. Without someone of relevance as a guide, even the Guild’s elite members would not be allowed near the Guild Leader’s office.

Upon entering the office, Crimson Fox involuntarily shuddered.

He felt an immense pressure, almost as if a Boss monster were in the room with him. Moreover, it didn’t feel like any ordinary Boss monster. At the very least, it felt like a Lord Boss or stronger.

How is this possible?!

Crimson Fox stared at Blood Dragon, who leaned against his office chair while enjoying a gla.s.s of wine, shock filling his heart.

Is this the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Vice Guild Leader?

At this moment, Crimson Fox struggled to breathe. Compared to Blood Dragon, the pressure he felt from Beautiful Ghost before was a joke.

Against Beautiful Ghost, he could, more or less, move unaffected. However, when faced with Blood Dragon, his movements were somewhat sluggish. In battle, this pressure would greatly impact his combat power.

However, the scene inside the office was even more shocking. Seated opposite of Blood Dragon was a gorgeous woman who, despite the powerful mental oppression in the room, seemed utterly unaffected…